10 Cool Sports Lightroom Preset Packs

Sports photography needs to look sharp, badass, and pack a punch like a boxer! In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best and coolest sports presets for Lightroom. These FilterGrade presets will enhance your sports photos and make them pop right out of the screen. Whether you’re taking photos dirt biking, soccer, weightlifting, or snowboarding, there is definitely a preset pack for you here!

1. Matt Larson Lightroom Presets Vol. 2

This pack of 10 Lightroom presets was inspired by travel and adventures. These travel, landscape, portrait, automotive, and beach presets are perfect for any action and sports photos. Enjoy vibrant colors, bright whites, deep tones, and some great tropical and sunset looks for those beach shots.

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2. Forest Dempsey Skate Lightroom Presets

Whether you want to color photos of skating, surfing, or other action sports, these Forest Dempsey presets. With striking clarity and brightness, you can see every bit of the action.

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3. MOBILE + DESKTOP Adventure Lightroom Preset Pack by Alexis Balinoff

This Lightroom preset pack is full of action, landscape, and lifestyle filters. They perform in a wide variety of lighting conditions, making the styles versatile. It includes presets that are perfect for surfing, sunny cityscapes, sunset shots, and much more. There are plenty of choices that vary from cool to vibrant.

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4. Soccer World Cup Lightroom Presets Photoshop by 3motional

This soccer-themed collection of Photoshop Actions and Lightroom presets is great for bringing out the bright green of sports fields. Only is soccer (or football outside of America) incredibly popular, but it also looks a lot better when the field stands out and looks vibrant. Whether your greens are bright or dark, these presets can make them perfectly saturated and make your players stand out.

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5. Aaron Brimhall Color Grading Lightroom Presets

This Aaron Brimhall color grading preset pack comes straight from his experience shooting automotive campaigns. These presets subdue bright colors and give a dramatic look. Your action shots will look cinematic and somewhat vintage.

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6. 10 Fitness Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets by Matte Studio

You’ll have to bring the glistening sweat and the toned muscles yourself, but this pack of ten presets can enhance those features. Specifically, these presets add more tan to skintones and create greater contrast between subjects and backgrounds.

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7. GAS PACK 001 – LR Presets by Rachel Kim

This pack of Lightroom presets was created for any sort of action sport! These presets feature warm tones, crushed blacks, bright whites, and vibrant colors.This combination of effects results in a dramatic image whether you’re editing photos from the rallycross meetup, the surf competition, or just exploring the city on foot.

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8. Professional GoPro Superphoto Presets for Lightroom by Thomas Beerten

These presets were specifically made to edit GoPro Superphotos, but there’s no reason they can’t be used for any kind of action sports editing. These presets will transform your photos into colorful and moody final products. You’ll find a variety of warm and cool tones, with some of the warm tones being the creator Thomas Beerten’s go-to presets for their own photos.

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9. Alex Tritz Lightroom Presets Vol. 4 CANADA PACK

We couldn’t leave snow sports out of this list. This pack of Canada-themed snow sports presets will take your boring and dull snow photos and create subtle enhancements. They make your subject stand out from the snow, and they ensure that your backdrop has a cool and clean look.

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10. Into the Action – 7 Presets Pack by The Guy Arts

This action-packed preset pack is for photos of people living life on the edge! Whether you’re taking photos from the sidelines or using an action camera to capture a first-person perspective, these 7 presets will enhance the colors of your shots and make them incredibly dramatic.

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