10 Fun Photoshoot Ideas for At Home

These days more and more of us are stuck at home, trying to find new ways to spice up our routine and keep our skills sharp. Remaining creative and inspired in the same environment every day is, no doubt, a serious challenge. If you’ve been wandering around your house with your camera trying to find new perspectives or just a little bit of inspiration, just know that we understand. If you want to keep your photography skills sharp, or even pick up a new habit, we’ve gathered ten fun, at home, photoshoot ideas. So grab your camera, or even your iPhone, and do something a little different today. 

1. Natural Light Portrait Photography

This can be done both indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for both homeowners and apartment dwellers. Because you’re using natural light, you can forgo all the studio equipment and shoot with nothing but a camera. All you need is a subject and place to photograph them. Chances are that since you’re photographing someone in such a familiar setting, at home, you’ll know exactly where the best light is. Take advantage of your knowledge, find the perfect light, and starting shooting. 

2. Natural Light Food Photography

When you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, an all-day project is sometimes exactly what you need. Whip up some delicious homemade cookies or cupcakes, even a hearty sourdough loaf, and set up a mini photoshoot for your creations. You don’t need to be a professional chef to photograph food either. A vibrant bowl of spaghetti photographs just as well as a decadent cake. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few props, like a fresh sprig of basil or a bowl of sprinkles but all you need is a camera and tripod. 

Add some of our food & beverage Lightroom presets and your photos will be looking clean in no time!

3. Photograph the Kids

Two birds, one stone. This photoshoot will give you and the kids something to do, and you’ll get some great family photos out of it. Obviously, this isn’t for everyone, but for those with kids, this is a great at-home project. Again, you can do this photoshoot indoors and outdoors, so go wherever you think is best. If you have studio lights handy, great, but otherwise, just take advantage of the natural light around your home. And, don’t be afraid to slip some more candid shots in there while you’re at it. You may just end up with your favorite family photo yet. 

4. At Home Food Photography with Artificial Lighting

This is for those of you who have studio lights and want to take things one step further. Set up an entire breakfast scene or make your morning avocado toast a star with this at-home photo shoot. Because this should have a more polished look than a natural light scene, we highly recommend extra props and diffusers. If you’re baking, small jars and bowls of your ingredients look great scattered about the subject. We know they say never to play with your food, but this is an exception. 

5. Still Life Photography

This is an excellent way to hone your skills as a photographer and test the limits of your creativity. At its most basic form, still life photography may seem flat but the best photographers know that a creative background and good lighting can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Pieces of fruits are a classic subject, but a bottle of wine or a stack of books works just as well. Look at your household items in a brand new light. 

6. Play With Light

Natural light is universally flattering, so take things a step further and manipulate that light. Cut shapes into paper or use something like lace to cast a cool pattern of light and shadow on your subject. It adds instant visual appeal to your at-home photoshoot with minimal effort on your part. 

7. Product Photography

There are many, many different ways to do product photography, and oftentimes photographers are intimated because they think they need a full studio setup for a great shot. However, you’ll find that’s not the case. With nothing but mirrors, a single light, and a little practice, you can get perfect product shots in your own home. This is a great skill to have in your back pocket, and there’s no better time to learn it than when you’re stuck at home. 

8. Distortion Photography

This is an especially fun at home photoshoot because the results are often unpredictable. The way that water distorts light often results in fun-house like shapes and lines. So, fill up a couple of glass jars, glasses, and vases and line them up with your subject. You can use a person or an inanimate object, it’s all up to you. And, if you’re starting to get bored with the way water refracts light, mix it up with something thicker like a light-colored oil.  There’s plenty of ways to experiment with this type of photoshoot. 

9. Project Something

If you have a projector, there is a whole world of at-home photoshoots for you to explore. Project patterns, shapes, whatever you want on your subject human or inanimate. This is a step up from playing with natural light and its shadows because with a projector, you can light up your subject with bright, vibrant colors. 

10. Throw Something 

No, we’re not condoning violence. We’re thinking more along the lines of glitter, papers, even money. Having something cascading around your subject adds fun movement to your portrait. Confetti, a deck of cards, flowers, whatever you want can be tossed over the subject right before the photo is taken for an immeasurably cool effect. 

11. [BONUS] Try Shooting with Film

Nowadays anyone can shoot a digital photo with their phone; most people even have their own DSLR at this point. So why not try something new? Go find yourself a cheap 35mm film camera on eBay or on Facebook Marketplace, and grab a roll of film and see what happens.

It’s super easy and you can even send your film out to get developed and scanned for you!

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