10 Masking Animation Tutorials for Your Next Video!

Creating animations for your videos is super easy, and masks are a fantastic way to create some really cool visual effects. In this roundup, we’ve showcased some of the best tutorials for utilizing masking animation in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, and Adobe Premiere. This technique is possible in each program, so it’s up to you depending on which programs you’re most comfortable with!

1. How to use Masks – Adobe Animate CC Tutorial

This first tutorial goes through Adobe Animate. Adobe’s animation-specific program is great for things like that, as the animation tools are front-and-center. The video goes through how to mask with shapes, text, and more, as well as how to avoid some common issues.

2. A Guide to After Effects Masks

Moving to After Effects, this short and easy tutorial will get you up and running with masks. The tutorial goes into how masks work in the program, as well as a few ways to use them. Most usefully perhaps, you’ll learn about how different types of masks interact with each other tin order to create awesome animations.

3. MASKING in Premiere Pro (and PROBLEM SOLVING)

You can also do masking animation in Premiere Pro! If you want to create a mask without leaving your primary video editor, you don’t have to. While After Effects and Animate may be better tools for most advanced masking animations, it can be useful to know how to use Premiere to accomplish simple tasks.

4. Adobe Animate | Tutorial for Beginners

Here we have another Adobe Animate tutorial. It covers how to mask with text, and is overall a simple and super-quick guide that gets straight to the point.

5. Mask Text Reveal in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial

This After Effects mask animation tutorial covers a simple but popular animation. It uses masks to reveal a text layer as a shape moves across the screen. This is a practical way to use masks and mask animations and is applicable to a ton of scenarios.

6. Text and Logo Behind Mask Reveal – After Effects Tutorial

This After Effects tutorial reveals text and logos using masks. While it may sound the same as the previous tutorial, this tutorial actually takes some different directions and covers additional concepts. Between these two tutorials, you should be able to do any logo or text mask animation in After Effects!

7. Easy Masking in Adobe Premiere Pro – Transition Effect

Now back to Premiere Pro! This is another take on using masks in Premiere Pro. This time it’s in the context of transitions. This is a super useful skill to know and it’s really simple. It’s a great way to flex your masking muscles while also creating something really impressive.

8. MASK and ROTOSCOPE in After Effects

This After Effects tutorial takes things a step further, while still using basic masking tools – just taking them to the extreme! This goes from simple masking, to what is essentially full-on rotoscoping! You’ll even learn how to create a scene with 4 copies of yourself and make it look completely natural.

9. Masking Shape Animation in After Effects

This masking shape animation tutorial in After Effects shows how to create interesting masking animations using interlocking shapes with different effects applied. There is no narration in this video, so if you’re a visual learner you’ll like this.

10. How to Create CLIPPING MASKS In After Effects

Finally we have this After Effects tutorial that accomplishes its goals in under 3 minutes. It communicates the concept of using shapes to mask in After Effects, so it’s a good video to watch if you’re still struggling with the basics.

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