10 of the BEST Video LUTs Packs for Wedding Videographers

10 of the BEST LUTS Packs for Wedding Videographers - FilterGrade

When it comes to wedding video you want to provide the bride and groom with a stunning reel that not only highlights the best moments from their big day, but one that also leaves them in awe. The color, light, and the look of the video makes all the difference, and correcting plus fine-tuning each of these requires a great deal of patience and time. Look-up Tables, or LUTS, offer an easy starting point to transform your wedding videos with more ease and less time. The following LUTs packs for wedding videographers will enhance every detail of the couple’s big day.

10 LUTs Packs for Wedding Videographers

1. Wedding Post-Production Pack

This Premiere Pro LUTs pack comes with 30 color presets, 9 reveal transitions and additional overlays and light leaks. Those wedding videographers wanting to take the videos to the next level professionally will benefit greatly from this bundle. To learn more about the Wedding Post-Production Pack, check it out here

2. Vanessa & Ivo’s Wedding LUTs 

This LUTs packed will provide you with a wide range of professional presets that can be applied to your wedding footage. Each LUTs is specifically designed to enhance the mood, colors, and details of the wedding day. Those wanting to keep the natural beauty the focus on the videos will find the perfect fit with one of these presets. See what all is included in this bundle here

3. Beautiful Wedding LUTs Bundle

The Beautiful Wedding LUTs Bundle will help enhance the mood and atmosphere of every wedding you capture. This bundle offers six different color grades from black and white to tropical. Every color will appear more vibrant, skin tones more even, and each moment will stand out. Get this bundle here and learn how to easily apply it to your videos.

4. 5 Dreamy Autumn PS Actions and LUTs

This LUTs pack will help add a dreaming and romantic air to your wedding videos. Though best to use for those Autumn weddings these LUTs presets can be used throughout the year. They will add in some autumn color and leave you with a dreamy reel that your clients will love. Learn more about this pack here.

5. 5 Fall Photoshop Actions, ACR, and LUTs Presets

Another Autumn inspired LUTs pack, the 5 Fall Photoshop Actions, ACR, and LUTs Presets were created with the fall wedding in mind. This LUTs pack makes it quick and easy to liven up your footage with the beautiful colors of fall. The bride and groom will stand out stunningly when you apply any of the 5 LUTs Presets. See what else you get with this bundle here.  

6. Summer Wedding Theme PS Actions and LUTs Bundle

Summer is one of the busiest seasons for weddings and these LUTs will enhance each one of them! This bundle will allow you to effortlessly even skin tone, add vibrancy to the outdoor setting, and leave you with rich and breathtaking images. These LUTs can be used on any summer wedding from those by the beach to those in a revamped barn. Check on this bundle here

7. 5 Bright Photoshop Actions and LUTs

The 5 Bright Photoshop Actions and LUTs are ideal for those who shoot multiple outdoor weddings but will also work well with indoor weddings flawlessly. These LUTs will add more light, shine, and brightness to your footage and gives it a refreshing and modern look. See how these presets can enhance your images here

8. Neo Wedding Theme PS Actions & LUTs Bundle

When you are a busy wedding videographer you want to speed up your editing process without sacrificing quality. This LUTs bundle will allow you to do just that. These easy to use LUTs presets can be applied to your footage and highlight the beauty captured in each. Find out more about this bundle here

9. 5x Valentine Photoshop Actions, ACR Presets, LUTs Kit

This bundle helps bring the focus to the stunning colors that are a focus of the wedding day. The LUTs presets will enhance your videos so the colors are vibrant and flawless. With the 5x Valentine Photoshop Actions, ACR Presets, LUTs Kit you will get more than just video LUTs, you’ll have a variety of features that will turn your wedding videos into unforgettable time capsules. To see what all you can do with this bundle check it out here

10. Neo Sweet Theme PS Actions & LUTs Bundle

The Neo Sweet Theme PS Actions & LUTs Bundle offers a variety of airy and bright LUTs. This bundle is great for those who want to bring focus to many of the finer details of the wedding day while still allowing the bride and groom to stand out. Check out this LUTs bundle here.

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