10 Things Every Travel Photographer Needs

10 Things Every Travel Photographer Needs - FilterGrade

When it comes to travel photography, you really need to do your research and pack only the essentials for your trip. You don’t want to lug around unnecessary equipment and accessories that can weigh you down and make the experience less enjoyable. If you are considering your first travel photography trip here are the essentials that you will want to take with you.

1. Camera

You have a number of option when it comes to the camera you bring. You do, however, want to choose one that is more lightweight and compact such as a mirrorless, point and shoot, or go pro. This Go Pro can be a great addition to bring as it is lightweight, can go underwater, and is quite durable so it can withstand rough terrain and those accidental drops.

Along with a camera look into a camera remote that will allow you to take time-lapse photos. Just be sure it is compatible with the camera you are bringing.

2. Lens

You can choose to bring multiple lenses but what you really want is at least one solid prime lens (16mm-35mmmF/4 or 24-70mm F/4 lens). These types of lens will give you the most range of use and are often more compact. If you know you will be shooting a specific type of photography on your trip such as landscape then you will want to bring the appropriate lens for the task such as a 70-200mmF/4 lens.

3. Tripod

Tripods can be large and rather cumbersome to pack so this is completely optional. There are compact and mini tripods you might want to consider that will help steady your camera for beautiful landscape shots or just for those shots where you want to include yourself in them.

Compact Tripod by Manfrotto

Mini Tripod by Manfrotto

4. Equipment Bag

Camera bags come in all shapes and sizes but are 100% necessary for keeping your equipment safe while traveling. You might want to consider choosing at least two types of camera bags one that you can take with you while hiking on different terrain, and one that is more sleek to care while walking city streets.

Hiking Camera Bag by LowerPro

Compact Camera Backpack with Rain Cover by Digiant 

5. Memory card

Since you might want to leave your computer at home or at least at the hotel you will need to have some extra SD cards on you when you go out shooting. While you will most likely be able to find these at many stores on your trip they will often cost much more. Go with a Class 10 SD card as they tend to be much faster and hold more. You can also find a WIFi SD card if your camera does not have WiFI options.

Wifi SD Card

6. Filters

Bringing along a few filters can help you achieve more with your images. A polarizing filter, Neutral density filters, and graduated filters can all help with balancing exposure and color in different settings. You can easily find a kit that supplies you with all three, and they are small so they take up little room.

Filter Kit

7. Hard Drive

An external hard drive is always ideal to ensure you have back up copies of your images. It is not uncommon for SD cards to go missing or to become damaged during your trip. A hard drive can help you feel less anxious about accidentally losing all the great shots during your trip
This is a portable hard drive that can hold a great deal of data and is easy to take with you.

8. Batteries

Extra batteries are a must when going on a trip. Be sure to keep them back in you carry on as many flights don’t allow for batteries to be checked in luggage. Also, bring along an extra charger just in case you misplace yours or anything happens and it gets damaged along the way.

9. Camera Protection

You want to be prepared for any unexpected weather encounter on your trip. To ensure your equipment is protected you will want to have a few lightweight things to keep it functioning properly and clean.

  • Rain sleeves (a great and alternative is a shower cap, which can often be found at the hotel you are staying at)
  • Rain fly for you backpack if one is not included.
  • Leans cloth and lens pen to keep your gear clean and dust free.

Lens Pens

10. Insurance

Travel photography poses a lot of risks and with the expensive gear you might be bringing along you want to have it all covered. You never know when an accident will happen that can damage your accessory or camera or when someone might, unfortunately, take the gear for themselves. Insurance is a must-have for travel photographers.

We hope that you’re already packing for your next trip with this helpful list in mind. Just remember – pack light because all of the ideas are in your head; the equipment is only one part.


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