10 Tips for Making Money as a Videographer

When we talk about things you would love to do for your life, some people picked up the paint brush, others may join the piano classes, you, on the other hand, dive into the videography world. Find the thing you are passionate about is lucky enough if we could make some earnings out it would be even better. In this article, we are going to share 10 tips for you to make money with the cameras holding in your hands.

1. Stock footage

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ShutterStock is a good choice for you to sell your footage, especially these popular categories showed above. Videos of Nature, Business and People are the easiest to get from your daily shooting. Turn your cameras on in any other occasions you think could be b-roll footage. Also, shoot in 4K which will bring you more audience.

2. LUTs and other digital products

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We all have our “thing” for editing the videos, increase sharpness, decrease saturation, this and that. Turn your favourite color grading settings into LUTs and other digital products is also a good way to earn some cash. Don’t forget to link your social media account in the product description and gain more followers and audience! Contact us if you are interested!! :D

3. Music Videos

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Let’s turn our sight into a more productive perspective. Making music video is a win-win option for both musician and videographer. Both of your work hence have a chance to reach a wider audience. In addition, you also have the chance to experiment with your crazy ideas in the music video!

4. Events and lives

Photo:Lee Blanchflower

Business, sport, music… put as many categories as you can under this one. The point is to record the glowing moments.

5. Weddings

Photo:Ivan Cabañas

Wedding is some business you could really get yourself into. After all, who doesn’t want to record one of the most important days in life? Like the music video, wedding video could help you build a reputation in the field and thus receive more offers.

6. Family and friends

Photo by Mayron Oliveira

The same logic for earning as a videographer for weddings applies to other important family and friend events as well, like a baby shower, anniversary, and even funeral. Funerals may sound gloomy, but people do like to have a memorable video of their beloved ones.

7. Real estate

Photo: iAlicante Mediterranean Homes

Real estate industry need videos! While photos can show how the rooms look like, videos would reflect the actual space of them. It is also a great idea to embrace the VR and shoot in 360 camera.

8. Introduction videos

Photo: Adeolu Eletu

Introduction video could be a kickstart for small business, and that’s the time a videographer is needed. In fact, you could earn from any type of introduction videos, for instance, the self-introduction video for the dating website.

9. Tutorials

Photo:Sean Patrick Murphy

Make tutorials to share your video skills and more other technics you have. Sharing is fundamentally pushing forward our learning, the process of you making tutorial videos is the way to learn more as well. Build your audience and start monetizing.

10. Gear rental

Photo: Jakob Owens

Rent out something you don’t use that often is not a bad choice at all, it is better than let them sit in the corner and get covered in dust.

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    Good post – Love this field personally but it is hard work!
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      Thanks Luke, totally agree! It is hard work!

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