10 Websites to Download Freebies for Videographers

10 Websites to Download Freebies for Videographers - FilterGrade

There’s a lot that goes into creating the most unique and eye-catching videos. Whether you are working on a marketing project, social media campaign or wedding video, having a library of video clips to add some zest and intrigue to your footage is necessary.

Not all videographers have the time or the budget to spend on creating high-quality loops, time-lapse videos or regularly used video clips for each project. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best websites to download freebies for videographers. Below you will find a selection of sites that all offer video clips and more. 

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Best Websites with Freebies for Videographers

1. Videvo

Videvo offers videographers a variety of free motion graphics, video clips, music tracks and sound effects for free. Their content is well organized and easy to search through. You can find nature and animal clips, slow-motion videos, people and industry clips and more. You can also sign up for a subscription plan which gives you a larger selection of footage to use.

2. Videezy

You can find a nice selection of 4K and HD videos for free use on Videezy. They also have a selection of graphics, vector clips and brushes to browse through as well. The site is easy to navigate and will give you additional video recommendation based on your search as well as how other users have used the clips.

3. StoryBlocks, Videoblocks

You can access a number of freebies through Storyblocks from video clips to aftereffects. The free plan allows you to download up to five clips a month but you might want to consider a paid plan that will give you unlimited use and a much larger selection of professional clips and footage. 

4. Vamify

Vamify offers a selection of free video effects that you can use for your next project. While the selection might be small, the effects can add more depth and cinematic flair to you videos They also have a large selection of items you can purchase like bundle packs. overlays, transitions and more.

5. Freestock

You will find a variety of freebies on Freestock. From photos to video clips to vector art and icon graphics. This freebie site can help you find what you are looking for your next video project.

6. Pixabay

Pixabay offers a wide selection of quality video clips. Most of the clips are under a minute long and include 4k and HD footage. You will also find free photos, vector art, and motion graphics. If you are looking to add to your video clip library Pixabay will most likely have what you are looking for.

7. Pexels

While you will not find many 4k videos on Pexels, you will find a number of unique video clips to use. You can find short video clips, under a minute, in HD and thee include time-lapse clips and footage from GoPro users. They also have a selection of green screen clips so you can incorporate the footage with ease into your existing project. Additionally, they have a library of free stock images you can utilize as well.

8. Life of Vid

While their selection is not as extensive as some of the other freebie site listed here, Life of Vid offers high-quality footage for videographers. You will find clips from drone views, office settings, and nature elements. You can choose from video clips and video loops for use for business and marketing video projects.

9. Distill

The creative team of Distill personally chooses which clips they feature on their site. This means you will find only high-quality video clips that you can use for personal or commercial use. You will find a nice selection of footage and when you sign up for their mailing list you will find 10 new free video clips in your inbox every 10 days.

10. Stock Footage for Free

Stock Footage for Free has a great variety of footage. You will find time-lapse, slow motion, looping, and other video clips to use for a number of projects.  Stock Footage for Free has high-quality clips that are added regularly in various categories.

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