10 Small YouTuber Tips for Growing Your Audience

10 Tips for Growing your Audience on Youtube - FilterGrade

If you are just starting out on YouTube or have been effortlessly uploading videos without seeing your audience numbers increase, don’t fret. There are a number of ways that anyone can quickly grow their audience. If you want to grow your audience on Youtube then start by implementing these 10 YouTuber tips for growing your audience!

YouTube Tips to Grow Your Audience

1. Keywords

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Create your videos around the keywords that have a high search volume but are not competitive. This means you want your keywords to be commonly searched but you will need to narrow it down so that there aren’t as many people tagging their videos with it. For instance, Keto Diet gets a lot of searches but it is highly competitive because a lot of other people are using the same keyword. Your video is bound to get lost in the volume. 

It is important to research your keywords BEFORE you create your video. Making a video that is around your keyword is much easier than trying to find the right keyword to suit your video. This is what many beginners do wrong. 

2. Length of Video

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The length of your videos is crucial If you want to rank high with the YouTube algorithm, you need to have people spending time watching your videos for the longest time possible. Watch time is what will get you viewed higher on search listed and highlighted through recommendations lists. The length of your video will ultimately affect your watch time, but there is a lot of contradictory information out there saying just how long videos should be to increase watch time. While you might think cranking out a number of short videos (5minutes or less) so you can get more views, longer videos (at least 10 minutes ) tend to have higher watch times than shorter ones. 

3. SEO

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Optimizing your YouTube videos for search results is not unlike search engine optimization for other types of content. You need the right keywords, tags, and descriptions to grow your YouTube audience.

First, make sure the titles of your videos include your keyword. Have a clear video description that is keyword rich. Don’t make the mistake of having a short description, YouTube actually favors longer descriptions that are at least one paragraph long. 

Next, choose the right video tags. You want to have two or three tags on your video that include your keyword or are very similar. Another two keywords should be included but not include your main keywords. For example, if your main keywords are “training tips for puppies” for addition tags may include “pet care” or “pet supplies”, you can even make these more specific like how to train a golden retriever. The goal is to have tags that relate specifically to your main topic so that it gets in front of more people and can be found for those niche audience members that are looking for more narrowed down content.

4. Custom Thumbnails

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Customized thumbnails are simple to make and will get your content seen more easily on YouTube. Using bright bold colors that stand out on the platform is ideal. You want to avoid colors that will blend in like red, black, and white. Contrasting colors and borders around any text you include will make your thumbnails visually appealing and the customization can boost your video performance by nearly 90%!

5. Playlists

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Playlists can increase your audience’s views in different ways. A playlist allows viewers of your videos to increase the time they spend on YouTube, which is obviously what we want. Playlists automatically play another video once they are done watching the current one. This means, they are staying on the site and you will get rewarded for this with an increase in ranking. When people are spending more time watching the videos you post, you increase your own watch time. As mentioned, watch time increases your ranking as well. 

Creating a playlist, like all the other tips mentioned for growing your audience on YouTube, is easily done. It takes only a few extra minutes to group videos you have already posted into one category. They can still have the option to watch each video individually but you can make it easier to create a series of videos that have the same underlying main topic for them to watch consecutively. 

6. Promoting/Sharing

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Having a video on YouTube isn’t going to grow your audience very fast. To draw more people to your content you need to be sharing it on other platforms to let the people who are already following you know that you have a new video for them to view. You can post your video on any social media site which is the easiest way to get more views. Additionally, you can send out an email to your loyal fans to let them encourage them to go check out your latest video. 

Keep in mind, promoting your video is only half of the equation. To get those people you are promoting to, to share your link as well requires quality content. You may see a spike in views after promoting your video but what will keep your views coming in relies on the quality of your video content. 

7. Get Subscribers

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Views will boost your ranking quickly, but for long term success as a YouTuber, you need to get subscribers. When people subscribe to your channel they are automatically notified when you post something new, making it easier to get them to view your new content without doing much. Adding a subscribe button at the end of your video can make it convenient for viewers to just click and become a part of your following, Adding in a call to action to remind viewers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning and end of your video can increase your subscriber rate. 

8. Encourage Engagement

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Many people neglect the fact that YouTube isn’t just for viewing videos, it is also a social media platform. Your video should encourage viewers to leave a comment and start a discussion, and you need to take part in these comments and discussions. Those who are able to get viewers to respond to questions you ask in your videos or give their opinion about the comment will often see their watch time increase and their overall ranking goes up. 

9. Show Up and Be Consistent

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Consistency is the key to all success. If you want to have a channel with more regular viewers than you need to be uploading videos consistently. When your audience knows when to expect a video from you they are more likely to check in to see what content you have created. If, on the other hand, you randomly upload videos here and there, your audience won’t know what to expect from you. Whether you upload once a week five times a week or once a month, commit to a schedule and do it consistently. 

10. Establish Your Brand

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The number one way to grow your Youtube audience is to create a brand that people love. You may have amazing content but if there isn’t a face to the content you are providing it is going to be hard for people to actually relate to what you are saying. Let your subscribers and viewers see YOU. Putting a face to your brand is important as more people will interact and connect with someone they see as opposed to just content in visual form.  

Branding isn’t just about you appearing in your videos. Your brand encompasses a number of things from the colors you choose, the look of your channel, and the way you deliver your content. Being consistent in all these things creates a visual for your audience to easily recognize and can ultimately be the reason viewers keep coming back for more and share your videos with others. 

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