The 12 BEST Gifts to Buy for a Photographer

12 BEST Gifts to Buy for a Photographer - FilterGrade

Have a photographer on your holiday shopping list? At a loss as to what to get them? Afraid you are going to have to spend thousands of dollars just on one gift? Don’t fret! While many people think shopping for their photographer family member or friend feels like a huge obstacle there are plenty of great gifts ideas that you can get them that they will love. Check out these gifts to buy for a photographer to help make the shopping experience more enjoyable and easy.

Best Gifts for Photographers

1. Bokeh Kit

Have a photographer that loves to add special effects to their images? This Bokeh Kit gives them plenty of options. This is a great gift that any photographer would love to receive, you can get it here. 

2. Atmosphere Aerosol

This is a fun gift for photographers and videographers. This little can help transform sets and shooting locations with a hazy fog to add mode to images and footage. You can get them sold individually or in various packs. Get a six-pack here

3. Gorilla Pod

This portable and versatile tripod is ideal for any aspiring or professional photographers on your shopping list. Its sturdy design can keep phones in place and hold cameras weighing up to 11 pounds. The legs bend and adjust making it perfect to use from any setting and even for hand-held stabilization. Get it here

4. Go Pro Hero

This gift for photographers is perfect for those adventurous individuals on your gift shopping list. This compact camera captures 4K video and flawless footage. Get this kit which includes everything that special someone on your list will need to start capturing their adventures with no hassle.  

5. LensPen Cleaner

Photographers need cleaning kits to help keep their gear in tip-top shape. This pen is a fuss-free way for them to accomplish this anywhere they may be. It is designed with a natural brush so it won’t scratch the surface but effectively cleans dust, fingerprints, water spots, and more. Add this to your shopping list here

For more holiday gift ideas – check out our favorite deals on Adorama for UNDER $100!

6. Lume Cube

Lighting is a key component for taking the perfect images. Chances are your photographer friends have plenty of lights but they may not have something that they can get more creative with. The Lume Cube is a portable light that not only can help even out lighting but also add color. The photographer on your shopping list will love experimenting with this little kit. Grab one here

7. Battery Grip

These useful little accessories can increase shooting times without having to fumble through a bag and other gear to replace a battery. They attach to the camera and can range from just $50 to a few hundred dollars. They are made specifically for each camera brand and type. To find the right one for the photographer on your shopping list, check them out here

8. MultiCard Reader

This budget-friendly gift is one that many photographers don’t think to add to their accessory list. A multi-card reader allows them to eliminate having to use unnecessary cables or ports, everything is ready to use all in one place. It lets them quickly upload their images and footage without having to disconnect one device to connect another. Grab one here

9. DJI Mavic Air 2

This gift will allow your photographer friend or family member to take epic images. These drones can capture 4K video as well as HDR photos, panorama, and breathtaking landscape images. This Kit is well worth the money and comes with everything they will need to get flying. Check it out here

10. Compact Printer

This portable printer is the perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list this holiday season. It allows you to print from nearly any device such as your smartphone or even from an SD card. Not only does it print in multiple sizes but you can create fun collages as well. Learn more about this gift here

11. Camera Stabilizing Support System

This is a gift that any photographer would get a lot of use out of. It allows them to keep their camera steady while attaching various accessories to use at the same time. This great bundle comes with everything they will need to hook up their camera and accessories instantly. 

12. SD Card Holder

Photographers have a lot of memory cards and they easily become lost. A cardholder is a thoughtful gift that will ensure they never lose these vital pieces of equipment again. Check out this card holder that holds SD cards, CFast, and XQD media cards.

BONUS GIFT – Polaroid Camera

A classic gift for photographers of all levels – a Polaroid camera. Because who doesn’t love a Polaroid picture, am I right?

We recommend getting the Polaroid Sun 600 (pictured above) or the SX-70! Both are great options for any photographer, and they’re super fun to shoot with. :)

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