12 Excellent Photo and Design Portfolio Templates

12 Excellent Photo and Design Portfolio Templates

It seems counterintuitive for a designer to purchase a portfolio template. After all, you’re a designer! Why not just make your own? Well, despite being a designer or photographer, you might not have the skills to create an awesome layout yourself – if you’re primarily a logo designer, working with InDesign to create an awesome portfolio booklet might not be your cup of tea. Or maybe, you want to save the hard work for your clients, and take it easy for your own portfolio. No matter the reason, there are a plethora of design portfolio templates out there. These booklets can show off your visual skills to clients, and help you take a bit of a load off!

Most of these portfolios include many of the same features and benefits. If you’re in the market for a portfolio template, it’s really going to be up to the look and feel that matches your personal preference. Special thanks to Nappy for the cover image photo from ISO Republic.

1. Photography + Graphic Design Portfolio by BOXKAYU

photography and graphic design book by boxkayu

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This first portfolio is sleek and contemporary. Of course, everything about it is customizable, which allows you to drop in your own images and text. With 38 unique pages to choose from, you should have no trouble finding a layout that suits a particular project. In fact, that also means you’ll be able to create and try out a variety of portfolio styles. This is great if you’re delivering to multiple clients and want to see if something works better than something else. Or if you just want to play around with it yourself.

2. Graphic Design Portfolio Template by adekfotographia

graphic design template by adekfotographia

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This portfolio template features a landscape design, which is perfect for full-page photographs. It’s also great for smaller images with room to describe it on the side. This template comes with 44 pages, so you should always be able to find a layout that suits your needs. This is an incredibly visual booklet, that puts the images front-and-center.

3. Graphic Design Portfolio by Occy Design

graphic design by occy design

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This colorful but minimalist booklet comes with plenty of variety and customization. With 48 different pages to choose from, in either A4 or US Letter sizes, you will be able to customize your design portfolio however you need it. It resembles a magazine, featuring elegant and simple designs with clear layouts. It does a great job of conveying both images and text, and combining the two together.

4. Anqua Portfolio/Brochure by Bons

Anqua Portfolio/Brochure by Bons

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This template works in Photoshop, and comes with 30 unique page layouts. With a dark aesthetic by default, this can be ideal for an elegant yet brooding portfolio. It also includes two gold textures, so works great for a black and gold themed booklet.

5. Photography Portfolio by silukEight

Photography by silukEight

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While the sample photos utilize black and white photos, this simple, white portfolio template is a great base for nearly any photography or design portfolio. This file includes 34 pages. With all of those photo layouts, it shouldn’t be hard to find something that suits your needs. The simple caption templating will nicely balance any images you use, as well.

6. Floral Portfolio by MA-KING_ART

Floral  by MA-KING_ART

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This portfolio template relies on strong and contemporary type. Along with powerful imagery, the pre-included font layouts will easily convey your work. With 28 unique pages, you should have no issues customizing this portfolio to your needs. It really can be used for anything in which large, sweeping photos are needed.

7. A5 Glume Portfolio by Meenom

A5 Glume Portfolio by Meenom

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This minimalist, wide-page portfolio template comes with 22 customizable layouts, and plenty of room to experiment. Some pages prioritize imagery, and some prioritize text, so it suits any type of project! While some of these templates are obviously geared more toward design or photography, this one meets in the middle.

8. Portfolio Brochure Design v5 by Miyaji75

brochure Design v5 by Miyaji75

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This portfolio was definitely created as a graphic design oriented portfolio. While there is no indication of how many pages and layouts there are for this book, it does appear to be highly customizable. This also suits the average designer, who has the skills and creativity to turn a template into something even better!

9. Portfolio Book Vol.7 by Kovalski

Book Vol.7 by Kovalski

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This portfolio book contains 24 unique pages, and has a focus on bold imagery and large type. This one might be more ideal for a photography portfolio. But the usage of the text allows you to make big statements in just a few words.

10. Portfolio Template Indesign Vo.II by Tiempo

Portfolio Template Indesign Vo.II by Tiempo

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The inspirational photos for this portfolio use yellow, but this portfolio is certainly customizable. This does give some great ideas for color coordination, though. With 30 pages of customizable layouts including paragraphs and photo layouts, there is plenty to offer here. Whether you want to redesign it, or take it as-is, this portfolio could have something for you.

11. INK Portfolio/Brochure by Studio Standard

INK Portfolio/Brochure by Studio Standard

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With 24 pages, this collage-inspired portfolio has a lot to offer for photographers or mood board creators. An easy-to-use color palette lets you change brand colors quickly. The goal of this portfolio was for it to be simple to edit, and to make changes with just a few clicks.

12. Portfolio Trifold Brochure Design v2 by Miyaji75

Trifold Brochure Design v2 by Miyaji75

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Trifolds are not always the first choice when thinking of a design portfolio. But this sleek and modern trifold has a lot to offer. While ideal for business and corporate applications, of course, this could be good for a variety of layouts. The images are easy to replace, and comes with a version for Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator!

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