14 of the BEST Mobile Lightroom Presets for Bloggers

14 of the Best Mobile Lightroom Presets for Bloggers - FilterGrade

As a blogger, you are always looking for something to give your content that extra edge. You want your work to stand out and become highly sharable. One way to do that is to enhance your photos. Post-editing your colors and tones can take an “okay” picture to something that has your viewers do a double-take.  We’ve put together 14 of the best Mobile Lightroom presets for bloggers you can use to take your images to the next level.


Do you see yourself as a lifestyle blogger? As a lifestyle blogger, your interest and focus can be varied. It’s a safe bet your photos will be a blend of topics and subject matters infused with parts of your own unique brand. Despite the variety, you’ll likely still want a cohesive look and style to tie it all together.  Below are Mobile Lightroom presets that will help showcase you and your work.

1. Allegra Messina Lightroom Mobile Presets

This lovely group of Lightroom presets were filters created by photographer Allegra Messina. She wanted to create filters that best matched her own editing style. These presets include bright, vibrant tones for skin, as well as multiple black and white variations.


2. Guillepixl 15 PREMIUM

If you want help with saturation and adding vibrant colors, then this may be a good match for you. They work well with a variety of light situation. The City Life preset can be good for raising dark levels and adding colors too saturated areas.

3. New Noel Alva Lightroom Presets

These presets help create dreamy and unique looks for people and landscapes. They were created by lifestyle and adventure/travel photographer Noel Alva.  These presets have a mixture of warm/cool moody looks, soft grains, and vibrant colors.


Travel bloggers have much to worry about. They spend their time researching, budgeting, planning and trying to get the best shots in the unique locals they cover. When all is said and done, they’ll need to curate and post-process their photos to help tell the narrative of the travel story. We’ve found three Mobile Lightroom presets that will help the post-processing a little better.

4. 10 Travel Lightroom Presets

These ten highly editable preset are made specifically to help with travel photos. With a single click bland photos pop and become more vibrant. Good for action sports, fashion, lifestyle, landscape, street, and travel-related photos.

5. Joe Yates Hawaii Lightroom Presets

These presets are created to mimic travel photographer Joe Yates style. His look, a mix of warmer tones and desaturated colors, has been honed from his countless travels. With this batch you’ll get 8 mobile presets good for landscape, lifestyle, travel or portrait photography.

Joe Yates Hawaii Lightroom Presets

6. LouwLemmer Signature Tones

Carefully crafted by explorer and storyteller Louw Lemmer. These presets have been meticulously Moody and vibrant these 18 presets were meticulously curated by Louw Lemmer.  They are good good for fashion, action, landscape and travel images.

7. @erychist Deep Moody Presets Pack

This set of 16 Mobile Lightroom presets are described as giving deep atmospheric landscape looks. Great for forest, mountain, lake overall nature shots.  These presets will give you a nice look but you’ll still need to make sure you get the white balances and exposures done for these shots.

8. 20 Custom LR Preset pack – @jordi.koalitic

These 20 presets to create a stunning mesmerizing look. They were created by Jordi Koalitic who has become known for his photo manipulations. If you are doing landscape, street, portrait or travel photography then these presets are great for you.

9. ProGradeFilters: Taster Bundle

This set is like going to the buffet. It lets you try a lit bit of everything. These 15 Pro Grade Filters will have you covered for various occasions.


When covering fashion, whether it’s clothing, accessories, trends or the scene, your photos become an extension of that world. They become art in their own way, and they should have a mood and style that emotes an emotion beyond just the captured photo. Below are four masterful mobile presets to help you do that.

10. 18 Film/Vintage Effects for LR + Mobile

With these presets rich, warm and vintage tones help create a cinematic feel to your photos. These presets work well for nighttime shooting and street and travel scenes. Also in this bundle, you’ll find natural as well as cool and moody setups. 

11. Gail Bowman Fresh and Clean Lightroom Mobile Presets

These 16 Mobile Lightroom presets were created by professional fashion photographer Gail Bowman. With travel bloggers and influencers in mind these presets are great for lifestyle, street, travel, portrait, and landscape.

12. All In One Lightroom Preset Bundle with over 80 Presets

This massive bundle of 80 presets is good for a little bit of everything. This includes food, wedding, seasonal, automotive, lifestyle, travel, and landscape photography. With preset names like “Moody Dark”, “Summer Vibes”,  and “Vanilla Park” you get a sense of the variety this bundle has to offer.

13. Dubai Mobile Lightroom Presets by Zelensky

Two presets from Zelensky will help give your images toasted browns, with orange and gold tones. These looks work well for lifestyle, street, and travel shots.

14. Summer Lightroom Presets by Pro Grade Filters

These presets were created to emulate the various stages of natural daytime sunlight. They will help your photos gain a warm summer vibe. 10 presets in all, they are good for fashion, food, landscape, lifestyle, portrait, travel and wedding photography.

Whether you’re a fashion, travel, or lifestyles blogger there is plenty of cool mobile Lightroom presets that can tale your photos to the next level. Why not use the talents and expertise curated by some of the best photographers in the world.

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