15 Editing Tutorials for Lightroom Mobile

15 editing tutorials for lightroom mobile- filtergrade

Editing on the go isn’t just for Instagram lovers anymore, thanks to expert editing apps even the most experienced photographers are often opting to edit on mobile. You can achieve effects similar to traditional desktop softwares, correct any issues, and even fix the lighting, all on your mobile phone. And, now that professional editing equipment is available to the common man (the Lightroom mobile app is free) editing your photos to reflect a personal style has become the norm. 

However, with professional quality equipment, comes a certain amount of required technical expertise. That is, you need to know how to use it. Unlike other photo editing apps, Lightroom encourages users to create their own filters, rather than simply apply a preset. This allows each and every user to create something completely unique, but it can make editing photos much more daunting. Lightroom mobile has some surprising capabilities, that even the most experienced professional might need a hand with, so we’ve gathered a list of tutorials to help walk you through editing in Lightroom mobile. 

1. Lightroom Mobile: How to Easily Edit Photos Like a Pro

This is a great place to start if you’ve just downloaded Lightroom mobile. It will walk you through all the basics in a concise manner that’s easy to follow, and map out an easy route to editing all of your photos. 

2. Make Your Photos Look Amazing In Lightroom CC Mobile

Although this video is still for beginners, it takes a little bit of a deeper dive into Lightroom mobile and what it can do. It’s perfect for those who want to learn how to correct the lighting and color in their images. 

3. 5 QUICK Lightroom Mobile Tips!

Learn all the Lightroom basics in under 5 minutes. This Lightroom mobile tutorial is perfect for anyone on the go. 

4. Coffee Shop Photography Lightroom Mobile Tutorial | Cafe Tea Preset Effect

Situation specific, this tutorial is just as helpful for a more experienced photographer as it is for an Instagram novice. With super clear, detailed instructions and stunning final product, there’s something here for all experience levels. 


Go-pros are great for high-action shots and fun adventure photography, but more often than not, their photos lack the polished look of a professional image. Luckily, with just  few quick touch-ups from Lightroom mobile you can have your photo “camera-ready” in no time. This quick video shows you exactly how to do that. 

6. Landscape Editing in Lightroom Mobile

Some of the most epic shots are of vast landscapes, but chances are they don’t look so epic in their raw form. This tutorial reviews how to use Lightroom mobile to get the most out of your landscape photography. 

7. Lightroom Mobile Urban Street Photo Editing Tutorial

Different settings call for different editing techniques. If you want to achieve the cool-toned, moody look of urban photography, this is the tutorial for you. 

8. How To Edit BROWN & TEAL – Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

This Lightroom mobile tutorial speaks specifically to the colors you want to pull out of the photo rather than the setting the photo was taken in. Although this isn’t for the novice user, it provides a great take on how to quickly pull the colors you want out of any photo. 

9. DRAMATIC Fall/Autumn Photography Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

Warm orange tones and rustic finishes make fall photography popular year-round. Watch this quick tutorial to make even your springiest photo fall fresh. 

10. Editing in Lightroom Mobile: The Light Section

Straight from Lightroom mobile’s own creators, this tutorial goes into detail about exactly how to use the light editing section of the Lightroom mobile app. If you’re a photographer who’s struggling to adapt to phone editing, this video is for you. 

11. Editing in Lightroom Mobile: The Color Section

Similarly to the last video, this video is made by Adobe and designed to show the functionality of the Lightroom app, instead of how to achieve a certain look. 

12. Applying Edits to Multiple Photos

This Lightroom mobile tutorial is perfect for busy professional photographers. It will show you how to apply the same effect to multiple photos, so you can show your work off to social media while you’re still on the job. 


The tone curve is one of Lightroom mobile’s most useful tools but it can be a little confusing to navigate. This tutorial takes a simplistic approach that’s easy for beginners to follow while still being helpful to more experienced users. 

14. How to Edit Cinematic – Film Look 

Creating film-toned photos with Lightroom mobile is shockingly easy, and it gets even easier after you watch this quick tutorial. 

15. How to Install Mobile Presets into the Lightroom CC App

Perhaps the easiest Lightroom mobile editing technique of all, presets are the best way to quickly transform photos. The only thing standing in your way of fast and easy photo editing is not watching this video, so get to it. 

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