18 of the Best Super 8 Transitions, Borders, & Textures for Videographers

18 of the BEST Super 8 Film Transitions Borders and Textures - FilterGrade

There is something nostalgic and mysterious about the look of old school films. The grit, grain, and sudden glitches can increase the mood and intrigue making it memorable and captivating. With the help of modern technology, you can create this same vibe with your video projects, without having to spend the time and money using real film. Below you’ll find a list of the best super 8 transition, borders, and textures that will give your footage and authentic 8mm film look with little to no effort. 

Best Super 8 Transitions, Borders, & Textures

1. Super 8 Film Transitions Pack

This pack of super 8 transitions features 21 old school inspired transition effects. You can let your creativity flow when you experiment with all the unique features provided. You can customize each transition to speed up slow down or playback in reverse to put together a one of a kind video that will leave your audience in awe! Get this pack here. 

2. Super 8 Bundle

If you are looking for a way to add the rich texture of 8mm footage to your next project this bundle is what you ‘ve been looking for. It offers a variety of gritty effects that will transform your modern shots into vintage masterpieces. Get this mega bundle here.

3. 4K Vintage Film Overlays Motion Graphics Kit 

Add a vintage feel to any of your video projects with this bundle of overlays, frames, burger, and effects. You can simply apply these effects to your project and blend or add to your project with ease. Perfect for creating unique intros outros, and much more. Get it here

4. 50 4K Film Grain & Grunge Overlay Loops

Simply drag and drop one of the 50 vintage film loops created for this pack into any of your video projects. Instantly add a retro vibe, jittery effects, and vintage grain to make your video more interesting and memorable. See how you can transform your modern project into a classic here

5. Super 8 Film Burns

Super 8 Film Burns - FilterGrade

This super 8 film burns packs includes 15+ film burn transitions crafted from Kodak Motion Picture Films 50D / 200T / 500T super 8 film stocks and scanned at 4k resolution for incredible quality. As a bonus, this pack also includes intro/outro film screens! (the same kind you would see before/after a real film reel!)

Check out the super 8 film burns pack here.

6. Mono Grunge Animated Textures Pack

This bundle of animated texture features old school projector film loops, video clips, and more. Easily customize the color and animation speed to fit in with any of your existing projects. Check out this mega pack here

7. Old Film Look Effects

You will get a little bit of everything with this bundle of effects. Add in desaturated light leaks, subtle or prominent grain and textures, and choose from a number of other elements that will give your film an old school retro vibe. Learn more here.

8. SPECTRUM 4K Lens Flares by Bounce Color

Give your videos a vintage glow when you add in the natural light flares captured in this bundle. These light leaks and effects can be added to any project and can work as a transition from one scene to the next. This pack provides you with 25 uniquely shot lens flares which you can download here

9. Authentic Dirt and Scratches

If you are looking for a way to give your footage a true 8mm look this is the pack for you. You will find a number of effects that add an old school look including various textures and borders. See how to add this effect to your next project here

10. Fast Glitch Presets

This premiere pro bundle gives you a modern twist on some classic transitions. These transitions are an easy way to transform your simple project into an energetic dynamic experience. Check out this bundle here

11. Film Look 8mm Grain

This collection of super 8mmm grain textures and more will give your film a real authentic vintage look. If you love the way footage shot on actual film looks that you will love how easily you can achieve that same look with these overlays. Learn all about this mega bundle here.

12. Welter Glitch Effects

This effect bundle takes its inspiration from the old school malfunctioning VHS tape and brings it to life with a modern feel. Though designed for photos and graphics this bundle can bring your still to life with an animated distortion effect. For those looking to add more creativity into their project should check out this bundle here

13. Kurt Von Studios Retro Film LUTs

This bundle takes its inspiration from the dreamy one of a kind Instagram filter but adds in a more classic and retro flair. This pack comes full of video LUTs that are nondestructive and can be applied to video or photos. Learn how to get started with this easy to use pack here

14. Gorilla Grain Super Pack

Instantly add a vintage look and authentic grain to any of your videos. You’ll get a selection of film grain to add to your videos and be able to adjust whether you prefer a fine grain look or a coarser more dramatic look. Check out how to get started with this package here.

15. Super 8mm Film Grain Overlay

If you are looking to give your videos a true 8mm look this is the overlay you need. You will also find a few extras like a 1960s inspire leader and burn transition. You can get this pack here

16. Vintage Film Pack

This pack offers an array of super 8mm film effects. You’ll find unique scratch and burn to add in, grain overlays, film leaders, and even a bundle of Luts to have the old school appeal of your video. Get started with this pack here.

17. Retro Filmmakers Editing Kit

This fun pack of transition will help you create something completely unique with your next video project. You will find 33 various elements that will give you video a fun retro look and feel. Learn more about it here.

18. 24 Old Film Screens

Transform your project into an old school classic with one of the effects included in this bundle. You will find grain, scratches, transition and more that can be easily added to your footage. Download it here. 

BONUS: The Analog Filmmakers Bundle

12 The Analog Filmmakers Bundle - FilterGrade

Featuring 8 Analog Style Editing Packs for videographers and filmmakers, created by the team at FilterGrade. Individually valued at $259! Get the bundle for over 40% off. Included in the bundle are super 8 transitions, 35mm film grain loops & overlays, letter cut-outs, film borders, video luts, and more!

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