18 Typography Styles to Use in Your Next Project

Though it is often overlooked, typography can make or break a final product. However, even the most experienced graphic design professionals will admit that choosing a font is incredibly difficult. After all, there are so many different typography styles available to choose from.

The key with typography is to either have it blend in seamlessly or stand out stylishly. So depending on what project you’re working on, you could have hundreds of options to choose from. We’ve gathered a couple of our personal favorite typography styles below for you to use in your next project. You’ll find options ranging from polished, corporate styles to fun and quirky animated effects. Typography is a powerful tool. Make it work for you. 

Corporate/Professional Typography Effects 

In this selection of typography styles, you’ll find simple and streamlined text with a distinctly professional edge. Designed to be used in the corporate arena, these all feature clean animation effects and simple but bold colors. They’re perfect for everything from a corporate presentation to a branding video and can be easily altered to mimic existing company colors. Give new life to boring old business projects with these professional typography effects.  

Mini Corporate Title

Simi Minimal Title AE Template

Universal Call-Out Titles(Premiere Pro)

Futuristic Typography Styles

Whether you believe the future is a bright, streamlined place or just another glitch in the matrix, you’ll be able to find a unique typography effect here that suits your beliefs (or design needs). From clean but vibrant looks to abstract glitches, this typography is going to make your project stand out. Add a distinctive touch to your work and get your message across with futuristic typography styles. 

3D Kinetic Typo Poster

Glitch Stories Typography Pack AE Template

Neon Titles After Effects Template

Minimalist Typography Styles 

Sometimes less is more, and for all of those instances, we have minimal typography styles. Although they’re all simple and clean text effects, they still add a punch of style to your project. You can easily edit the colors, duration, and animation to better reflect the design of your work or leave them as is. Use them in a personal portfolio, a vlog intro, a professional presentation… Their simple style works with anything. 

Neo Typomin Titles Pack

NeoTypomin Titles Pack 02

Neo Typomin Titles Pack 03

Moonlight Minimal Title Pack

Retro Typography Effects

Whether you’re trying to evoke the vintage feel of a black and white film or aiming for the retro edge of the seventies, these typography styles will help you achieve the look you’re going for. Forgoing a more simple approach for an embrace of design-heavy lettering, these packs allow even a beginner to implement a unique, creative aspect into their project. Cinephiles and average joes alike will appreciate the inclusion of old movie style headlines and film effects. And, the muted colors of retro-inspired typography add a beautiful sense of nostalgia to whatever you’re working on. Use them to stand out on a social media timeline or place them on a print poster. Retro typography effects work wherever you want them to.  

Old Movie Titles Collection

Old Movie Titles Collection 2

Retrica: Vintage Photoshop Text Effects Pack

Misc Typography Styles

This is just a little taste of all the different types of typography effects that there are out there. Some are created for certain occasions like holidays or weddings, while others zero in on one specific style with stunning creative accuracy. Each and every one of these options will make whatever project you’re working on stand out. Use them for social media posts, youtube videos, company branding, personal projects, wherever you want to. 

Chalkboard Lettering Project Kit

Wedding Titles Pack

Typography Book Titles

10 Halloween Lower Thirds Pack

This is just a small smattering of all the different typography styles available. Keep in mind that although we’ve organized them under categories, a typography effect can be used however you decided to use it. The fun and flirty text effects in a wedding pack would also be perfect in a branding video for a florist, while some of the text effects in the packs under the corporate pack would be perfect for a sports podcast. There’s no right or wrong way to use these, and however you decided to implement them, they’ll make your project stand out. 

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