20 Apps to Find Gigs as An Influencer

20 Apps to Find Gigs as An Influencer

Influencers are in high demand, but that doesn’t make it any easier for you to find a gig. With more and more people jumping into social media hoping to be spotted by their favorite brand, many talented content creators are begin overlooked. If you are an influencer and you want to expand your reach, get noticed, and bring in more money for your efforts you need to consider the following 20 apps to find gigs as an influencer.

Best Apps to Find Jobs for Influencers

Find gigs, jobs, and sponsored post opportunites!

1. The Cirqle

This unique platform allows you to pitch campaign ideas to various brands around the world. This platform helps you build up your online presence and get paid for your efforts. Learn more here.

2. Collabor8

If you are just starting out or looking to expand your efforts as an influencer, this app is for you. You can create a profile and connect with a number of brands and people looking to collaborate with influencers. Get the app here for android and iOS. 

3. IndaHash

This influencers platform allows you to connect with eager brands looking to grow their reach and brand engagement. Influencers will need to meet certain guidelines such as having a certain number of followers, engagement rates, and quality posts. Get started here.

4. Influenster

This app sends its community of influencers products to test and review each month. Many of the products are from well-known brands. Check them out here.

5. Izea

Izea offers a versatile platform for influencers to connect with brands and bring in more money for the content they create. You can take advantage of the content production and distribution features create more effective marketing strategies or bid on and negotiate with brands looking for influencers. Learn more here.

6. REP – Influencer Marketing

This platform allows social media influencers to connect with brands and other influencers to build up their following. They allow can help you connect with businesses and find products to promote on their social media platforms.  Get the app from the Apple App store or Login here.


This app helps influencers connect with brands. It helps you find the right brands that fit your personal brand and style. You can also find other influencers to collaborate with.  Learn more here.

8. Tribe

Tribe is a platform that allows you to create photos and videos to be approved by brands. It is a global platform that connects brands and influencers from around the world. You can find the Tribe app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 

9. Obvious.ly

This platform allows brands and influencers to connect and collaborate. Some of the brands they have help match with influencers including Coca-Cola, Lyft, Google, Marie Claire, and many others. Learn more or sign up here.

10. ShopandShout

ShopandShout is the ideal marketplace for macro-influencers. There are four easy steps that help you get started working with interested and new brands. All you need to do is shop for a brand or product you want to try, sample the product, create a campaign to share your experience and then you will be scored on the content you create. Learn more here.

11. Social Bond

Social Bond is an innovative platform that allows brands and influencers to connect and track the progress of their campaigns. It is an easy to use platform that provides you with various tools to improve your marketing efforts and find various brands looking for influencers. You can Sign up here, and find the app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

12. Influensi

Influensi helps influencer find brands that match their own unique style. It is a straightforward platform that can help you improve your campaign ideas and find amazing brands to work with. Learn more here.

13. Julius

Julius has been matching influencers and brands through a creative and effective platform. Influencers can create a profile that allows brands to search and find their social media pages. From there the brands can reach out to you to develop and create stories to showcase the brands. Get started here.

14. Matchmade

If you are an influencer looking for new products and brands to work with you want to check out Matchamade This platform will send recommendations for a number of products that match your style. Learn more here

15. Unbox Influencer

Unbox Influencers is an exclusive app for all types of influencer marketing. The app not only helps you connect with brands but gives you valuable information about trends, social media activity, and more. You can find it here in the Google Play Store.

16. Klear

Klear allows brands to search for influencers by category and location through various social media platforms. They have worked with brands like Adidas, Coca-Cola, and JPMorganChase. Get started and learn more here

17. Peg

Peg is for YouTube and Instagram influencers. They provide you with a variety of tools to create stunning content that grabs brands’ attention. Find out more here.

18. Takumi

Takumi is for the Instagram influencers. There are a few requirements to be considered for this platform such as having an organic following of at 1000 (you cannot uses follow for follow hashtags or apps to build your audience), 50 quality post, and a public profile. Learn more here.

19. Mavrck

This is an all in one influencer marketing platform. They have connected influencers with brands like eBay, Express, Hershey’s, Nike and more. They have incorporated high-quality tools for measuring campaign success, building brand and influencers relationships, and content creation. Find out more here.

20. Open Influence

OpenInfluence puts content creation at the main focus. They have a full team to assist brands and influencers in creating unique and engaging stories. Learn how to get started here.

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