20 of the Best LUTs for Travel Vloggers

20 of the BEST Video LUTs for Travel Vloggers - FilterGrade

Simplifying the editing process is a must to continuously provide new content for your travel vlogs. Unfortunately having to go in and make adjustments to all that footage you capture while exploring some exotic destination or bustling city takes hours of work. Video LUTs are the answer you have been looking for to cut time spent editing and increase the quality of your footage. LUTs (LookUp Tables) are one of the simplest and quickest ways to color grade video footage. They ensure your shots perfectly match from one scene to the next without having to make changes to each individual shot. Just apply the LUTs and you are ready to go! To give you a better idea of how this can speed-line your editing process, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best LUTs for Travel Vloggers you can download and begin using today!

Best Travel Vlogger LUTs

1. Artist Found LUTs Collection

Transform your footage into color, vibrant, content that your followers will fall in love with. This LUTs pack is ideal for travel and lifestyle filmmakers. It features 20 3D Luts, a variety of colorful tones, and exciting lifestyle effects. Get it here.

2. Kurt Von Studios Retro Film LUTs

This pack is full of colorful, cinematic templates for video and images. Some of them mimic Instagram’s most popular filters. This is favored by most travel vloggers who want to have a consistent look to their images and videos they share on their social platforms and their video streaming platform. 

3. IWLTBAP Film Tones LUTs Collection

This LUTs collection can enhance your travel footage with ease. It consists of cinematic tables, warm and cool tones, earthy scenes, and more. No matter where you are traveling too you will find a LUTs in this collection that will add more depth, color, and mode to your footage. Check out this high-quality collection here

4. Cineplus Perfekta LUT

This travel vloggers LUTs pack provides you with a number of tables that will transform your footage. It features a unique infrared table to give your adventure a more mystical and fantasy effect. See what else is included here.

5. Advanced Colorist LUTs Pack 

Having issues with noise in your footage? Grainy, blurry noise is a common challenge that travel vloggers need to work around. This LUTs bundle was designed to preserve the natural colors of the environment with minimal noise increase. You will find 10 creative LUTs plus an additional 8 utility that will help enhance the natural beauty of the world you are exploring and sharing. Check it out here

6. Travel Video LUTs by Matteo Martignago

This pack is specifically designed for travelers. You will find an array of LUTS that will instantly boost the color, contrast, style, and tone of your footage. You can add dramatic colors, vintage style, or simply bump up the green hues to make your footage more eye-catching. See what all the 5 specific LUTs in this pack can do to transform your footage here. 

7. The Adventure Pack- Landscape and Skin Enhancing LUTS for Vloggers

The Adventure Pack- Landscape and Skin Enhancing LUTS for Vloggers was created by travel vlogger Alicia Mae Hirte so you can rest assured that these LUTs are the best for your travel footage. It contains 13 tables designed for specific settings, locations, and color enhancement. Check them all out here

8. CINEMATIC Cold LUTS for Videos / Moody / Travel / Lifestyle

Add cool tones and high contrast with this LUTs bundle. You will find 6 .cube files compatible with Photoshop and Premiere Pro FCPX. Easily add them to any of your travel vlogs, city, landscape, lifestyle images, and much more.  

9. Cinematic Lifestyle Tones Travel / Coffee / Moody LUTs

This LUTs bundle will help you easily add rustic and warm tones to your travel videos. You will find 5 files compatible with various types of videos. Get this bundle here


Summer is the ideal time to travel and this pack will help you recreate those summer vibes any time of year. This collection offers 6 Professional LUTs that you can easily download and begin using today. Get it here. 


This mega LUTs bundle offers 20 different files that will help simplify your workflow. This LUTs work with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effect, and Final Cut. You can adjust the levels to better enhance your personal travel videos and you are ready to share within minutes. 

12. CINEMATIC Cocoa Brown Film LUTS PACK for Videos / Moody / Travel

This bundle of 20 LUTs files will allow you to had brown tones and contrast to your footage. Perfect for those who love sharing their hiking and wilderness explorations. They also help even skin tones and add a natural glow to your surroundings. You can download this bundle here

13. CINEMATIC Bright Airy Colors Film LUTS for Photos and Videos

The Cinematic Bright Airy Colors Film LUTS is the perfect complement to your travel photos and videos. Enhance the tones and contrast in your footage by adding one of these 4 presets. Learn more about this mini pack here.

14. Wander LUTs Travel Pack

Beautiful effects for travel photos and videos. The Wander LUTs Travel Bundle features over 15 amazing effects for color grading your trips. With effects for oceans and water, bright green landscapes, warm sun glows, sunset, and much more. See how they can transform your videos here.

15. Cinematic Old Hollywood Vintage Tones LUTs

Easily add a vintage feel to your travel videos and photos with any of the LUTs included in this pack. You will find 8 different tables that will allow you to increase the vintage tones and contrast in your footage. They are compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, and Photoshop. Download them here.

16. Cinematic Dark Tones Travel / Coffee / Moody / Lifestyle LUTs 

If you’re a travel vlogger that loves to explore the unknown and abandoned these are the LUTs for you. You will find 6 different files that will increase the vibrant brown and darker tones of your footage while also adjust the contrast to give you footage an updated yet darker feel. Easily download them here and begin transforming your footage today.  

17. Complete Cinematic LUTs Pack 2020 – NEW Hollywood Looks

Give your footage a Hollywood makeover with this deluxe bundle of LUTs. You will find 10 cinematic inspired files that will freshen up your footage and make it appear like it was a Hollywood film. Completely transform the colors, tones, and mood of your travel adventures by getting this bundle here.    

18. Summer Travel Hollywood

This cinematic LUTs pack is ideal for adding beautiful colors and vibrancy to your vlog. You will find 5 cinematic filmmaking LUTs that you can customize by adjusting the contrast, saturation, and exposure. They are easy to use and download. Check them out here.

19. 23 CINEMATIC Cocoa Film Rose Tones LUTS for Photos & Videos

Brighten up your travel adventures with this LUTs bundle. You will find over 20 fields that will highlight the brown tones and add a rosy hue to your footage giving it a mystifying and dreaming feel. Easy to apply to all types and travel settings and make adjustments to better suit your personal style. Learn more about this LUTs bundle here.


If you want to really draw attention to your main subject this LUTs pack will help you do it. Designed to even out lighting, skin tones, colors, and more you will find that less is more with this pack. See how they can transform your videos and images here.

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