24+ Amazing Photography Mockups for Photoshop

Are you looking for a unique way to present your photos to clients? Photography mockups are an easy way to accomplish this. Simply open in Photoshop, insert your image, and you have a complete presentable view of your work in a professional manner.

Wow your clients and fans with a cool mockup for your photos. Certain mockups can work great in portfolios too. All mockups featured below are compatible with Photoshop. Check each product description to confirm which versions! Great for sharing on social media, email newsletters, blog posts, and more.

Best Photo Frame and Photography Mockups

Showcasing the best photography mockups for displaying images in photo frames, living room scenes, office spaces, posters, and other styles.

1. Canvas Print Mockups Bundle by Carlos Viloria

Carlos Viloria Canvas Mockups Bundle

The ultimate canvas print mockups bundle for photographers and artists. Featuring over 14 products in various ratios, angles, and styles. This discounted bundle by Carlos Viloria is more than 60% OFF!

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2. Frame Mockup #464, Poster and Window Shadow Mockup

poster mockup with shadow over

Flawless and modern poster mockup that can be used to display your products and photographs on your website, online platform, social media, or anywhere you feel fit. Created by 51 Countries and Counting.

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3. Retro Film Borders & Overlays Mockups

retro film borders & overlays

Created by our co-founder, Matt! These vintage film borders have come from his real film photography adventures! Matt develops and scans all of his film at home – from there, he took out the photos so that you can use his film borders on all of your photos or videos and create some cool, old-school magic. :)

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4. Frame Mockup #495, Square White Photo Frame Mockup

square white photo frame mockup

Clean and minimal square paper photo frame photography mockup by 51 Countries and Counting. Ideal for photo quotes, simple demos of your photographs, or even art projects!

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5. Landscape Canvas Ratio 3×2 Mockup 03

landscape canvas mockup 03 carlos viloria

Professional Landscape Canvas Mockup for layouts with ratio 3:2, use this mockup to display in a perspective view print canvas images, photos, paints, showing the wrap in three different styles, image wrap, mirror wrap, and color wrap. With this canvas mockup for Photoshop, you can create previews for your Canvas Store, Portfolio, or sure to convince any client faster. Created by Carlos Viloria.

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6. Styled Thin Black Photo Frame Mockup Scene

styled thin black photo frame

Styled photo frame mockup with living room scenery. Just drop in your images to make the perfect professional display. Made by 51 Countries and Counting.

Get the styled mockup scene here →

7. Portrait Canvas Ratio 3×4 Mockup 04

canvas portrait mockup photoshop

Stunning canvas mockup of Ratio 3:4 designed especially to create impressive presentations of your paints, artwork, designs, frames, canvas, and sketches. Created by Carlos Viloria.

Get the portrait canvas mockup →

8. Mockup Bundle 01 | 30 x PSD templates | Coral Theme

coral theme mockup collection for photographers

Gorgeous coral theme mockup collection for photographers. Includes frames, cards, books, gallery walls, business cards, canvas, and other photo poster mockups! This bundle is from 51 Countries and Counting.

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9. Hardcover Photo Book Mockup 01

hardcover photo book mockup 01

An elegant and professional Mockup of a Portrait Photography Book with Hardcover, to create beautiful presentations of covers for photo albums for weddings, fifteens, celebrations, or any cover for your portrait photo book design. Created by Carlos Viloria.

Get this photography book mockup here

10. Film Frame Photo Mockup

film frame series mockups for photoshop

Cool film frames photo mockup for a living room or interior scene. Display your photos in an arrangement, which includes space for 15 unique photos inserted. Created by 51 Countries and Counting.

Get the coral theme mockups collection →

11. Styled Thin Frame Mockup with Leaves

styled thin photo frame with leaves

Another beautiful and minimal photo frame mockup from 51 Countries and Counting. This time you can display your photograph in a frame with some nice leaves and light/shadows in the scene.

Get the styled thin frame mockup with leaves here →

12. Macbook Air Mockup (Angled View)

laptop device mockup macbook air screen

Angled view of a laptop computer screen for displaying images/website demo. Created by 51 Countries and Counting.

Get this laptop mockup here →

13. Instagram Masks Collection (Photoshop Templates)

instagram masks collection photoshop templates

Make your Instagram publications more original and engaging with our new collection of geometric and abstract photo masks. There are 52 creative templates able to turn even the most generic shot into something vibrant and attractive. Just pick the best fitting mask for your image and apply! It’s really easy and won’t take much time. Created by Pixelbuddha.

Get the Instagram Masks Collection here →

14. Frame Mockup #159, White Square Photo Frame Mockup

white photo frame mockup square

Fresh square photo frame photography mockup for bold photos and demonstrations. Get your message across with this simple, but effective display from 51 Countries and Counting.

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15. Social Mood Boards Collection

social media moodboards collection by pixelbuddha

A comprehensive collection of Mood Boards for the most popular social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

It is the perfect working and promotional tool for designers, bloggers, architects, fashion designers, and other creatives! Share your vision with your colleagues, clients, and your audience using ready-to-use mood board templates from our collection! Created by Pixelbuddha.

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16. Frame Mockup Bundle 06 | Plywood Project | 9 x PSD templates

plywood project mockup collection for photographers

Stunning wooden furniture and photo frame photography mockups collection by 51 Countries and Counting. If you want to go for professional and modern themes with an interior/office look, the Plywood Project bundle is a great purchase.

Get the plywood project mockup collection →

17. Beige Wood Portrait Photo Frame with Plants Scene

beige wood thin frame mockup with plants

Thin framed wooden photography mockup, with minimal shelving and plant scene. Great for bloggers and strategists. Created by 51 Countries and Counting.

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18. Christmas Frame Mockup Volume 01

holiday christmas photo frame mockup

Need a holiday mockup frame for the Christmas season? Look no further. This Christmas frame mockup from 3Motional is perfect for displaying your family photos during the holidays.

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19. Textured — Instagram Masks Set

textured masks collection for instagram updates

You already know what the most powerful social media is, ’cause Instagram is never going to leave the summit it has taken. And now you even should not seek for handy tools to make your Instagram posts deliver greater exposure, as our Textured Masks Set is here! Created by Pixelbuddha.

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20. Grey Poster Mockup Wall Art Display with Shadows

grey poster mockup with shadows over

Cool grey poster mockup with unique shadows and light overlaid on top of the mockup. Add your photos into the scene with lighting and details easily using Photoshop with just a click! Created by 51 Countries and Counting.

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21. Earth Series Styled Thin Photo Frame Mockup for Photoshop

earth series photo frame mockup

Beautiful earth theme photo frame mockup with plant and wood-like textures in the background. Created by 51 Countries and Counting.

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22. Portrait Canvas Ratio 4×5 Mockup 02

portrait canvas mockup series carlos viloria

Mockup for Photoshop of a canvas leaned on the wall, this resource is perfect to show your art in an elegant way to your followers or potential customers. Created by Carlos Viloria.

Get this portrait canvas photo mockup here →

23. Frame Mockup #474, White Portrait Frame Mockup

styled white frame photo mockup with minimal leaves

Another classic and modern photo frame mockup with leaves from 51 Countries and Counting.

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24. Landscape Canvas Ratio 4×3 Mockup 01

landscape canvas mockup 01 from carlos viloria

Beautiful mockup of a Canvas of 4:3 ratio supported on the wall, perfect to create covers, featured image, unique presentations, and photo-realistic of your portrait designs, digital paintings, illustrations, etc. Created by Carlos Viloria.

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25. Black Portrait Photo Frame Mockup in Medical/Office Setting

black photo frame mockup office setting

Thin black photo frame mockup in a therapist office setting or casual and modern office. Created by 51 Countries and Counting.

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Which photography mockups are your favorite? Leave a comment below to share your inspiration with the community.

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