24+ Great Fonts for Posters

24+ Great Fonts for Posters

The right font can make all the difference for a great poster design. Using bold fonts and captivating headlines on your posters, you’ll attract a larger audience to your events and gatherings.

From vintage, distressed typefaces to clean and elegant fonts, this list has something for everyone.

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1. Greycliff CF: Geometric Sans Font

greycliff sans serif font family

Greycliff is a clean and modern sans serif font family from Connary Fagen. Ideal for smooth titles and bold headlines, Greycliff is useful for poster design due to its versatility.

Get Greycliff Font →

2. Blackriver Font + Ornaments

blackriver block font

Blackriver is a bold and strong vintage typeface designed by Tobias Saul. The theme is inspired by early 20th century advertising and packaging design, making it a great choice for vintage and retro poster designs.

Get Blackriver Font →

3. The Artisan Collection (Font Bundle)

artisan collection vintage fonts

A huge collection of vintage fonts with sixteen logos included! This bundle is created by Hustle Supply Co. and features Scrip fonts, Condensed fonts, Sans & Serif fonts.

Get the Artisan Collection Bundle →

4. Equinox

equinox typeface

Equinox is a clean and futuristic display typeface from Tugco Design. Add modern and sleek style to your posters with this font.

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5. The Holidays – A Christmas Typeface

the holidays christmas typeface

The Holidays is a merry and bright typeface created by Leslie Ray. This cheery Christmas themed font features a bunch of cool bonus vector art and is perfect for titles and bold statements on posters. Especially those with a holiday theme.

Get The Holidays Typeface →

6. Hello Beautiful Font Duo

hello beautiful font

Hello Beautiful is a duo kit of hand-scripted fonts created by Nicky Laatz! These bold headliner fonts work great together for titles and messaging. You can also use the amazing swashes Nicky included for unique flairs and details.

Get the Hello Beautiful Font Duo →

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7. Evolve Sans

evolve sans futuristic font

If you’re looking for a futuristic, space-inspired font, Evolve Sans is a fantastic choice. This modern design was crafted by MadeType. Evolve Sans features a type-family of 10 unique fonts including various thicknesses and special caps characters.

Get Evolve Sans →

8. Sucrose Letterpress Font Family

Sucrose is a premium letterpress font from Yellow Design Studio. This textured and run down font features 8 unique texture levels for any type of design. You can choose from almost no texture to completely faded.

Create the perfect poster design with a bold title from Sucrose.

Get Sucrose Font Family →

9. Bison Font

bison font

Bison is a powerful font family by Ellen Luff. Design audacious titles and posters with Bison to get your message across!

Get Bison Font Family →

10. Firebox Slab Serif Font

firebox slab serif font

Firebox is a bold and eye-catching slab serif font designed by Scott Fuller and distributed by the amazing folks at Retro Supply Co. Firebox has that slight western and vintage feel, making it perfect for themed party poster designs.

Get Firebox Slab Serif Font →

11. London Luxe Serif Font

london luxe serif font

London is a timeless and luxurious serif font from Jen Wagner Co. This beautiful bold font features sleek lines and sharp contrast making it great for titles, posters, invitations, and much more.

Get London Font →

12. Buinton

buinton script poster font

Buinton is a script typeface with an old sports feel to it. Designed by Mike Melvas, Buinton is a great font for sports-themed parties, exciting events, and poster designs related to vintage themes.

Get Buinton Script Font →

13. KIONA Modern Sans Serif

kiona font

KIONA is a minimal, modern font family from Ellen Luff. Using KIONA, you can build some beautiful posters with thin and thick type with an edginess to it.

Get KIONA Font Family →

14. Quincy CF Font Family

quincy font family

A pleasant display font for reading clearly. Build titles, bold headlines, and poster boards with this clean font family from Connary Fagen.

Quincy has eight weights and italics plus Latin/Cyrillic multilingual support.

Get Quincy CF Font Family →

15. Bank Typeface

bank typeface design

Bank is a modern typeface that is designed to be layered with a lined version for unique details. These lines make Bank the perfect typeface for bold titles on posters announcing your party or event!

Get Bank Typeface →

16. Redzone Display Typeface

redzone display typeface

Redzone is the official typeface of the ‘Ultimate Football League’, a reimagining of 32 fictional football teams that CJ Zilligen created when he was 11. View the full UFL project here to see all the cool designs!

Redzone is perfect for football games, posters about sports events, and special title sequences.

Get Redzone Display Typeface →

17. Sarcastic Typeface + Extras

sarcastic typeface

A mischievous and sassy typeface from Graptail. Sarcastic is a display font inspired by classic posters with bold and appealing titles.

Multiple variations of the font allow you to add swashes and ligatures for even cooler titles.

Get Sarcastic Typeface + Extras →

18. Jenthill Script Family

jenthill font

Jenthill is a script font family from Katsia Jazwinska. Featuring bold, light, and caps versions, this font is a more playful poster font for cheerful and hand-crafted design themes.

Get Jenthill Script Family →

19. Blackhawk Brush Font

blackhawk brush font

Blackhawk is a high-energy brush font from Sam Parrett. For street-style designs and grungy themes, Blackhawk is the perfect choice.

Add bold headers and headlines to your posters with this supercharged font.

Get Blackhawk Brush Font →

20. Argon Font

argon font tom anders

Argon is a typeface featuring clean lines and bold letters. The all caps typeface, designed by Tom Anders, works great for sporty, adventurous design themes.

Get Argon Font →

21. Lovadelic + Extras

lovadelic font

Lovadelic is a groovy and retro 70s themed display font from Aiyari.

This typeface features psychedelic balloon typography and a bunch of fun extras! For a retro or 70s themed party, this is the perfect font. You can also use Lovadelic to generate logos for themed events and posters.

Get Lovadelic + Extras →

22. Hanley Font Collection

hanley font collection

Hanley Font Collection from District 62 Studio is a bundle of 10 fonts and 2 extras that work well together to create authentic titles and bold lettering for designs.

The fun extras help you add tiny words, catchphrases, and fun messages with your designs.

Get the Hanley Font Collection →

23. Electric Dreams Font Duo

electric dreams font duo

Electric Dreams Font Duo is a great pack of fonts and styles for creating posters because it offers you both script and sans-serif style fonts for pairing.

Using the sans serif font, you can create bold titles with outlined effects. Then add the script font for messages and taglines.

Get the Electric Dreams Font Duo →

24. Gilmer – Geometric Sans Serif

gilmer font

Gilmer is a fresh and clean font family with 5 weights and 1 outline font. Great for clear, legible titles and informative poster designs.

Get Gilmer Geometric Sans Serif →

25. Candlescript Pro

candlescript pro font

Candlescript Pro is an elegant script typeface designed by M Fairuzulhaq aka Ve. Perfect for ornate titles and luxury events. Add elegant flair and some clean details to your poster design with Candlescript Pro.

Get Candlescript Pro →

26. Festivo Letters

festivo letters typeface

Festivo Letters is a handmade font family designed by Ahmet Altun. Add festive letters and intriguing effects to your posters with this fun typeface.

Get Festivo Letters →

27. Fiona Type

fiona elegant typeface

Fiona is an elegant typeface for minimalistic titles and headlines designed by Josh Ownby. Create beautiful wedding invitations, classical party posters, and more.

Get Fiona Type →

28. Longitude

longitude condensed font

Longitude is a condensed, sans-serif font family with a modern and clean block look. Designed by Luke Lisi, Longitude works well for headlines and informative titles.

Get Longitude →

Font Inspiration

Browse more popular fonts for vintage themes, spring/summer, and even some free fonts to try!

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