25 Amazing Free Kids Fonts

There are so many free fonts to download that it can be hard finding the right one for your project. We’ve gathered a list of just 25 fonts that are great for kids and younger audiences to help grab their attention.

1. Waltograph Disney

You can’t go wrong with the classic Walt Disney font. Your audience will be immediately immersed in a century of fantasy.

Download Waltograph Disney here

2. Cats Alphabet

This purrfect set of letters set the stage for a cat-astic project.

Download Cats Alphabet here

3. Bloodlust

Got goosebumps? Tell your spooky story with this blood-dripping font.

Download Bloodlust here

4. Bridgnorth

Take your audience back in time with an Old English flare that’s still easy to read for the youngsters.

Download Bridgnorth here

5. Burnstown Dam

Board up your story with this font – it’s great for those ramshackle clubhouse vibes.

Download Burnstown Dam here

6. Billo

Disco is staying alive in this funky font – it will take you to a place of grooves and moves.

Download Billo here

7. Comic Runes

Let your audience translate these ancient runes to tell your story.

Download Comic Runes here

8. Little Lord Leroy

The olden days of romance, knights, princesses, and castles are back with this fancy font.

Download Little Lord Leroy here

9. Coal Hand Luke

Show a teacher’s chalkboard lesson with this textured scrawl.

Download Coal Hand Luke here

10. From Cartoon Blocks

Pop right out of the page with this fun, 3D font.

Download From Cartoon Blocks here

11. A Bug’s Life

Don’t worry, these creepy crawlies will do the talking for you – just don’t let them fly away.

Download A Bug’s Life here

12. Carbon Type

Create a suspicious case file to investigate with this typeface. There’s no way it’s *not* top secret… right?

Download Carbon Type here

13. Badaboom

Make an impact in your project and keep your audience hooked on the action.

Download Badaboom here

14. Arcade

Immerse your audience in the feeling of a cool ‘80s arcade and see how they spend their quarters.

Download Arcade here

15. Austie Bost You Wear Flowers

Spring into your content with this font that brightens up any page with a dash of floral cuteness.

Download Austie Bost You Wear Flowers here

16. KG Primary Dots

Customize your writing lessons using this font to help someone learn how to write their own name or specific phrases.

Download KG Primary Dots here

17. Dot To Dot

You have to connect the dots to read between the lines with this goofy font.

Download Dot To Dot here

18. Jurassic Park

Enter a world of modern dinosaurs and mayhem by opening with this font.

Download Jurassic Park here

19. Pac Font

The arcade experience continues with the classic Pac-Man font.

Download Pac Font here

20. Wonderbar

The world of pure imagination awaits you with this chocolatey font.

Download Wonderbar here

21. Blazed

Light the way through an action-packed story with these flames. Just make sure to keep a bucket of water nearby.

Download Blazed here

22. Marathon

The Greek gods use this font to tell stories of their great heroes.

Download Marathon here

23. Hollywood Capital

The limelight is shining on these letters to tell stories of Hollywood glamour. Have fun with Hollywood, California themes.

Download Hollywood Capital here

24. Fly Boy

This font leads the runway for all of your aerial adventures. Now taking off.

Download Fly Boy here

25. Star Jedi

Your little Jedi will be excited as soon as they lay eyes on this text. Hopefully they don’t cross over to the dark side…

Download Star Jedi here

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