3 Ways to Collaborate with other Instagrammers

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It’s quite possibly the greatest social media application ever created – Instagram. The photo sharing, friend-liking, people-creeping, video-watching, and feed-scrolling application has brought hundreds of millions of people together for a common purpose – to view what others have to offer while displaying their own content. Whether you are very active or only check your feed every few days, one thing is for sure – Instagram is growing fast. So fast that many photographers, actors, and musicians, amongst other artists, have used it to increase their businesses. So how will you get a piece of the pie in the game? By working with others. These are the 3 ways to collaborate with other Instagrammers to help you, and others, grow your Instagram.

Create Relevant Advertisements

First, every artist has their niche. What’s yours? Who’s your target audience and how are they engaging with your content? One of the best ways to collaborate with different Instagram users is by creating advertisements to get your name and brand out there. It sounds simple but can be a lot of work for artists who aren’t willing to go the extra mile to gain notoriety. Your content should be your main focus for bringing in fans, or followers. Your followers, when your content appeals to them, will comment, like, and even share much of your work. Noticing this will provide you with information on the type of work you’re producing. For some, great content may not always reap the type of reward they expect but that’s where getting out and producing advertisements will come in handy.

Believe it or not, people are visiting your page. Chances are you’re doing something wrong that’s not allowing them to click the “Follow” button. If you’ve ever been observant enough to check out the type of people who like your photos or who watch your stories you’ll see a trend. Therefore, attract them further. Use advertisements, such as your stories, posters, graffiti, notes you can post around places, or even use stickers.

Lastly, it’s not enough to just post them around. Use your advertisement methods in locations that will attract a great audience of people. Post them at bus stops, in buses, on school campuses, near popular spots, and anywhere relevant to your work. Similarly, advertise on people’s posts or drop info from your brand on Reddit and Facebook posts. The right people will see and they will reach out if they like what you’re throwing their way. Remember, the goal is to collaborate, therefore get your name out there the more ways you can.

Share Content

Next, try to remember that messaging is a great tool to utilize when you want to collaborate with others. Unfortunately, it’s an overused and often useless tactic when users aren’t following you. You’ll most likely end up in their spam folder, the folder other than their initial inbox. So how do you get their attention? Share their work! Add it to your public feed and tag them in it. This allows them to see how dedicated you are in wanting to work with. If you’d like, throw in a comment about wanting to work with them. Victory comes to those who are willing to go the extra mile to build relationships.

Whether you’re sharing their content on your stories or directly sharing it as a part of your feed, make sure you make it explicit what you’re seeking. Throwing up a random profile on your feed might not relay direct interest to collaborate. Therefore, be explicit, don’t hold back, and let them know exactly what you’re willingly advertising their content. Keep in mind, doing this to a high-profile celebrity will get the same result as messaging…absolutely nothing (for the most part). Again, be strategic and figure out who you think has a high chance to acknowledge your efforts.

Networking Events

Not often utilized but an easy go-to for boosting your Instagram and that’s networking. “Isn’t collaborating based on networking?”. Yes, you’re exactly right. That’s why you should seek out different opportunities to network with people. There are dozens of applications, Facebook groups, and social media outlets that allow you to know when the next event is coming up. When you see something relevant to your interest, head out and check what’s out there for you. Many are often free, near large cities, and overall very accessible.

Lastly, people attending these events are there for the same reasons as you. Be vocal, be willing, and be prepared. Last thing you want to do is visit a networking event and not have a game plan. Granted most people are friendly and welcoming, you still need to go in with a purpose of what you’re seeking to get out of collaborating with people.

Get on with it!

Regardless of what methods you choose to reach out to people don’t forget your content matters. Strive to create great content and be active on Instagram. Stay relevant and use those networking events as tools to your advantage. These 3 ways to collaborate with other Instagrammers will be what you need to grow, now just go and do it!

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