30+ of the Best Subreddits for Photographers and Videographers

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Reddit is known as a go-to for providing internet users with news and content from all over the world. From videos to images to articles and breaking news stories; whatever you are looking for you will often have no problem finding it here. However, providing content from around the world is only part of what makes Reddit so popular. There are smaller communities that can be found that provide you with more narrowed down and focused subject matters, these are the SubReddits. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a great place to turn to when you want to gain faster access to the topics that interest you. For those in the filmmaking and photography world, they can be a valuable source. Today, we’ll be going over more than 30 of the best subreddits for photographers and videographers!

What is a SubReddit?

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SubReddit’s are some of the best online communities that you can go to to ask questions, get inspiration, or share your latest creative projects. They are an online community of like-minded folks who have come together and all share a passion for a specific topic. While they are wide-ranging and some are more up to date more efficiently than others they are a great place to go to connect with individuals with varying backgrounds. 

For photographers and videographers, these communities can offer a plethora of information. Need to learn how to use that fancy new camera you just purchased? There’s a subreddit for that. Need to figure out how to clean up your edits and transition? A subreddit has got you covered. Want to stay up-to-date on the latest gadgets and new releases? No problem. Looking for a place to share your work and get some valuable feedback for professionals? Consider it done. 

Subreddits are a great way to gain knowledge, get advice, or simply share your opinion on which star wars film is the best. There are hundreds of these communities that can be easily accessed and can be of great use, there are also others that can be a little unwelcoming and will require a tough skin to handle the criticism. Below you’ll find some of the most engaging and useful subreddits that you’ll want to be a part of. 

Best Subreddits for Photographers and Videographers

For Videographers

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r/Cinematography Looking for a community of creative filmmakers or film enthusiasts? This SubReddit has you covered. From answering specific shooting questions about lighting and framing to having conversations about your favorite films or sharing your current project you’ll find it here. 

r/DIYFilmmaking. If you are into independent filmmaking and want some professional tips you’ll find a lot of valuable content here. This subreddit features tutorials and videos to help you out with your big or small budget films. 

 r/Documentaries. Those who love documentaries will find everything and anything they could possibly think of here. 

r/Editors. Those who are looking for help or want to chat with other filmed editors this is the subreddit to join. 

r/GoPro. All things GoPro can be found here. Not only will you find some valuable content but you can check out the innovating projects others are working on with their GoPro

r/GoProDIY. This is another GoPro focused subreddit that offers up so cool tips and gear. 

r/MovieDetails. If you like taking part in in-depth film discussions this is the place for you. You’ll learn something new about all your favorite films, old and new.

r/ZeroBudgetFilm. You’ll find a look of great resources and information for your low-budget/no-budget films. 

 r/ShortFilms. If you are looking for a place to share your short films this is where you can do it. 

 r/Videography. This subreddit is for videographers that aren’t focused on traditional films but instead work on weddings, events, or promotion footage. 

r/TheMakingOf. This subreddit offers you a behind the scenes peek at how the most recent films are being made. 

r/VideoProfessionals. Just getting started in videography? Need help getting more work as a videographer? Whether you are a beginner or looking for solid advice on how to make it as a videographer this is the subreddit for you. 

r/Storyboarding. This subreddit is geared toward storyboarding and how to use them for your film shoots. 

r/FinalCutPro. This is the subreddit for all things Final Cut Pro!

For Photographers

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r/AfterEffects This subreddit is all about after effect. Whether you have a question that needs to be answered or looking for some creative inspiration, this is the place for you. 

r/Photography. This is your one-stop photography centered subreddit. You’ll find the latest gear reviews, tips, and photography discussion here.

r/SonyAlpha. Those who love or use the Sony Alpha series can get so useful tips and information on this subreddit. 

r/ExposurePorn. This subreddit focuses on long exposure photography. You can get great feedback on your work and find some useful tips and advice. 

r/Pics. This is a great subreddit to visit if you are in need of some visual inspiration. 

r/PhotoMArket. This is a great place to look to when you are considering purchasing some gear for your photography business. Simply put, it is Reddit’s camera store. 

r/Lightroom. Dedicated to all things Adobe Lightroom 

r/PhotoCritique. If you are looking for useful feedback on your latest photo works this is the subreddit for you. Even if you don’t post your own work you can find useful tips scrolling through the comments left on other people’s posts. 

r/PictureChallenge. If you want a fun community that will push you out of your comfort zone with your photography you’ll get it here. 

r/WeddingPhotography. This subreddit caters to wedding photographers and videographers. 

r/Analog. For all things film and vintage photography!

r/Polaroid. This is a great subreddit to find everything you need to know about Polaroid cameras + other community members’ incredible photos.

For YouTubers

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r/NewTubers. Those looking for ideas for short video creations will find this subreddit useful. It offers a lot of helpful tips and advice for YouTubers.

r/YouTube. This is an all things YouTube subreddit. Get tips on content creation, best practices, growing your subscriber list, and how to monetize your channel. 

r/YourTubers. This is an active subreddit that allows you to network with other YouTubers and show your latest YouTube content. 

Other SubReddits to Check Out

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r/SmallBusiness. If you are a freelance photographer or videographer you’ll want to join in this subreddit. It caters to the in’s and out’s of running a small business and having success while getting started. 

r/SocialMedia. This is a valuable subreddit for those who want to make use out of their social media platforms to boost their exposure. You’ll learn what does and doesn’t work for photographers and videographers and the best practices to gain more attention.

r/SoundDesign. Those looking to learn how to easily create sounds, add sound effects, or how to better record dialogue can find some valuable information here. 

r/Freelance. Great resource for freelancers in all areas.

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