35 Inspiring App Designs for 2020

35 Inspiring App Designs for 2020 - FilterGrade

App design trends for 2020 will highlight vibrant colors, mixed font, 3-D elements, and rounded shapes with a dark mood setting. These designs will be highly personalized and customizable. Whether you are a designer looking for some fresh ideas, or a business needing to break into the app scene, you want to ensure you are ahead of the curve this year with a bold and catchy designer. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring app designs for 2020 for you to check out. 

Inspiring App Designs for 2020

1. Rounded Edges

Apps are going to give users a more visually appealing look. Round corners on pages give a smoother appearance and are more pleasing to look at. These rounded corners mirror the device’s round edges so it looks seamless and improves the user’s experience. 

2. Voice command

Most people have already experienced the convenience of having voice commands accessible through various personal assistant devices like Alexa and Google assistance. This app design will incorporate this design to give users a custom-tailored experience. See it in action here.

3. Virtual reality/Augmented Reality

Retailer apps are taking advantage of the virtual reality sphere in their app designs. Virtual reality and augmented reality will allow potential customers to see products in their own home or setting. 

4. Animations

Animations aren’t just for improved user experience, they can say a lot about the user’s habits. .Advanced animation will be able to show developers state changes and interactions with app users. This food menu design created by Asha Rajput is the perfect example of how to use advanced animations.

5. Gradients

Gradients are being used to give more vibrancy and new life to apps. Background gradients can give a fresh look to even the simplest design. 

6. 3D Elements

3D elements were typically just found in game and entertainment apps, but they are making a transition to every app in 2020. These simple elements can give your app a more fun and interactive feel. 

7. Dark Themes

Dark themes are keeping the user in mind. These low light designs help preserve battery power and system performance. When set as a background color they can make content and other elements pop. 

8. Illustrations

Illustrations are taking on a more detailed look. These app designers are using more emotionally focused illustrations so users can better connect with the products or brands.  

9. Content Centered

Content isn’t there for artistic flair, in 2020 designers are focusing on making content more readable and easy to access. 

10. Multi-device Usability

It isn’t enough to just ensure the app is mobile friendly. With the use of tablets, iPad, eReaders, and others, the app has to be functional across various devices. 

11. Overlapping Graphics 

Using overlapping elements in your background design will give your app more depth. These elements can give a sense of space in a small area making it more interesting and appealing to users. 

12. Tell a story through illustrations

On top of just having better quality illustrations, apps are using them to help tell a story to the users. These illustrations are being used in highly creative ways to capture and maintain the users attention. 

13. Transparent elements

Transparency gives the app design a lightweight feel. Using transparent elements allows for more to be fit on the screen without making it feel cluttered. 

14. Black Backgrounds

Black backgrounds are becoming highly popular in 2020. They give the design a super clean look but in a new refreshing way. 

15. ChatBot

Chatbots are taking into consideration many more components aside from just providing data to the end-users. Chatbots are being made for easy customization to ensure language, emotions, and additional semantics are easy to manage and use. Chatbots will be another component of the company’s brand identity by creating avatars, response buttons, welcome messages, and more that provide a fun and memorable user experience. , 

16. Geometric Shapes

Simple geometric shapes give app design a modern look. This minimalistic approach to the design doesn’t require anything fancy to make a big impact. 

17. Whole Image Backgrounds

Many designers are using images in place of long descriptive text. Whole background images can be effectively used to deliver a message in a more attractive and eye-catching way. 

18. Shape Masks

While background images and design can enhance the user experience and make the app more appealing they can also be a distraction. One way designers are avoiding the user from getting distracted by the background elements but not taking away the personalization is through the use of a shape mask, These elements blur or hide the background while the user stays engaged. See an example here

19. Textures

Textured backgrounds can break elements that really pop out in your app design.

20. Chalkboard Designs/Handwriting Elements

These elements are great for loading pages. The handwritten/drawn design gives the design more personality and personalization. 

21. All-Inclusive design

Apps are taking users capabilities into greater account. Apps will feature specialized designs that cater to those with different disabilities. Closed Captions videos, high contrast colors, read out loud text, and vibration feedback are just a few of the ways app designers are catering to the needs of every user. 

22. Background Animations

Give your background elements some more life by adding in simple animations. Micro Animation works best for adding in some fun background elements without becoming too noisy. See how it is used here.

23. Video Backgrounds

Short videos that run in the background of your app can present your product or content in a more clear and vivid way. 

24. Retro Designs

Retro elements are becoming a huge favorite in the app design world. From pixelated text to fun colors these retro designs really draw in the user’s focus.

25. Split Screen

Split screens are being used more and are creatively separated by bold and fun colors. 

26. Passwordless Login

Photo by Lukenn Sabellano on Unsplash

Many devices and apps are already implementing passwordless technology. This will utilize facial or fingerprint recognition over the traditional type in your password logins. One-Time Temporary passwords will also be more common for app users. 

27. Light effects

Light effects can add a dreamy feel to your design but it also gives your users a new refreshing experience. 

28. Abstract Effects

Abstract shapes are easy to add into your app design and can add vibrant colors in an interesting way.  

29. Scroll animations

Scroll animations are a fun way to keep the user engaged. It is a simple addition to app design that can relay increased engagement. 

30. Bottom Navigation

Bottom navigation puts the social media share buttons at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easier for users to quickly click and share since they can easily access them without moving their thumbs to the top of the screen. 

31. Buttonless Design

Adding in more liquid swipe features allows for there to be more space on the screen. This also puts a greater focus on the content.  

32. Bright and Bold Colors

Colors are being used in a number of ways. Colors are being used more in-app design to help separate specific content so that it pops out and is easier for the user to find. 

33. Simple and Clean

Whether you are using bold colors or fun animations, you want to keep your design simple and clean. All the extra elements are just little bonuses. The design needs to be easy to navigate and not distracting. 

34. High quality photos 

High-quality images are not a new concept but we often need the reminder, especially for e-commerce apps. Whether you are a hotel booking app or selling shoes, high-quality images are a mist. 

35. Combined Designs

There’s really no wrong way to go about using any of these 2020 app design trends and you can get incredibly creative by combining a number of the bold and engaging elements to create a truly unique design and user experience. 

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