40+ Free & Premium Overlays and Effects for Video Editors

40 FREE Premium Overlays and Effects for Video Editors - FilterGrade

Finding new ways to make your videos look fresh can always be tricky. You don’t want to overuse the same effects in all of your videos, and you also don’t want to be using the same editing tools as everyone else to make sure that your video stands out.

Today, we’re going to be taking you through 40+ free and premium overlays & elements to use in your videos to help give them that extra flare that you’re looking for.

100+ Fast Cartoon Strokes

These cartoon animation strokes are amazing for adding life to any motion in your video! Pair these with sound effects to make everything feel real as well. :)

In the bundle, you’ll get over 100+ Cartoon strokes – use them on dance videos, product demonstrations, music videos, and so much more.

Paper Rips and Scratch Textures Pack

The Paper Rips & Scratch Textures Pack is the ideal overlays pack for anyone looking to add that scrapbook style and old photo collage look to their videos. This pack features over 60+ paper rips, paper fold marks, scratch textures, and more!

Super 8 Film Transitions

FilterGrade Super 8 Film Transitions Pack

The Super 8 Film Transitions Pack is the perfect bundle of film transitions and overlays if you’re looking to add that old-school vibe to your edit!

Authentic Tape Overlays

The Authentic Tape Overlays Pack features over 10+ different types of gaffing tape, scotch tape, masking tape, and more! Perfect for making fast animations and collage/scrapbook style edits.

FREE Tape Overlays Pack (.PNG)

Loving the tape overlay / collage-style but don’t want to buy them just yet? Try these free tape overlays out for some fun design projects and video overlays!

All of the tape overlays are made from real duct tape and masking tape and have been saved as .png files. These tape overlays are super easy-to-use, drag-and-drop elements perfect for using in Adobe Photoshop!

  • 8 Blue Masking Tape Overlays
  • 8 Duct Tape Overlays
  • Drag-and-Drop .png Files

4K Film Grain & Grunge Loops

4K Film Grain and Grunge Overlays for Video - Liam McKay

This huge pack of 50 vintage film loops for video is available in beautiful 4K resolution with sized conversions for 1080p, 720p, and 480p.

Simply drag, drop, and loop these animated effects over your existing footage for a stunning jittery retro film vibe in seconds. No plugins required.

FREE VHS Tape Fuzz/Hiss Sound Loop

Tons of beginner video editors completely forget about the world of sound. They say a great video is 50% audio and 50% video – so what better tool to feature in your videos than some static hiss to add that natural, realistic camera feel?

Fast Glitch Presets (Premiere Pro)

Fast Glitch Presets Pack is a powerful Premiere Pro template that contains 10 ultramodern and dynamically animated glitching and distorting presets. They’re so easy to use. Created by NioMotion.

They’re absolutely perfect for a variety of projects including movies, films, trailers, teasers, new products, TV shows, commercials, promotions, events, presentations, slideshows, Facebook and YouTube videos. Impress your audience with these eye-catching and energetically animated presets. No plugins required.

FREE Cinematic LUTs Pack

When it comes to video editing, color grading can be one of the most challenging elements. The reason is because lighting conditions change and it’s often hard to know what all the colors and shading will look like throughout a film.

One tool you can use to help save time and match colors to a specific style is a LUT. Video LUTs are preset color profiles for color grading film and video footage in programs like Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and more.

Check out these FREE LUTs to help you start your next colorgrade today!

15+ FREE Twitch Streaming Templates

Looking for templates / overlays for streaming videogames, podcasts, and sports events? Check out these 15+ FREE templates for streamers

Snow Overlay Motion Graphics

Snow overlays motion graphics template for video editors!

A clean set of 10 realistic, snowy overlay loops for adding winter atmosphere to your video productions.

These snowy overlay video loops are made for a variety of video editing programs that support blending modes. Simply place the clip over your footage and change the Blending Mode to ‘Screen’ or ‘Add’. Change the opacity to lessen the effect, and to fade in and out, or combine multiple clips for an even thicker snowfall.

35mm Film Grain Loops & Scribble Overlays

35mm Film Grain Pack - FilterGrade

These grain textures were created using real Kodak, Fujifilm, and Ilford film stocks. Overlay these textures on your footage and you will have a retro, nostalgic feel instantly. In the bundle, you’ll get tons of different scribble animations that are perfect for adding to your music videos and old-school films. PLUS, you can overlay a few of them together to create your own unique effects.

Spark Effects Pro

Spark Effex Pro is a collection of spark effects, fire textures, and red hot light bursts in PNG overlay form. Just import the file to your favorite photo editing or design program and change the blend mode to ‘Screen’ or ‘Overlay’.

FREE Digital Camera Sound FX

Digital camera sound effect. Power on, cap off, focusing, shutter. Royalty free sound effects for personal and commercial project. Recommended for game and indie film. No credit needed.

4k Lens Bokeh Overlays Pack

Lens Bokeh 4K Video Overlays

A set of 10 stunning lens bokeh overlay loops for adding some sparkle to your video production from the team at Enchanted Studios. These bokeh overlays will help you add gorgeous light and color to your films. There are even two ‘rain’ lens bokeh effects if you need enhance the weather in your project.

Marker Overlays Pack

The Marker Overlays Pack - FilterGrade

The Marker Overlays Pack is perfect for adding a hand-drawn, analog feel to your photos. This bundle includes 110 transparent, easy-to-use elements that you can drag and drop onto your photos. These are the ideal graphic design element for all of your contact sheet edits!

FREE Animated Paint Overlays

Creating new, unique videos means that you need to always be finding (or creating) new & unique effectsoverlays, and transitions to implement in your videos. Eventually, if you don’t find or create new vfx, your videos might start looking similar, and lacking that fresh feel.

To help you out, we’ve created some FREE Animated Paint Overlays to use in your next music video or cinema project! 

Letter Cut-Outs

Featured - FilterGrade Letter Cut Outs - Matt Moloney - FilterGrade

In this bundle, you’ll receive tons of assets, including still .png files for design projects, and also animated .mov files for video projects to make it even easier to use!

With 10+ variations of each letter, you will never run out of new combinations.

FREE Design Elements for Video Editors & Designers

Creating graphic designs and collage designs requires tons of elements. New or old, you will always have a need to find unique assets to include in your artwork or else your portfolio will start to blend together too much.

There are over 15 assets in this free pack – some textures, some cut-outs, a few pngs, drawings, and more!

FREE VHS Bleep Sound Effect

Perfect for cut scenes, outros, cutting out bad language, and more!

Whether you realize it or not, you will probably use this effect a lot more if you have it in your files ready to go :)

100 Animated Transitions for After Effects

A huge bundle of unique wipes, masks, and creative animated transitions for your videos. 

Tape Textures

195 real, unique, tape overlays for digital layouts, social media content, and images. 9 individual tape styles including duct, gaffe, painters, electrical, scotch, shipping, and more.

4K Vintage Film Overlays Pack

vintage film overlays pack with 4k hd quality

High resolution 4K clips in an old movie projector film style (8mm, 16mm etc.). These custom film overlays, frames, borders, and surface effects are made for a variety of video editing programs that support blending modes. Simply place the loop over your footage and change the Blending Mode to ‘Screen’ or ‘Add’.

Filmmaker Essentials Sound FX Pack

Introducing our new unexplored sound effects library, designed specifically for filmmakers.

6 audio categories, divided into 2 formats: WAV and MP3:

Atmospheric | Low Impacts | Low Rumbles | Movie Lifts | Tonal Accents | Whistles

✓ WAV – 96000 Hz

✓ MP3 – 48000 hz

✓ Free of copyright

✓ Works in all editing programs

✓ Can be used with Youtube or any platform

8K Viewfinder Overlays

Cover 1 - 8k Viewfinder Overlays - FilterGrade

Viewfinder Overlays are perfect for replicating what you’re seeing when you look through your camera, and it’s an awesome tool to use in post-production to let your audience see that cameraman-like perspective. These overlays are super easy to use, drag-and-drop png overlays and will give your project that extra behind-the-scenes flare!

FREE LUTs for Videographers

Whether you are a professional colorist or a novice filmmaker, adding a filter to your video can totally change the vibe of your work. These FREE LUTs are perfect for giving your video footage cinematic looks and dramatic looks. You can use them in Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and more. All of these LUTs are the ideal way to kick-start your creativity and the best thing is, they are 100% free!

FREE Radio Tuning Sound Effect

Sound effects are such a great way to add some life to your video without compromising the video and radio tuning is always a fun sound effect to play with.

This FREE Radio tuning sound effect is perfect for transitions, adding to glitch effects, and much more!

Super 8 Film Burns

Super 8 Film Burns - FilterGrade

Real Super 8 film burns to help give your videos that vintage flare! Don’t spend any more time trying to fake the film look – with these authentic super 8 film flares you can get the real, Kodak film look that will help so much with your editing process. Crafted from Kodak Motion Picture Films 50D / 200T / 500T super 8 film stocks and scanned at 4k resolution for incredible quality.

4K Covid-19 Background/Overlay

This stock motion graphics video shows Covid-19 cells and other elements such as plexus, glitches, numbers, etc. Use it as background for anything related to Covid-19 virus.

FREE Whoosh / Swoosh Sound FX Pack

30 FREE sound fx to help add whooshing and swooshing windy sound to help bring your video to life. Perfect for drone shots, transitions, and so much more!

Film Slide Mattes

What better way to add that nostalgic, analog feel to your photos and videos than by adding a familiar look and feel? These film mattes were all sourced from our grandfather’s old film collection from the 1960’s-2000’s and they’re perfect for adding those real life details that you would have seen way back in the day too.

Chill Hop Music Pack

6 Amazing chill hop tracks for your epic content (FilterGradeExclusive)! These are perfect background tracks for your YouTube videos, short film projects, and more.

Iridescent Blob Shapes Collection

Mix and match these colorful fluid elements to add depth, point of interest, and an extra touch of vibrancy to your designs and make your promotions and projects stand out. This versatile collection of iridescent blob shapes will help you to engage your audience and capture the viewer’s attention in a bold and gripping manner!

Sticker Overlays Pack

26 Unique stickers with realistic shadows and texture. Scanned at 600 dpi and featuring PNG and PSD files – these are perfect for adding that scrapbook/collage feel to your video projects.

Street Textures Pack

30 Unique wall textures processed in high quality with scratch marks, painted effects, and more!

Vintage Camera Sound FX Pack

In this film camera sound FX pack, we’ve put together a unique bundle of various camera clicks, shutter claps, and more! These are perfect for adding to your slideshows and video projects for some real, old-school sound.

  • 50 Vintage Film Camera Sound FX
    • Polaroid Sound FX
    • Hasselblad Shutter Noises
    • Super 8 Film Motor Sounds
    • Slide Projector Sound Effects

FREE Vintage Camera Sound FX

These vintage camera sound fx are the perfect add-on to make your videos sound more realistic.

Give your audience that feel like they’re shooting the camera with these polaroid effects, film wind noises, and more.

Grainy Gradients & Abstract Shapes

Discover the grainy gradients collection, a surreal mixture of blurry colorful backgrounds, artistic textures, and minimalistic symbols. It comes packed with 72 ready-to-use abstract vector shapes and 78 vibrant artistic backgrounds with the perfect amount of grain texture.

Whether you are looking to add an authentic touch to your design project, create eye-catching social media or website graphics, or emphasize your quotes, this collection has you covered.

Dynamic Overlay Elements

Give your movie a dynamic trend with this multi-use effect! Created as a 4k file (3840x2160px, 25fps), ProRes Alpha Channel. This is a 1-click concept. Just drag and drop over your movie.

Abstract Shapes Mega Pack

This comprehensive library of 120+ geometric shapes provides you with a ready-to-use selection of mandalas and stars, acid symbols, abstract icons, futuristic waveforms, divider lines, Op Art designs, wireframe grids, and 3D vector elements sure to amplify your design work.

Mix and match these versatile design elements to suit your own style and project needs.

FREE Black & White Abstract Shapes

Looking for some cool black and white patterns? We got you covered – for FREE! These black and white lines and shapes are the perfect tool for overlaying on your photos and videos to create a hand-drawn, nostalgic feel. Also use these elements for poster designs and textures!

Cinematic Transitions Sound FX

100 .wav audio files perfect for transition scenes! These audio effects are compatible with every audio editing software and very versatile. Check out the audio previews here.

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