45 Amazing Material Textures

45 Amazing Material Textures - Filtergrade

Textures are a vital component in many art forms. This is true of images, videos, games, prints, and web designs. Finding the right texture to add depth, intrigue, or to use as the perfect backdrop is challenging. With so many patterns, colors, and designs to choose from, it can be hard to even know where to look. Luckily, we’ve gathered some amazing material textures that you can easily download and begin using today. Take a look at the best material textures packs, bundles, and templates below!

The Best Textures and Overlays for Any Artistic Projects

1. Plastic Textures Pack

The plastic texture pack is highly realistic. You will find 14 different plastic textures in multiple colors that will perfectly compliment your project. Get started with this unique bundle here

2. Organic Patterns

This texture bundle pack provides you with 60 organic and 60 pattern textures and are available in several file-formats including; JPG, PNG, and PSD, among others. With various brushes, details, and looks these textures can be used for plenty of projects. Get them all here. 

3. 50 Corrugated Metal Background Textures

50 Corrugated Metal Background Textures Preview Set

These multicolored metallic textures are not only a beautiful addition to any project, they give your project more life. These textures can be used on flyers, website designs, postcards, and more. Get all 50 of these textures here. 

4. 10 Wood Saw Cut Background Textures

Natural wood textures give a calm and rustic look to artworks. This bundle of 10 natural wood textures come in multiple colors and display perfect timber rings for a natural look. Start using them today by downloading them here.

5. Metal Mineral Wall Background Textures

20 Metal Mineral Wall Background Textures. Seamless Transition.

This material texture bundle will give your projects a beautiful glow. These metallic ore designs give an appearance of shine rock to add energy and vibrancy to all types of projects. See all 20 of these background textures here.

6. 10 Noise Storm Background Textures. Seamless Transition

10 Noise Storm Background Textures. Seamless Transition. Preview Set.

Looking to add a little bit of rain and drama to your artworks? These noise backgrounds perfectly blend natural rainfall with multiple colors to give off a powerful and eye-catching display. Uses these textures on all types of projects big or small. Download them here

7. 20 Plastic Gloss Background Textures

20 Plastic Gloss Background Textures

These glossy backgrounds will add a  polished look to your next project. You will find 20 multi-colored stylized plastic gloss designs in this bundle. Get them all here. 

8. 35 Blooming Branch Overlays

You will find an assortment of 35 natural branch overlays to use in your next photography project. Add depth, texture, and beauty into your images with any of these blooming branch files. See how they can transform your images here.

9. 20 Brushed Metal Background Textures

These metallic brushed background textures make the perfect backdrop for multiple projects. In this bundle, you will find 20 perfectly crafted metal backgrounds with delicate brush strokes and detailed metalwork. Download them here

10. 10 Energy Rock Background Textures

Each of the files in this bundle are magnetic and captivating. The blue, green, red, orange, and yellow colors are vibrant and energetic. See all 10 of these beautiful energy rock textures here

11. Studio Portrait Photo Textures

Looking to add in some background textures for your studio shots? This pack has everything you need to add in beautiful background layers. You will find over 40 textured layers to enhance your studio shots with ease. See them all here

12. Modern Marble Textures Blue Photoshop Overlays

These textures beautifully merge together watercolor strokes and marble glow. You’ll find an assortment of color combinations that can be used for any number of projects. Download them here

13. Marble Liquid Ink Textures Photoshop Photo Overlay

Need to add a little grunge into you background textures? This bundle is a blend of marble, ink, and liquid textures all in one. These textures are ideal for background or can be used as overlays to add more vibrant and depth to your digital or print projects. See this full bundle here. 

14. 105 Tropical Textures Photoshop Overlays

Floral, tropical, forest, and more! You will find an array of natural, realistic background textures in this pack. With over 105 different files to work with, there are unlimited possibilities with what you can do with these textures. Get this full bundle here

15. 30 Black Digital Paper Photoshop Textures

This is a unique set of textures that can enhance a mysterious mood or grunge and vintage look. This bundle can be used to add different textures like smoke or a worn-out impression. See all these one of a kind textures here

16. 20 Chain Mail Background Textures

You will find a number of intriguing background textures with this bundle. Each of the 20 different chainmail patterns highlights the fine details of interlocking links. There are weathered patterns that can be used for various digital projects like games, websites, and others. These textures can also be used for posters, advertisements, and flyers. Download these background textures here. 

17. Watercolor Textures Photoshop Overlays

This is a hand-painted texture pack. Each of the 125 material textures uses watercolor brushes and various colors that give you many creative options. These files can be used as background textures or overlays for any artistic project. Get this beautiful bundle here

18. Wood Textures Farmhouse Photoshop Overlays

This bundle isn’t just an assortment of close up woodcuts and markings. This bundle includes an assortment of natural wood background of every angle. Use these textures for any number of professional and personal projects. Download them all here.

19. Coal and Wood Textures Photoshop Overlay

This is another bundle of wood texture but with more variety in color and tones. These textures make a great option for website background, business cards, and many other projects you want to give a natural touch to. Check out more of what’s included in this bundle here

20. 10 Stone Block Wall Textures

These stone block wall textures are a great addition to your background collection. You will find ten different stone wall files that are ideal for backgrounds and more. Get this texture pack here. 

21. 20 Crumpled Foil Background Textures

Glimmering beams of light and metallic details make these textures captivating. They are the perfect addition to any project. Get started with this bundle of foil textures here. 

22. Modern Marble Textures Photoshop Overlays

Marble textures are ideal for background use and this bundle gives you a nice variety to work with. You will find 20 different textured backgrounds in blue, purple, and black hues. Download them here

23. 130 Animal textures, Animal Print Digital Paper Pack

You will find a variety of fur, skin, and natural animal prints in this pack. Mix and match the patterns to create unique cards, paper, and more. Get all 130 textures here. 

24. 17 Wool Knitting Textures

Knitted textures and warmth and softness to any project. This bundle of knitted patterns are ideal for posters, cards, web designs, and more. See all the colors and patterns here. 

 25. 20 Soft Gradient Background Textures

20 Soft Gradient Backgrounds

This bundle will help you add a touch of color to your creative projects. With a beautiful assortment of colorful gradients, you can use these as backgrounds for websites, images, and much more. Check out all 20 of these stunning backgrounds here

26. 10 Rough Plastering Textures

10 Rough Plastering Textures

Plaster offers a unique texture on walls and in digital form. These plaster textures vary in lines, depth, and color providing you with plenty of options for multiple usages. Download all ten high quality, high resolutions files here. 

27. Modern Marble Textures Photoshop

Use these beautiful marble textures as a background or overlay on your next creative project. This pack includes 20 carefully crafted marble texture files that you can download and begin using today. Get them here

28. Plant Nature Textures Photoshop Overlays

These botanical textures will give your next project a touch of nature. You will find a number of leaves, grass, branches, and other natural elements to add to your background or use as an overlay. There are over 90 textures to choose from and you can get them all here

29. 20 Liquid Metal Background Textures

These textures are mystifying. The detailed rippled metallic lines give an impression of fluidity and shine. You’ll find various colors that can be used to take you creative vision to the next level. Get these textures here

30. 40 Weathered Graffiti Wall Textures

Graffiti offers many opportunities to find a mix of textures, colors, and lines. This bundle of background and overlay files captures all the details of graffiti art in a close-up and creative way. Check out all the colors and textures of this bundle here. 

31. Chroma Bends Mega Textures Bundle

If you are looking for material textures that will liven up your next artistic project and add a touch of elegance this is the bundle you are looking for. These Chroma Bends include 14 designs with over 70 color variations and monochromes. See all these stunning textures here.

32. 15 Sea Foam Textures

15 Sea Foam Surface Textures & Backgrounds

Staring at crashing waves on a beach is calming and peaceful and that is exactly what these textures emulate. These bright and colorful seafoam files offer a unique set of swirling patterns and rich details. Get all 15 of these wave textures here

33. 20 High Voltage Background Textures

Light blue thunderstorm power energy electric lightning seamless background texture

These electric textures are bold and attractive. They work well with a wide range of themes from holiday to underwater. Use these to bring more vibrancy, energy, and brilliance to your creative projects. Start using them today by downloading them here.

34. The Great Barrier Reef Photo Textures Bundle

This bundle is more than just a set of background textures that features stunning footage of the Great Barrier Reef. These files are ideal for various cover designs, websites, social media, and much more. Use them as backgrounds, overlays, or keep them as-is for home decor prints. Get this special bundle here

 35. 14 Sand Textures

Sandpaper textures give your projects a gritty and rough look and feel. But they can also add the calming feeling similar to that of falling sand grains. These 14 files give you a lot to experiment with. Begin using them by downloading them here. 

36. 20 Rorschach Test Background Textures

20 Seamless Rorschach Test Background Textures

These abstract texture files are hypnotizing. They perfectly designed tiling patterns are ideal for background and to add depth to any creative work. See all 20 patterns here. 

37. 10 Old Concrete Background Textures

The cracked, scratched, and rugged details of concrete make it the perfect muse for material texture files. Luckily with this concrete background bundle, you don’t have to worry about creating your own high-quality image to use as an overlay or background. Use these files for advertisements, brochures, websites, and more. Download them here. 

38. 10 Rocky Cliff Background Textures

These natural stone patterns showcase the colors and curvatures of beautiful rock elements. They are sure to add depth, and texture to any of your next creative projects. See each of the files here. 

39. 10 Shape Bokeh Background Textures

10 Shape Bokeh Background Textures

Bokeh effects add a lot of color and life to any image, but they can also stand alone on their own. These Bokeh textures feature various shapes and colors that can be used on any project. See how you can add some fun, elegance, and sparkle using these textured files here

40. 10 Glitch Noise Background Textures

Glitches and noise are ways to grab the audience’s attention. When displayed as a frozen frame they make the perfect display of lines and details. These glitch and noise background textures are great for backgrounds for various digital artworks and projects. See them all here and see what they can inspire you to create. 

41. Autumn Photo Overlays Textures

These stunning natural autumn displays make the perfect backdrop for any professional project. This bundle includes wood, leaf, berries, hiking trails, and many other outdoor elements. Get all 180 files here.

42. Ebru Marbling Textures Collection

You will love each of the carefully crafted textures in this bundle. Ebru is a distinct painting technique accomplished by painting on water. What results, are mesmerizing designs, which is where these files get their inspiration from. You will find 20 beautiful texture files with a mixture of black and white or black and red ebru marbling. Get them all here.

43. 20 Camouflage Backgrounds Textures

If you are looking for fresh and modern textures these foil camo backgrounds are what you are looking for. This puts a colorful twist on traditional camouflage patterns. See all the patterns here.

44. 10 Suit Textile Background Textures

10 Seamless Suit Textile Background Textures

Pinned stripe suits give an impression of dignity, class, and confidence. These textured files replicate that dignified feel. You will find a number of stylish suit textiles that are ideal for background use and more. Download them here.

45. Watercolor Textures Photoshop Overlays

This is a stunning, colorful, megapack of perfectly designed watercolor textures. With a wide variety of colors and brushes, you will have endless possibilities for the projects and work you create using these patterns. Add this bundle to you editing toolset by getting it here.

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