5 Best Agency Directories to List Your Business On

There are a million ways to get new leads and clients, but some of the ways are low-effort. Why wouldn’t you just do them during a slow day? One of those ways to get more leads into your agency is to list the business on a directory. Directories are no guarantee of leads, but you never know who might see your listing and give you a second glance.

Some agency directories are specific to certain verticals, while others are more general. Adding your business to any of these is a smart choice, but optimizing for the most specific listings may be the best use of your time and money. Some are completely public and open, while others are limited to users of a technology platform. It’s up to you if you use these exclusive services or a more open one!

1. HubSpot Solutions Directory

Not all agency directories are created equal. HubSpot is a marketing and automation platform that offers a lot of benefits to those who use their services. They list their agencies on their Solutions Directory page, but the agencies themselves are listed based on their marketing performance. It’s an excellent solution for prospective clients, as the directory is searchable by industry, services, and budget type. Each agency has reviews, ratings, and a list of services they do and don’t provide. If you work with HubSpot, you should aim to increase your tier and get a great profile on this directory. It’s a longer-term investment, but a worthy one. After all, not just anyone can get on this list.

2. AdForum

AdForum is a directory that boasts over 36,000 companies to discover. Getting your agency listed is free and easy, but you’ll be competing with thousands of other companies. Clients can search by location, industry, services, and much more. They also have sub-directories for specializations like experiential, social media, and more. While a basic listing is free, they offer several plans from $63 – $459 per month for additional visibility, contacts, and expanded profile information. In addition to being a directory, they also serve as a resource for news surrounding marketing news, advertising jobs, and advertising case studies.

3. Agency Spotter

Agency Spotter proudly states that among agency directories, it is trusted by major companies around the world. They are trusted this way because they only have around 16,000 agencies that all feature verified client reviews. Their agency search function lets clients pick from a staggering number of service types, so be sure to tag your agency with the types of services it provides. Getting yourself listed is free, but you can join a paid plan for as low as $247 per month in order to get additional views and potential new clients.

4. Upcity

Upcity showcases a wider variety of businesses than most agency directories. They connect B2B service providers with small- and medium-sized businesses in their local area. The listings go beyond agency work and extend to a variety of business-based professional services including accounting, UX design, and recruiting along with services more commonly associated with agencies.

5. Google Partners

If advertising is something you offer, then Google Partners is the best place to list your agency. All you need to do to get listed is to earn the Google Partner certification for your agency. This is something you should do anyway if you’re doing advertising. With the Partner program, you’ll be able to enhance your marketing skills across Google products. Potential clients can search the directory based on what services you provide and what industries you serve. And of course, being listed means you’ll get a Google Partner badge on your website! With the Google seal of approval, you can provide a lot of ease of mind to potential clients.

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