5 BEST Cinema Cameras to Rent for Your Next Big Project

5 Best cinema cameras to rent - filtergrade

Cinema cameras are transforming the way videos are shot. From feature films to commercial shoots, these cameras offer a wide range of robust settings and features in a compact and portable unit. They offer filmmakers of any level a professional option for extended use and fully equipped to function with a wide selection of accessories. Though these compact powerhouses offer high-end results they can put a dent in your budget if you plan to buy one. This is why we found the best cinema cameras to rent for your next big project so you can still get your hands on the high-performance camera without going broke.

The Best Cinema Cameras to Rent

1. ARRI Alexa Mini LF

The ARRI Alexa Mini LF is in a class of its own. What makes this camera stand out is the sensor. The sensor is slightly larger than a full-frame providing filmmakers with exceptional image quality. It records in 4.5K and produces outstanding HDR footage with 14+ stops. It features several recording formats including ProRes uncompressed and unencrypted ARRIRAW at 150fps. Like other ARRI cameras equipped with the ARRI color science which captures natural colors and does an exceptional job at evening out skin tones. 

Additional Features:

  • ISO 800 ASA noise reduction
  • Slow-motion settings; 90fps LF Open Gate and LF 16:9 and 150 fps in LF2:39:1
  • Built-in motorized FSND filters
  • Built with integrated wireless module
  • Dust and splash resistance

Overall, the ARRI Alexa LF is excellent for a variety of projects. Because of its impeccable performances and quality, it is one of the higher budget rentals. Check out this premium kit rental which comes with everything you will need for any type of video project. This gold kit is also packed with a wide range of accessories and essentials. There is an option to just rent the body but you will need a lens mount, lens, and monitoring systems to make use of it, find out more about this option here.

2. Canon EOS C300 Mark II

The Canon C300 is durable and high-performing. Capture 4K footage with a 4096×2160 resolution at 24, 25, or 30fps. It is designed with a 16:9 CMOS sensor with a dual DiG!C SV 5 image processor with a surprising 15 stops of dynamic range. The footage is captured with a 10-bit recording capability and utilizing the log format enables you a wider selection of color correction and grading in post-production with minimum degradation. Another feature that is useful for any type of video project is the phase-detection autofocus. This feature combined with the two photodiodes for each pixel results in more accuracy and improved performance. 

Additional Features:

  • Twin 3G-SDI outputs and HDMI output
  • Reduce rolling-shutter distortion
  • Built with Canon EF Lens Mount
  • Ergonomic design
  • Simultaneous capture 2K/Full HD

Overall, this camera is compact and powerful. It is ideal for creative projects to bother professionals and beginners alike. Get your hands on this camera for your next big video project here.

3. RED Dragon-X 6K Super 35

The RED Dragon-X 6K Super 35 is one of the industry’s most talked about cameras in recent times and for good reason. This absolute beast is made for cinematographers.

“DSMC2 combines advanced color science with incredible dynamic range. The result is cinema image quality that breathes life into your footage. Showcase the depths of shadows as well as highlight roll-off to capture otherwise imperceptible details.”

Additional Features:

  • Super 35mm Sensor
  • 27.03 mm x 14.26 mm Sensor Size
  • 16+ Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Only 2.10 lbs.

4. Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K

This is a one-of-a-kind cinema camera, not because of its design but because of its sensor. Its sensor can record up to 12K footage at 60fps, where most cameras can only achieve up to 4.5 or 6K. On top of this, it is designed with a 14-stop dynamic range. You can be confident that the footage you capture will be of the highest-quality with robust colors and crystal clear details. This camera is also built with an exterior LCD which allows you to view footage, footage data, and features four-position ND filters (0,2,3,6-stops), It also offers a wide range of control on standard functions but more conveniently located for quick access. 

Additional Features:

  • Interchangeable PL mount
  • Gold Mount plate for battery power
  • Blackmagic RAW footage 
  • Shoot at 60 fps in 12K, 110fps in 8K, and 220fps in 4K Super 16

This camera is perfect for feature films, commercials, and more. It utilizes groundbreaking technology to outperform and outshine many other cinema cameras available. Learn more about this camera and get your hands on it here. 


The Sony PXW-F2M2 was designed in response to feedback from filmmakers. Sony heard what they wanted and came out with an outstanding camera that improved and included key elements making it more responsive and easier to use. What is unique about this camera is that it uses a lever lock E-Mount. This means you do not have to twist or turn the lens. Instead, you mount it and turn a locking ring for better support and stability. This camera gives you greater control over camera settings conveniently through programmable buttons. It also fully supports HDR capturing with 14 stops of dynamic range. It captures true 4K raw footage resulting in amazing color and detail with every shot.   

Additional Features:

  • Captures 60p in 4K DCI or 180p in FHD
  • Lens front-mounted electronic, variable ND filters. 
  • Smart grip
  • Ergonomic design

Professionals love the design, convenience, and quality of this camera. This camera is ideal for documentary-style projects, but will perform exceptionally well with any big-budget project you have coming up. Rent one here.

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