7 Color Grading Certifications You Need

7 Colorgrading Certifications You NEED - FilterGrade

Color grading is essential to filmmaking but is also a tedious and sometimes complex process that takes time to master. While you can approach color grading with a learn as you go approach, or trial and error approach, this won’t always result in the best look of your film. There are hundreds of online courses and classes that can teach you the most effective strategies for color grading. In this article, we highlight some of the best color grading certifications you need and can acquire through professional online courses.  

The Best Color Grading Course To Enhance Your Films

1. Color Grading with DaVinci Resolve: Beginner to Advanced

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This course walks you through the full-color grading process from beginning to end. It will show you how to transform your footage into a professional, high-quality film. The course focuses on DaVinci Resolve and the workflow that goes into using this program for color correction. Learn more about what you can expect from this course here.

2. Before You Start Colour Grading: Moodboards and Colour Palettes

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Before you get started with color grading it is essential to understand the first steps of the process. This short course is designed to introduce you to these basics. With this class, you learn how to create a color palette for the interior, exterior, and special shots of your film. The class is only 30 minutes long but gives you a great foundation to apply color grading techniques to your film. Get started here.

3. Colour Correct and Colour Grade Video Like a Pro in Adobe Premiere Pro: Filmmaking Basics

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For Premiere Pro users, this course will take your film projects to the next level. Learn the difference between color correcting and grading and how to apply each before you begin to add special effects and stylized filters to your project. This class will show you how to master color grading in Premiere Pro as well as how to create and apply your own looks to your projects. Although this course is packed with vital information it is just under 40 minutes long, so you can begin improving your films instantly. Check out all the lessons here.

4. Cinematic Color Grading

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This course is better suited for those who already have a basic understanding of After Effect or Davinci. This course covers the industry standard for color grading. It will teach you how to apply stunning cinematic looks to your film project through color grading. Additionally, this course will also provide you with essential tips for shooting your footage to make color grading easier, how to color correct your footage, and how to improve the quality of yoru films so you stand out among other filmmakers. See everything that is covered in this course here.

5. Color Grading for Filmmaking: The Vision, Art, and Science

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This course gives you an in-depth understanding of color grading various aspects of your film. What makes this course stand out is that it does not just teach you how to use editing software to adjust colors and otnes, it teaches you the science and art of the process. There are three parts to this course; seeing colors, using color for storytelling, and implementing a five-step process to bring your vision to life. This course covers topics like color correction, shot matching, adjusting skin tones, and how to finely polish your film. Each lesson is under 10 minutes long, many being only a few minutes so you can complete this course in just under two hours. Learn more or get signed up here.

6. Color Grading from beginner to Advanced in Final Cut Pro X

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If your preferred editing software is Final Cut Pro, this is the color grading course for you. You will have a thorough understanding of how to use all the tools and features in Final Cut Pro X to completely transform your footage into stunning masterpieces. This class covers everything from learning how to read the scopes, color wheels, curves, and hues in Final Cut Pro X. You will also learn advanced techniques about applying LUTs, black and white grading, matching colors from different cameras, and much more. Many of the lessons are around five minutes long and include step-by-step instruction for how to apply what you learn to your projects. The total length of the class is just over three hours. Get signed up here.

7. Color Grading Masterclass

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Once you have a better understanding of color grading you can take it to the next level with this masterclass. You will learn advanced techniques to master color grading and quickly apply these to your films. There are plenty of additional tips and tricks to streamline your color correcting process and enhance your films even further. If you want to learn how to master the cinematic look and transform your films this is the class you want to consider. Learn more about what you can expect from this course here.

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