8 Incredible After Effect Templates for Music Videos

8 Incredible After Effects Templates - FilterGrade

Music Videos are incredible ways for artists to bring their ideas to a visual reality. When making a music video as an editor, you should always aim to add unique qualities and effects that will enhance the artists song. While creating music videos, you should consider using an After Effect Template if you’re on a tight deadline, or if you’re looking for some cool new looks.

Let me quickly explain what an After Effect template is if you are unsure. These are templates that are pre-made projects that allow you to quickly build videos. After Effect templates take a step out of the production process and does it for you essentially. The great part about them is that they are very easy to use and will save you a lot of time. You can also add onto them and use them as a base to work from! Let’s take a look at the best After Effect templates for your music videos.

Urbanica – Dynamic Hip Hop Opener for After Effects

Credit to mdlabdesign on FilterGrade

Urbanica is a modern upbeat After Effect template. This template features many hip hop and street themes that are very visually appealing. The transitions Urbanica features are very smooth and unique. If you are creating a hip-hop or rap music video you definitely will want to check this template out. Mdlabdesigns, the creators of Urbanica make it very easy to insert videos and pictures to form a no hassle process. If you are interested in this template you can purchase it here.

3Motional Neo Illusion Transition AE Template

Credit to 3Motional on FilterGrade

For those fast paced action music videos, take a look at the Neo Illusion Transition After Effect Template. This template has it all. With 30+ unique illusions and transitions you will have a lot to choose from. Neo Illusion offers 4K and full HD compatible resolutions. This template is very easy to use. Utilizing a drag and drop feature it will be a breeze to get the transitions onto your work. A help file included to help you along if you are having any troubles. Buy the Neo Illusion After Effect Template here.

Stylish Simple Opener After Effects Template

Credit to mdlabdesign on FilterGrade

Stylish Simple Opener is a great After Effect template for a short music video. With 55+ seconds of unique motion graphics that feature beautiful colors and effects, it’ll be hard not to create a stunning music video. This template features fun and bright transitions that will wow those who see your music video. Add your video clips, adjust the colors, add text if necessary and render is all you need to do. Buy the Stylish Simple Opener template here.

Cinematic Trailer After Effects Template

Credit to mdlabdesign on FilterGrade

Are you going for a more cinematic approach to your music video? If yes, take a look at the Cinematic Trailer After Effects Template. This template gives you an incredibly dramatic intro that is sure to draw your viewers in close. With many dark tones it is wonderful for a dramatic and suspenseful music video. With fast rendering you will have a great music video in no time. Purchase this template here.

Vibrance Flow After Effects Template

Credit to mdlabdesign on FilterGrade

Vibrance Flow is a clean and unique After Effect Template. 70+ seconds of customizable footage is featured in this template so if you are making a lengthier music video you will have plenty to use. Want to purchase this template? Check it out here.

Freeze Frame Opener After Effects Template

Credit to mdlabdesign on FilterGrade

Freeze Frame Opener is a fast paced After Effect Template that can be used for music videos. This one is perfect for high intensity music videos that is broken up with dramatic pauses. With some creativity you can create a high octane music video. Purchase the Freeze Frame Opener template here.

Abstract Opener After Effects Template

Credit to mdlabdesign on FIlterGrade

The best way to draw your audience in to a music video is with a dramatic opening. That is exactly what mdlabdesign gives us with the Abstract Opener After Effect Template. With 75+ seconds of ambient and scientific themes you will have plenty of animations for your music video. No plugins are required to use this template and with fast rendering it you can have a stunning music video in no time. Buy the Abstract Opener template here.

Epicness Trailer After Effects Template

Credit to mdlabdesign on FilterGrade

Create an epic music video by using the Epicness Trailer template. This template gives us 55+ seconds of editable footage. To go along with this you will get incredible spark effects and animated textures. Let your creativeness flow by using this template for your music videos and wow your audience. Check out the Epicness template here.

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