8 Premiere Pro Transitions to Help Bring Your Video to Life

Video content is inherently dynamic, quite literally bringing things to life. Moving pieces, changing landscapes, and audio bring something to the table that still photography just can’t quite provide. That being said, video content can also be prone to feeling flat and one-dimensional. If a video is comprised of several different but similar looking scenes or has a singular location and subject, it can feel like the same thing is happening over and over again.

There are plenty of things you can do to avoid this pitfall but one of the easiest things to do is to simply add a polished transition between cuts. This keeps the shots looking active and forces the viewer to change their view point. Video transitions ensure that the spectator forms a new mindset for each scene. And, even with a more technical video, like a corporate presentation, where things are bound to get a little dull, Premiere Pro transitions will add a little splash of unexpected fun. 

Adding a transition in Premiere Pro, even with the sophisticated software and provided “starter pack,” can be tricky. More times than not, transitions crafted by anyone but an experienced pro leave a lot to be improved upon. Even the most experience Premiere Pro user will tell you, making the perfect transition takes time and patience. Luckily, there are plenty of pre-made Premiere Pro transitions to make your workflow faster and your final product better. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites below, but there’s an entire world of Premiere Pro transitions to suit every film style and creative pursuit.

Cinematic Opener Premiere Pro Template

Fun and upbeat, this stylish and contemporary pack of Premiere pro video transitions is perfect for openers and intros, but can also be interspersed throughout the video. Decidedly cinematic and undeniably captivating, these are perfect for both beginners and experienced professionals. 

Be sure to check out our quick tutorial for installing and using transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro to get started!

Universal Glitch Presets

If you’re on the hunt for cool, glitchy VHS-like effects, look no further. This pack of Premiere Pro transitions are insanely dynamic with glitchy animations and distorted effects. And, with a super easy, drag and drop import, adding stylistic flair and an edgy vibe to your video content has never been easier. From social media posts to high-quality footage, these transitions are ready to go for anything. 

Super 8 Film Transitions Pack

Always enviable, the perfect vintage vibes are hard to obtain naturally and even harder to recreate. Oftentimes, you’re left with low-quality footage that feels just plain old instead of cool and vintage. These video transitions take all the stress out of video editing and provide the ideal antique feel. Add retro touches with ease using these Super 8 transitions. PLUS – learn how to use them on your mobile phone in Adobe Premiere Rush with our tutorial below:

5 Adobe Premiere Pro Transitions Pack

If you’re a beginner, consider this pack of Premiere Pro transitions your new best friend. Designed to be placed on an adjustment layer, these simple but visually entracing transitions even include a suggested frame count to eliminate any of the guesswork. With five anything-but-basic transitions, even the most novice of videographers can add movement and snappy effects to their work. 

+500 Seamless Transitions

Talk about bang for your buck, this pack includes a stunning array of over 500 Premiere Pro transitions to help you seamlessly move from one scene to the next with supreme ease. With zooming, warping, spinning, glitching, and many more styles to choose from, you just might find that these are the only transitions you’ll ever need. 

20 Ocean Glitch Premiere Pro Transitions

Dynamically animated with edgy transitions and cool colors, this pack will take you from land to sea with ease. Accompanied by an easy-to-follow installation tutorial, these video transitions are perfect for a variety of applications including promotions, commercials, even corporate presentations. 

Modern Promo

Polished and ultra-professional, if your work is primarily geared toward a corporate environment, these Premiere Pro video transitions are for you. Fast-paced, contemporary cuts will keep things fresh while bright colors and clean animations add a fun but refined vibe to the video. 

Fast Glitch Presets

Add an edgy glitch effect to any video project with these Premiere Pro transitions. With ten different options to choose from, and a carefully selected assortment of colors, they leave nothing to be desired. Bring your videos to life with the easy implementation of these stunning transitions. 
Each and every single one of these Premiere Pro transitions will help you create a professional, polished final product regardless of your personal style or project guidelines. They’re simple to use and easy to implement, making them an invaluable tool in the world of videography. Put your best foot forward with professional-quality video transitions. 

Still Looking for More Premiere Pro Transitions & Templates?

This list is just a few of our favorite transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro, but there are tons more out there on the market. Check out some more amazing Premiere Pro Transitions below:

Looking for some FREEBIES?

Sometimes we all need something to test out without spending a dime! Check out these 12 FREE Premiere Pro Transitions to get started without paying anything.

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Need Help Using Your Premiere Pro Transitions?

Check out this quick and easy tutorial for how to install and use transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro!

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