8 Types of Digital Products to Sell as a Freelancer

If you are a creative freelancer then you are always looking for your next side hustle. As a photographer, a designer, a video maker or any other type of creator, you eventually pick up enough skills and need to start creating an income off of them. If you are good with Adobe Suite then there are many options to make some money with digital products.  One of the great things about digital products is that in most cases you can’t run out of inventory, and you don’t have to deal with the shipping and handling ofa physical good. You can resell the same product over and over. The other great thing about digital products is that location is not an issue. In todays day and age where meeting clients isn’t always easy to do, finding buyers online can be the perfect solutions.

Let’s take a look at 8 different digital products you can start selling to create a new passive income stream for yourself!

1. Photoshop Actions / Lightroom Presets

Are you proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom? Can you make killer Photoshop Templates / Lightroom Presets? If you answered yes to these then you’ll want to consider helping others who don’t have that skill set. There are tons of sites that help creatives take their work to the next level and they use your artistic help.

Also, if you are skilled in photography and photo editing softwares, you may also want to check out Capture One Pro! With Capture One Pro you can create your own custom Capture One Styles and sell them on FilterGrade!

2. Video LUTs

Selling your Video LUTs or any of your other digital products on FilterGrade is super easy! Once you’re approved to start selling, you can manually add and edit your custom products to the site whenever you’d like so you can start earning money on your products right away! Looking to get started? here’s a quick guide to selling your digital products with FilterGrade. :)

Start selling your video LUTs on FilterGrade here:

3. Stock Photos & Videos

Everything on the web is about imagery. You can’t really have an effective story, blog, ad or anything else with out an image. Some images can be text only, but often the most powerful images come from the right photo. With so many different topics on the web there will always be a need for more images, especially unique images that tell a story. This is great news for photographers out there. There are tons of sites that allow you to profit from your photos. Each one pays different amounts for usage rights, and some may or may not want exclusive rights. You will need to check the specific site for details. You will also need to check and see what images sizes and resolution they require. Some sites will be harder to get your images approved through than others. If you have access to a unique locations, have interesting looking models, have images that explore concepts or work related themes, or even food images then you should definitely consider selling your photo work online?  

Just like stock photos; however, videos can do wonders to tell a story on the web. Videos are in high demand. And videos that users can use to add to their own work to tell their own story are priceless. The videos you submit will often be around 20 seconds in length. Video are classified as commercial and editorial. Editorial is more for use for news programming. When creating videos for stock think about niches that you can stand out it. Try creating a series of videos to help tell a story. Here are a handful of sites that will pay you for your videos. You need to check what the resolution and format specs are before submitting videos.

4. Motion Graphics Templates


Editing a video especially and open with amazing graphics and animations can take a while. Especially when creating it from scratch. And if you don’t have expert level motion graphic skills then the finished product may leave you less than enthusiastic about your finished product. Thankfully for the novice editor or the editor under a time crunch, there are sites that help speed up the process and quality of the video work. And thankfully for those sites, if you are a motion graphics ninja then you have a place to sell some creative video templates. Do you have a killer opener that you are proud of? Do you have some really fun video transitions in a piece of work? If so then consider doing some alterations and reworking them as video templates.

5. Customized Videos

Let’s face it not everyone who needs a video done is a video editor or even a video maker. But the need for video is stronger than ever and this is good news for your filmmakers and editors out there. The amount you can make on these videos will vary depending on site. Some people have made a killing on the McDonalds approach and make a lot of money by doing quick cheap videos. Some are more like a steak house and have fewer clients but at a higher price. You’ll have to pick which one best suits your taste. May even mix it up and do a bit of both. Here are some sites that have gigs for video creation. Also this a service you can just offer to businesses and seeing if they have video needs..

6. Capture One Styles

6. Photo Editing / Alteration

Lets, face it not all photos are created equal. Sometimes we have one shot at getting the perfect photo of a great event and it just didn’t turn out the way we wanted. Whether it is a family member that no one likes photobombing a picture, a wedding guest that ruined the perfect moment, an incorrect white balance, or any list of photo nightmares then some photo editing may be needed. Here are some sites that could use your artistic skills at photo manipulation. If you are good with photo-editing it may be worth reaching out to photographers to see if they need help.


Speaking of photo manipulation. Are you a photoshop wizard? Can you take a photo of a couple and make it look it look like a romance cover? Can you take an image and make it look like an action thriller? Are you good at typography and graphic placement? If you yes to these questions. Consider making book covers. Amazon sells millions of books and what do all those books have in common? If you guessed a book cover then you win the prize. There are entire Facebook groups dedicated to book covers where you can connect with authors looking for book covers and with other book cover creators. Just type in book cover in the Facebook search. There are also sites like Upwork and Fiverr that will often have people looking for help with book cover creation. My suggestion with this is to research the file formats for different book covers and create some mockups if you want to pursue this route.


Do you have a photo that would look great on a T-shirt or a Mug? Do you have a killer graphic and typography piece that be awesome Wall Art? There are tons of places that will allow you to get your creative creations on some merchandise that you can sell. It’s kind of fun wearing a T-shirt that you designed or a mug that has a logo you made on it. Much of these sites have their own storefronts you can sell from.

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