8 Ways to Stay Engaged with Your Audience

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It isn’t enough to just post quality content on your blog or vlog. If you want to get your content seen, audience engagement is the lead driving force. While the quality of what you post may first bring viewers in, how do you get them to comment, share, or like?

Increasing audience engagement is a simple process that, with a little practice and planning, will add personality to your content and get it seen by many more viewers. Here are 8 ways to stay engaged with your audience.

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Increase Audience Engagement

1. Always Respond to Comments

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This is one of the easiest and most important ways to boost your audience engagement. If you do not respond to comments or questions left in your content you won’t encourage others to leave comments. Taking the time to respond to comments shows that you are interested in and care about what others are saying. This is also vital for boosting your rankings. The more comments you have on your content the more value it shows that content provides to others. This gets your blog of video seen closer to the top of search results. 

2. Encourage Engagement

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Sometimes all you have to do is ask for your readers or viewers to leave a comment or question in the comments. You can also think outside the box; take a poll, leave feedback, or have your audience share their own stories. Provide your audience a call to action that prompts them to take action either by leaving a comment, liking, or sharing.

3. Know When You Should be Sharing on Other Platforms to Get the Most Views and Attention

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While sharing your blog or video on other platforms can encourage engagement others to share your content but you can increase this significantly when you know exactly when to post. This takes a little research to find when your target audience is most likely to be on the social network which results in more people viewing what you post.

4. Keep Things Interesting

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You want your content to stay focused on one niche, there are easy ways you can create additional posts based on a subdivision of that niche. If you have a photography blog where you tend to share your experience form the various shoots you have done you can also bring write posts that have to do with the equipment you use, provide how-to instruction and other topics that would be appealing to photographers. You can also create content around the clients you might work with such as how to pick the perfect wardrobe for your shoot, what to ask your photographer before you hire them, explain package details and so on. While your main subject but deal with a large audience you can narrow done some of your posts that will be extremely helpful to a smaller more specific audience.

5. Guest Posts or Interviews

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One way that many bloggers and vloggers overlook is collaborating with other established bloggers or video professionals. Include posts and content that form other credible bloggers, or you can conduct interviews with professionals in the industry that you focus your content on. This can bring in a whole new audience that you may not have otherwise had a connection with.

6. Mobile Optimization

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Whether you have a blog or YouTube channel you want to ensure that your content is easily viewed through mobile devices. For blogs you want the text to be able to fit the screen without having too many pop-ups or advertising taking over the screen. For both video and blogs, you want the content to load as quickly as possible. If it takes too long to load viewers and readers will simply exit out of the screen and look elsewhere. You want your audience to be able to easily share the content by adding social sharing buttons for them to click on, You also want to give them the opportunity to leave a comment without having to scroll through a massive amount of other text or advertisements.

7. Speak to Your Audience

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You should know who your audience is and this allows you to create your content to match the language and style of the audience. Aside from having a tone and dialect that your audience relates to you want to address issues that impact your audience. Add a personal touch to your content that will speak directly to your audience. This can be done by providing them with solutions, tips, suggestions, or resources that will help them solve a problem or provide them with additional information that can assist them in learning how to do something better. 

8. Be Consistent.

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If you only sometimes upload a new video your audience won’t keep up to date with what you post. If you want your audience to engage more than they need to know when you will be giving them something new to engage with. Being consistent with post will significantly increase engagement. Be sure to post at least once a week and post around the same time each day. Your audience will quickly learn when to expect something new from you and know when to tune in.

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