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When it comes to a big presentation, it’s important to make a good impression. One of the best pathways to accomplishing this revolves around your ability to capture and hold your audience’s attention. But how do you do that? 

A truly great presentation will incorporate relevant, adequate information and combine it with an eye-catching design to make a big impact. But if your expertise tends to lie with the former of these two aspects, you may need a little help with the latter. That’s why we’ve put together this list of nine After Effects templates to help you create truly great presentations. 

Top AE Templates for Presentations

This list encompasses templates to aid with a wide range of presentation styles, from professional and corporate, to punchy and vibrant. Whether you’re presenting data to stakeholders or a brand story video to executives, you’ll find that there’s something for every scenario here. 

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1. Minimalist Corporate Template

This minimalistic template is great for all things business – whether it’s a presentation in the boardroom, or an informational brand video on your company website. It features smooth transitions and simple, clean style for an overall professional feel. 

2. Styled Circle Template

If you’re looking to throw a little more fun and style into your presentation, try out this template. With circular image frames and a dark background, it makes for a strong contrast and more creative feel to perk up your slideshow. 

Try throwing in your own images for a trendy branding presentation. 

3. Event Presentations

This template can have a lot of great uses. Its creative transitions and modern design is a great choice for pre-event promotions or post-event recaps. It can even be used to create a primary event branding video to engage attendees on the day of. Perfect for business conferences, workshops, speaker events, and more. 

Whether you’re trying to draw in event attendees or present a recap to stakeholders or website viewers, this template has a lot to offer. 

4. Product Showreel Template

This showreel template is great for product and services presentations if you want to show your audience what you can offer them. It can be used as a standalone template, or integrated as a segment into a larger presentation. 

Regardless of how you use it, the template is clean and bright, with pops of color to attract the attention of the audience and direct them to focus on the information you provide. 

5. Corporate Business Template

This is a great template for creating corporate branding videos to introduce your company to your audience. It features simple, clear cut designs with smooth transitions and standout text to get your message across. 

The colors and images in the template are completely customizable, so you can perfectly attune it to align with your brand style. 

The template has a pretty great outline for how to create a strong corporate branding video, but you can of course branch out on your own and design it any way you want. 

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6. Business Infographics Template

Presenting a lot of data to your audience? This might be the perfect template for you. Presenting numbers can be drab and boring, and you can quickly lose the attention of your audience. But this After Effects template helps you turn that around. 

The engaging, colorful infographics in this template will grab your audience’s attention and hold on to it. 

While this template can be used as a standalone presentation, it can also be easily integrated into another project. It offers 90 different infographics animations, all of which are completely customizable in color, text, timing, and data to fit your brand style and presentation needs. 

7. Mobile Focused Presentations

If your presentation has anything to do with mobile devices and data, then this template is a good choice. It’s a quick, simple template that features a graphic mobile device and coordinated infographics. It’s optimum for presenting apps and mobile services.

This template can be used as a standalone presentation or as a segment for a larger project. All of the colors and text are completely customizable to fit your brand style as needed. 

8. Big, Bold Presentations

If you’re looking to create a presentation that will be big, bold, and make one heck of an impact, then try out this template. It features ultra modern designs and transitioning combined with extra  bold text to get a strong message across to the audience. 

The colors, text, and transitions are customizable to fit your brand style. Everything about this template says “BOOM.”

9. Company Introduction Template

Looking for a simple, clean way to introduce your company? This minimalistic corporate template is a great option. With a simple design and small pops of color, it lays the groundwork for creating an overview of your brand, as well as the faces behind it. 

Smooth line and color block graphics are used to create seamless transitions between title slides and internal content, making for an overall professional and polished feel. 

Always Aim For Maximum Impact

No matter how interesting the information you’re delivering is, if your overall presentation is bland and uninventive, then you’ll likely struggle to hold your audience’s attention. You may even get a few thinly veiled yawns throughout the audience. 

Presentation design is an underrated element, but it’s ultimately essential to making a lasting impact. Using one of these creative After Effects templates for your presentation can give it the extra kick it needs to engage your audience and leave one heck of an impression. 

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