9 Luxury After Effects Templates for Elegant Visuals

Feeling fancy? You can bring a lot of class to your After Effects compositions with these 10 luxury After Effects templates. These are perfect for creating visuals for clients like resorts, gala events, high-end furniture dealers, luxury car dealerships, and many more. Welcome to a world of clean lines, solid gold, and elegant taste!

Do you know that you need to use After Effects but aren’t sure how to use it? Read our full After Effects tutorial here.

1. Elegant Slideshow After Effects Template

This template for an elegant slideshow is a straightfoward but classy way to create a modern slideshow. If you’re working with still images and want to give them a sense of depth and life, this template is for you.

Download here

2. Antique and Luxury Titles Video Template

What’s fancier than gold? This antique titles pack leverages clean fonts and transitions alongside gold imagery to create a vintage luxury look to it. It also has a historical vibe to it, if you need that.

Download here

3. Cinematic 3D Golden Logo

Keeping with our luxury gold theme, this logo reveal will sketch your logo while filling it with molten gold, for a final product that looks professional and classy. The 3D look offers a lot of possibilities for this logo sting, so get creative with how you use it!

Download here

4. Clean Real Estate After Effects Template

This real estate After Effects template is stylish and straightforward, but also perfect for showing off luxury homes. It includes a ton of placeholders for images so your project can always be unique. The whole template is animated in a smooth and tasteful fashion.

Download here

5. Elegant Wedding Titles

luxury after effects templates Elegant Wedding Titles

These elegant wedding titles are animated and stylish. These 10 motion graphics will bring a luxurious touch to your wedding projects, but can certainly be used in other high-class productions as well. If you like the vintage look of these wedding templates, check out these 7 cool vintage templates for after effects.

Download here

6. Gold Logo Reveal

This gold-dusted logo reveal puts your imagery in the lap of luxury! This template builds your logo out of golden particles before wiping away to reveal. The additional particle effects and lights complete the scene but are certainly optional. (Like sci-fi effects? Check out our list of the best After Effects plugins for science fiction effects!)

Download here

7. Clean Business Slideshow

We have to get at least one luxury business template in here. This clean business slideshow doesn’t feel stale and corporate – instead it feels high-tech, elegant, and professional. It has plenty of dynamic animations that make it feel alive, plus a ton of customization opportunity.

Download here

8. Real Estate Slideshow | Luxury House Presentation

When a luxury home is on the market, you need some luxury After Effects templates to promote it! This real estate slideshow template features a ton of interesting and dynamic animations. There is a lot going on in this slideshow, but not so much that it’s overdone. It’s a great way of displaying photos and text without boring the audience.

Download here

9. Clean 3D Logo Reveal

Lastly we have this incredibly fancy 3D logo reveal. It uses gold and silver metallic textures with particle effects to create a logo animation that is tasteful, luxurious, and modern. It doesn’t overdo it, keeping with the elegant theme, but it’s sure to impress!

Download here

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