The Aaron Ricketts Interview

An interview with photographer Aaron Ricketts.
Aaron Ricketts is a futuristic photographer based out of Philadelphia, PA taking pictures of people, events, objects, and much more. Aaron’s unique photography style mixed with his crisp, clean editing techniques makes for great images. Continue reading to find out more on Aaron Ricketts.

What would you say is your photography style and what led you to shoot that way.

A: I’d have to say my style is a mix of minimalism, modernism, futuristic, and sometimes a bit complex but each of my photos lean more toward a monochrome color scheme. I got to this point through trial and error and to be honest I feel like I’m always changing.

What are your absolute favorite places to take pictures in Philadelphia?

A: One of my favorite spots in Philly is the Barnes Foundation, if you have ever been or seen pictures of it you’d understand why. I love the architecture of the building and it even had this great reflective body of water near the front entrance.

What made you start taking pictures?

A: I started taking pictures because photography was the one medium that allowed me to created what I wanted to.


What is your camera of choice? Why?

A: Nikon! I’ve always been a fan of Nikon. The first camera I ever had was a D40, it was really basic but it got the job done. I’ve tried other cameras before but in my opinion none of them compare to how Nikon handles for me.


Where is one place on earth you wish you could be taking pictures right now? Why that place?

A: It would definitely have to be Shanghai. I follow a few people from there and the views and architecture are amazing. I think I would fit right in to that community.

What do you look for while setting up a shot or shoot?

A: I try to look for symmetry and white spaces. I’m a big fan of both.


What are your techniques for editing with Photoshop and/or Lightroom?

A: Don’t want to go into too much detail about my editing process, but because I work with both Photoshop and Lightroom I do have a few things I can share. I do most of my editing in Lightroom, this helps me get the overall look for my photos, and one thing I tend to do is turn the highlights in the “basic” section all the way down. I do this to pull back any details I might have lost in my highlights. Now in regards to Photoshop, this is where I do all my “heavy duty” editing (image manipulation, composites, and etc.). My go to tool here is the pen tool, to me it simplifies a lot of things and makes my selections really clean.


What’s one thing about your editing that is unique?

A: It’s easily identifiable. The overall look my photos have after I finish editing them is what makes them unique. For instance, if you take one of my photos and set it next to anyone else’s, my photo will stick out like a sore thumb.


What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? (nature, city, person, object?)

A: I don’t think I have a favorite because I literally like to shoot everything. However, if I had to decide I would have to narrow it down between lifestyle and concerts.

Where do you want to be with photography in one year? 

A: A year is not too far off but within that time I would be graduating from college with a BFA in Photography. Other than that I think I would be continuing what I am doing now; growing my brand, expanding my clientele, and maybe even becoming a creative director somewhere.


For more on Aaron Ricketts, you can connect with him or contact him through his social platforms below.

Interview and article put together by Matthew Moloney. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram.

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