Adobe Fonts Not Activating – How to Fix

If you are having problems with fonts not activating correctly in your Adobe products, there are a few easy ways to troubleshoot the problem. By trying one of these potential fixes, you should be up and running with your fonts in no time at all!

Make Sure You’re Using the Creative Cloud App

If you’re activating fonts online but are not using the Adobe Creative Cloud app, this could be the issue. The app is useful for updating Adobe programs but also for syncing fonts. First of all, make sure you install the application on your machine. Secondly, run the application and sign in with your Adobe account. Be sure that it’s the same account you used to activate the fonts that you’re not seeing. If you’re signed out or the app isn’t running, you may not have access to your fonts. If you are signed in with a different account, then just sign out and sign back in with the correct account.

Check if Fonts are Activated

You can have a font added to your account but also have it deactivated. If you’re missing a font, check the Create Cloud application to see if the font is active or not. Open the app, go to the Manage Fonts tab, and click on Previously Active. This will show you fonts that you had previously activated but are currently deactivated. In the case that the toggle is switched off, simply switch it on again.

If a problem occurs, it will likely warn you about a network connection error or an error stating that a font with the same name is already installed. If the second error occurs, double-check any other font services such as Google Fonts to make sure that there aren’t any conflicts with fonts of the same name. In case you find that you already have a font activated with another service, try deactivating the font from that service or uninstalling it from your device completely.

Reset Adobe Fonts

If none of these options worked, you can just try turning it off and then on again! In the Creative Cloud app, click on your account, then Preferences, then Services, and toggle off the Adobe Fonts button. Wait a moment, then toggle it back on. Now that the service has been reset, all of your fonts may work now.

reset adobe fonts toggle

Check Your “Block Untrusted Fonts” Setting

In Windows 10, there is an option to block untrusted fonts. When this is on, it blocks Adobe fonts from activating. If you are working on a personal machine with Windows 10 Home, this is probably not the issue. This setting is generally a toggle in Group Policy settings which would be more common in a work computer. Check out this article from Microsoft to see if you have this setting and how to change it.

Check Network Proxy and Firewall Settings

It’s unlikely, but still possible, that there are network security settings that need to be changed to allow Adobe fonts to be activated. Port 443 needs to be open. Additionally, here is a list of required domains as provided by Adobe:


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