10 Amazing Instagram Reels from Photographers

10 Amazing Instagram Reels from Photographers

TikTok has taken the world by storm, and Instagram has followed suit. Instagram is naturally a bit more photographer-friendly, and Instagram Reels has equipped photographers with the power to share highly-engaging videos better than ever before. These 15-second videos are short and attention-grabbing, and the app includes plenty of editing tools. With a combination of luck and great content, there’s a chance you could be discovered through your reels.

Many photographers have been slow to adapt to Reels, and maybe haven’t even used IGTV yet. Video is a powerful tool, even for photographers that deal in static images. Photographers can get a lot more eyes on their content through Reels and other videos, so it’s worth experimenting with them. It doesn’t have to be a viral TikTok-style video to perform well!

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1. Paul Nicklen’s Wolf Close-Up

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Nature photographer Paul Nicklen is no stranger to wolves, and this crisp close-up video will familiarize you with them as well! Not only are Paul’s photos and reels fantastic, but each comes with a detailed caption about the story behind it.

2. Ted Hesser’s Winter Adventures

As if adventure photography needed to be any more inspiring?? This Reel from adventure photographer Ted Hesser is just a compilation of iPhone clips while skiing across mountains in search of good photo opportunities. Despite it just being filmed on a phone, it looks great and might inspire you to go somewhere crazy with your camera!


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A post shared by Ted Hesser (@tedhesser)

3. Nolan Omura’s Hawaii Collage


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A post shared by Nolan Omura (@nolanomura)

This Reel is a full of awesome action and adventure shots from around Hawaii by underwater photographer and videographer Nolan Omura. It showcases how incredible his work can be, and why he’s worth giving a follow. If your Reel can go viral, even just a little bit, it helps to have a catchy song and some great shots so that people who are interested in your photography will know what they can expect.

4. Tutorials with Demas Rusli

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Now this is the kind of content that can really get you noticed. Demas Rusli has dozens of Reels on his profile and most of them are condensed 15-second tutorials or behind-the-scenes of his photoshoots. Many of these include voice-overs too. They are like mini-vlogs, and don’t give anyone a chance to get bored before they’re over.

5. Explore Nature with Michael Shainblum


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A post shared by Michael Shainblum (@shainblumphotography)

Landscape Photographer Michael Shainblum has just a few Reels, but they are full of wonderful time-lapses and aerial videography. If you’re looking for more eyes on your landscape photos, some gorgeous time-lapses like this are a great opportunity to diversify into video content that has social reach.

6. Behind the Scenes of Under-Celebrated Beauty


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A post shared by CreativeSoul Photography (@creativesoulphoto)

CreativeSoul Photography brands themselves as capturing under-celebrated beauty. And their Reels capture the underappreciated behind-the-scenes of their stunning photos. This is a great way to see the setup of many shots that feel like they were all-Photoshop.

7. Pastel Goodness with Maria Marie


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A post shared by Maria Marie Creative Lifestyle (@cestmaria)

Maria Marie has an aesthetic to die for. Her pink pastel look is consistent across her entire feed but also her Reels. Her Reels maintain the look but go behind-the-scenes to see how she lives her life and sets up her photos. This really goes to show that even if you do primarily photo content, there is a way to keep video on-brand.

8. Gorgeous Sunsets from Ilhan Eroglu


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A post shared by İlhan Eroğlu (@ilhan1077)

İlhan Eroğlu is a photographer from Turkey, and he has a few great Reels that showcase the great landscapes that he can capture.

9. Creative B-Roll Using a Mobile Phone from Jordi Koalitic

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Creative B-Roll ideas from Jordi Koalitic. Check out his popular LR Preset Pack here.

10. Phone Tricks by Jordi Koalitic

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Another legendary reel by Jordi Koalitic. Learn some interesting phone tricks for mobile photo and video production!

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