18 Amazing Spring Mobile Presets for Portraits

18 Amazing Mobile Presets for Spring Portraits

It’s spring here in the northern hemisphere, and the FilterGrade Marketplace is full of amazing Lightroom presets for spring portraits. The sun is beginning the shine, and these presets will help bring the right vibes to your photos, even on mobile! Just starting out with mobile photography? Check out the best cheap presets here.

1. Noel Alva Lightroom Presets


The Noel Alva presets pack has a variety of warm looks developed for lifestyle and travel/adventure photographs. The pack includes 17 presets with a variety of styles, so you can be sure to find something that makes your spring portraits really pop with vibrant color.

Download here

2. All in One Preset Bundle by Marcel Dornis

All In One Lightroom Preset Bundle with over 80 Presets for Mobile & Desktop

This Lightroom preset bundle includes 90+ presets for food, lifestyle, portrait, outdoor, and landscape photography. There are a lot of vibrant and spring-like presets included, and several that are specifically spring looks! You’ll also get a ton of additional presets for other uses, so you’re getting a lot for your money.

Download here

3. Matt Larson Presets

Matt Larson Lightroom Mobile Presets

These beach and vacation styled Lightroom presets are warm, vibrant, and bright. They’re fantastic for vibrant portraits and best of all they easily import into Lightroom Mobile!

Download here

4. Mark Harrison Master Pack

Mark Harrison - MASTER Pack! Traveller + Classic Presets (Mobile + Desktop)

This master pack of Lightroom presets will cover all your needs! It will also be perfect for spring portraits! These presets are vibrant but focused on making your own adjustments to make the perfect photo. Make your subjects stand out!

Download here

5. Allegra Messina Presets


This filter pack by Allegra Messina has plenty of spring-themed presets to create a vibrant portrait photo. The presets have bright and vibrant tones to help bring out skin tones, as well as grain effects and multiple black and white variations.

Download here

6. Limelight Presets Collection

Beautiful Lightroom Presets for bloggers, artists, and makers by Monica Aguinaga.

This pack of vibrant presets is perfect for spring looks and the bright colors of flowers! They have a focus on saturated colors, sharpness, and brightness and can really bring a much-needed pop to dull photos. Put your portrait subjects into the spotlight!

Download here

7. Art & Magic Presets by Artem Matiushenko

These Lightroom Mobile presets bring out vibrant and accurate colors from otherwise dull images. They’ll look fantastic on your portraits but also on landscapes, flat lay, and more.

Download here

8. 35mm Film Mobile Lightroom Presets

35mm Film Mobile Lightroom Presets

Who says spring has to be from this year? Throw back your spring portraits to an earlier time with these 35mm film presets. These presets have a vintage look but bring out saturated colors, especially blues and greens.

Download here

9. MyBeautifulPresets Sports Bundle

MyBeautifulPresets Sports Bundle

This sports bundle coincidently brings out some of the best colors of spring. It takes muted blues, greens, and red and gives them new life. These presets will help bring out grass, blue skies, and flowers – perfect for any sort of spring portrait!

Download here

10. MyBeautifulPresets Pets and Animals Bundle

When it comes to spring portraits, perhaps you want to photograph your pets instead? This pets and animals presets pack has great saturated colors and high contrast, which is perfect for portraits of both pets and humans!

Download here

11. Dope Portrait Lightroom Presets

Dope Portrait Lightroom Presets

If you’re looking for something a little darker to capture the more wintery side of spring, then the Dope Portrait pack is for you. It’s dark and moody with a light gold tone splashed on top. It’s of course perfect for portraits, and there are plenty of choices with 10 different presets included.

Download here

12. 8 Selfies + Skin Tones Presets

8 Selfies + Skin Tones Mobile Lightroom Presets

This selfie pack is perfect for anyone who wants to spice up their selfies when you have to take your own portraits! They all have a cozy aesthetic that softens your photos and brightens skin tones of a variety of shades. These will definitely look great on your Instagram feed.

Download here

13. Explorerssarus Mobile Lightroom Presets


This travel presets pack is versatile and comes with some fantastic options! It comes with three different categories of presets – day, sunrise/sunset, and water! Bring out your blues and oranges and make your spring portrait really pop out! With 13 presets, there is plenty to work with here.

Download here

14. Stewart Clementz Sunday Brunch Presets

Sunday Brunch Lightroom Presets (Desktop + Mobile)

This Sunday Brunch preset pack comes with five great presets that each serve a unique purpose. They are subtle but make your portrait subject stand out. Whether it’s a warm glow, highlighting skin tones, adding a retro look, or anything else, this pack is a great starting point.

Download here

15. Joe Yates Traveler’s Kit Presets

Joe Yates Traveler's Kit Lightroom Presets (Desktop+Mobile)

This travel presets pack features vibrant and saturated tones perfect for the summertime but also the springtime when the sun starts to shine! It has simple adjustments for exposure, white balance, and saturation that won’t destroy your photos – it will give little boosts where its needed to enhance your portraits.

Download here

16. Gentle Pastel Mobile Presets

Gentle Pastel Mobile LR Presets by 3Motional

What is spring without pastel? This gentle pastel presets pack is compatible with a wide variety of types of photos, and will soften the entire image. They adjust just the right amount of light without appearing overexposed.

Download here

17. Classic [CLEAN] Portrait L Collection

Classic [CLEAN] Portrait Collection Lightroom Presets

These clean portrait presets are fantastic for your portraits, whether its families newborns, or weddings. These presets are timeless and classic, with some vibrant color, warm/cool tones, and black and white effects. The creator describes the filters as vintage southern chic.

Download here

18. 10 Color Pop Presets

Make your portraits really stand out with these color pop presets! These 10 preset options are great for any kind of photo but will really bring out the bright pastel colors in your photos. Perfect to really highlight the flowers that start coming out in springtime!

Download here

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