Art Deco Fonts Inspiration: 17+ Decorative Typefaces to Try

Discover 17+ beautiful art deco fonts and decorative typefaces to try.

Discover top Art Deco fonts and decorative typefaces. Featuring beautiful fonts from professional lettering artists inspired by the Art Deco period.

What Does Art Deco Mean?

Art Deco is a style of visual arts, architecture, and design that started in France before the beginning of World War I during the 1920s. It represents a combination of more than a few contrasting artistic styles, connected by a desire to be modern.

Read more about what Art Deco is and get a better understanding of how it inspired culture and style with this Art Deco Guide from Widewalls.

Art Deco Fonts

1. Brilon Font + Extras

brilon art deco font

Brilon is an Art Deco inspired typeface by Tobias Saul. This clean font includes unique ligatures and pairs nicely with botanical themes. Download includes 8 high quality botanical photos (3000 x 3500 px).

2. Metropolis Typeface

A gorgeous art deco typeface designed by Tugcu Design Co. The Metropolis font includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation along with 50+ art deco themed ornaments and 3 custom golden textures.

3. Hazel Deco Font

hazel gold deco font leslie ray

Hazel is an all caps decorative font designed by Leslie Ray. This elegant font works well for wedding invitations, branding, stationery and magazines, blog design, custom art, custom stamps, custom embossers, or any design purpose.

4. Warszawa Deco

Warszawa Deco is a typeface based on Polish Art Deco and modernism of the Interwar period. This typeface was designed by  Brendan Ciecko and is part of a series inspired by the aesthetics of Poland, circa 1908 to 1939.

5. Naive Deco Sans Font Pack

naive deco sans font

Naïve Deco Sans was designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin in Paris. It is a fun and whimsical font with irregular lines and fun details. The Art Deco font pack comes with 5 unique fonts:

  • Naïve Deco Sans Double
  • Naïve Deco Sans Triple
  • Naïve Deco Sans Part 1
  • Naïve Deco Sans Part 2
  • Naïve Deco Sans Part 3

6. Prizefighter Deco Display Font

prizefighter deco display type

Prizefighter Display Font is an Art Deco style display typeface from the Vintage Type Company. This font is a clean, smooth, deco display font with 4 different styles that you can mix and match for a variety of uses.

Prizefighter supports most European languages, as well as all standard latin numerals and punctuation.

7. LHF Welo Thin

welo thin font inspired by samuel welo

LHF Welo Thin is a classic, Art Deco font designed by Patrick Kalange for Letterhead Fonts. This typeface was inspired by legendary designer and lettering artist Samuel Welo.

This font includes over 30 bonus alternates and two sets of small caps which are designed to be used at the cap height rather than sit on the baseline.

8. Doblo Typeface

doblo type

Doblo is a colorful and slightly retro layered type family designed by Joël Carrouché. The Doblo font family contains 1 master character with 8 different layers and a collection of extra ornaments allowing for some cool designs.

All fonts in the pack are in Opentype format and include diacritics for most western and central European languages.

9. MIROSA Font

mirosa font tobias saul

Another beautiful and elegant typeface from Tobias Saul. MIROSA is characterized by thin lines and large swashes. The bonus Mirosa Swash includes 26 extra swashes for decorative designs, invitations, and other formal projects.

10. HandDeco Regular

handdeco regular font from gerren lamson

HandDeco is a family of four sans serif display fonts inspired by geometric typefaces of the early 20th century Art Deco era. It was designed by Gerren Lamson and combines historic display styles with hand-drawn lettering.

The font file contains approximately 130 glyphs and comes in a standard .TTF file format.

11. LHF Hudson

lhf hudson font

LHF Hudson is another one of the beautiful Art Deco fonts from Letterhead Fonts. This typeface was designed by Kaitlin Sims and features 2 distinctive fonts, each with multiple alternates and useful ornaments.

Also inspired by 1920’s era lettering artist Samuel Welo, the rounded serifs and delicate strokes set this Art Deco style apart.

12. Art Deco Drop Caps

art deco drop caps font

A series of vectorized drop caps taken directly from the New Larousse Illustré collection (end XIX century edition).

The drop caps were vectorized by Zekiko and come with .ai, .eps, and .png formats. Use these drop caps in your documents to give them a distinguished and unique Art Deco style.

13. Trattoria Font Collection

trattoria italy inspired font

The Trattoria Font Collection was designed by Lindsey Charles and includes three unique fonts inspired by Art Deco Italian signage. Multilingual support for each typeface:

  • Caprino (elegant stencil)
  • Pecorino (modular serif)
  • Mascarpone (high-contrast sans serif)

14. Decour Slab Serif Typeface

decour latinotype

Decour is a Slab Serif typeface designed by Jorge Cisterna for Latinotype. It features low contrast between thick and thin strokes whose proportions were based on those of Art Deco design.

This font is well-suited for headings and subheadings with a big height difference between the lowercase and uppercase letters.

15. Bessemer

bessemer font sivioco

Bessemer is a chamfered sans-serif display font inspired by industrial lettering from the 20th century. Created by Sivioco, this font works brilliantly for Art Deco style logos, branding, headings/subheadings, packaging, and more.

16. ABOVE Font

above font herofonts

ABOVE is a minimal and clean display font from Herofonts. This typeface pairs nicely with natural themes and wilderness backgrounds.

17. Abelia – Decorative Typeface

abelia typeface

Abelia is a decorative high-contrast font by Fatih Güneş. This font features slender lines and clear angles making it great for branding and logo designs.

Features multilingual support with both .otf and .ttf files.

More Great Art Deco Design Resources

Looking to pair these fonts with some beautiful art deco patterns, backgrounds, and design elements? Here are some great resources to check out!

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