Why Your B2B Site Needs a Mega Menu

why your B2B site needs a mega menu

If you’ve ever been on Amazon or Walmart.com, then you’ve likely navigated a mega menu — a selection of various categories and subcategories all organized into one easy-to-navigate menu. Mega menus are fairly common for e-commerce sites, but not seen as frequently on business to business (B2B) sites. However, B2B sites benefit from mega menus […]

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How IoT Is Impacting B2B Businesses for the Better

The concepts of business productivity and competitiveness are many-headed beasts with lots of moving parts. Among those moving parts, the one that’s non-negotiable these days is the availability and mobility of operational data. In B2B environments, operational data includes things like the rate of throughput for critical product lines, customer insights about the most frequently […]

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