Backpacking with Turkish Photographer Erman Celik

Adventure and travel photographer Erman Celik shares more about his explorations in the mountains of Turkey.

Erman Celik is an adventurous photographer and explorer from Turkey with an amazing, unique style. Growing up in Turkey, Erman was always fond of exploring new areas and trekking the land. This is what led him to eventually pursue photography and build a career with it.

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When did you start taking people on backpacking photography trips with you?

I first got into photography seven years ago. I bought a cheap DSLR in my second year at college and began to take the camera wherever I went. When I first started to share my images on social media, especially on Instagram, photography became the most important part of my life. It is glad to hear that people get inspired by your work and actually want to join you to take photos together. So, I decided to invite people on my backpacking photography trips last year and I really enjoyed the time spent with them who share the same interests with me.

erman celik photography

mountain views by erman celik

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What are some of your favorite hiking locations for photography?

I was born and raised in the Northeast of Turkey, called the Eastern Black Sea Region which is surrounded by the Kackar Mountains with amazing shades of green. The highlands are great if you wish to enjoy foggy forests, fresh air, and beautiful waterfalls to swim and cool off in during warm summer days. Usually, the climate is very similar to the United Kingdom, always overcast and rainy weather, but I love the way green tones create a mystical feeling when I walk through the foggy forests to hike. That is my favorite location to take images in – my hometown.

valley scenery by erman celik

foggy hike with erman celik

Who do you prefer to hike with the most?

I like hiking far and spending long amounts of time in nature so sometimes it is hard to find people who enjoy long-distance hiking with me. Most of them may not want to be exhausted by walking too much or waiting for sufficient light to take images. Except for Instagram meetings, I usually hike with my sister, she is my go to hiking partner.

mountain hikes with erman celik

Have you been in any scary situations on these hiking trips?

Nothing specific but two months ago, my sister’s friends joined us to hike in Kackar Mountains National Park. We were driving to Kavrun Plateau which is a good starting point to start a hike to the summit. Our car crashed into a huge rock on the road and stopped suddenly. There was no phone, no people, nothing. We were in middle of nowhere in the mountains and afraid of coming across a bear or any wild animal. We decided to leave the car there, walk back and try to find any cabin to call someone to help us. Finally, we found a little cabin and a friendly guy living there. He called someone who had a tow truck and said he could help us out. It was the scariest and most stressful day of my entire life. However, after he called the tow truck we enjoyed our herbal teas and a cozy atmosphere in that little cabin while we waited.

fun travel adventures with erman celik

What’s your process for editing your photos when you get back from a trip?

I upload all my DSLR images to Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. My editing process is pretty streamlined: usually apply my own presets that I’ve developed before. Some images need minor adjustments on tone curve but in general, the main thing is playing with the hues in greens and yellows. It helps me to preserve the usual style in my images. Depending on the photo, I use selective adjustments to shadows and highlights to bring out the focal point of the image.

the countryside with erman celik

mountain cow with erman celik

Where would you like to travel for hiking and photography if you had the opportunity?

Iceland definitely is my dream place to visit. One day…

erman celik photography

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