28+ Beautiful Examples of Architectural Photography

Beautiful examples of architectural photography.

Taking accurate and aesthetically pleasing images is the job of architectural photographers. The goal is to show off a building, structure, cityscape, or constructed environment in an attractive way, while still keeping an accurate representation of what it is.

Architecture can take many shapes and forms. In this article we’ll be highlighting a variety of beautiful examples of architectural photography. From interesting city layouts to breathtaking interiors, we’re hoping this post can help inspire you!

nighttime cityscape

Nighttime Hong Kong cityscape by CoolBieRe

architecture black and white

Black and White Architecture by André Rösti

unique architecture examples

Unique Exterior Photo by Dmitri Popov

chicago architecture

Chicago Architecture by Christian Perner

new york cityscape

New York Cityscape by Igormattio

spiral photo

Spiral photo by Arturo Castaneyra

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum architectural photo by Tom Barrett

one london place

One London Place in London, Canada by Scott Webb

steve fitch

Red bricks and building details by Steve Fitch

faizal westcott photo

Endless structure by Faizal Westcott

spain architecture

Almería, Spain architecture by Dmitri Popov

moscow architecture

Moscow, Russia architectural documentation by Mike Kononov 

france architecture

Sunlight at La Cité du Vin, Bordeaux, France by Valentin Gautier

bauhaus archive berlin germany

Bauhaus Archive, Berlin, Germany by Samuel Zeller

urban living

Urban living by Fred Zhang

the shard at sunset

The Shard at Sunset by Fred Mouniguet

architecture in south korea

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, South Korea ceiling details by Daniel Lee

architecture of the poor

Architecture of the poor by Torsten Andreas Hoffmann

montreal architectural photos

Place Ville-Marie photo in Montreal, Canada by Emile Séguin

french side streets

French architecture from the side streets of Paris by Michael Moloney

lyon france interior

Lyon, France interior perspective by Julien Rocheblave


Architecture interior perspective by Timeless Seeker

Aleksandar Savic photo

Beautiful interior architecture photo from Edmonton, Canada by Aleksandar Savic

nyc architecture

NYC Architecture photo by Willie Fineberg

helene binet museum of world culture

Museum of World Culture entrance by Hélène Binet

interior architecture

Zimbali Coastal Resort, Dolphin Coast, South Africa by Jason Briscoe

tokyo tower

Tokyo Tower, Minato-ku, Japan by Alain Pham

los angeles stainless curves by john baker

Stainless curves architecture from Los Angeles, California by John Baker



Facade at The Broad, Los Angeles, United States by Meriç Dağlı

cathedral interior photo

Gloucester Cathedral interior by barnyz

st pancras international

St Pancras International by Matthew Emmett

Architectural Photography Resources

If you are looking to learn architectural photography, here are some useful guides and resources.

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