5 Benefits of Drone Video for Businesses [Infographic]

Drones were originally primarily built for military purposes, but these unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs have become essential tools for many businesses across various industries.

A multitude of businesses now consider drones an integral part of their marketing strategies. For example, instead of sending photos of a property their prospective clients are interested in, real estate agents show them aerial videos of the house, building, or structure. Using drones allows them to veer away from the traditional practice of giving clients thick piles of photos of every corner or room of the property. Drones help these agents provide their clients with a complete view of the house in a matter of minutes.

As such, drones offer companies new, exciting, and unique perspectives in leveraging their brand and business.

Drone Videography

One of the best contributions of drone technology is the easy way of capturing aerial videos. Instead of using hired helicopters, pilots, and a camera crew, all anyone has to do is fly the drone over the subject area or areas. UAVs have made drone aerial videography more convenient, efficient, and affordable.

Additionally, drones have unique features such as flight speeds of more or less 80 km per hour (or 50 miles per hour), built-in autopilot and GPS that allow users to pre-program routes. They are also equipped with active tracking and collision avoidance features, Bluetooth capabilities, consistent flight height even over uneven terrains, and high-quality 4k cameras that guarantee high-resolution videos and images.

Most importantly, drones are capable of capturing images and scenes from new and different vantage points.

UAVs are no longer military weapons or just toys; they are indispensable tools to guarantee business success. Using drones to create business presentations or market a brand, product, or event offers several significant benefits to companies and organizations. Below is an infographic that can help you further understand the value of drones to your business.

benefits of drone videography for businesses

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