Top 10 Best Android Apps for Video Editing

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Video Editing

Hey everyone, welcome to FilterGrade. In this video we’re talking about 10 of the best video editing apps available for your Android phone. Mobile video editing isn’t for everyone, but is incredibly useful for people without a powerful desktop computer, people who are editing for social media, or for people on the go who don’t have the time to sit down to edit at their desk. Since these apps are aimed at people editing for social media, you’ll find that many of them have features like stickers, gifs, and libraries of preset effects. You might not want to edit your next feature film on these apps, but they’re perfect for your next TikTok or Instagram story. Alright, let’s get into the list!

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Movavi Clips

Based on the desktop program Movavi Video Editor Plus, Movavi Clips brings some powerful tools to Android. Beyond basic splitting, transitions, rotations, and speed changes, you can also add in and edit the volume of music and export the video to your phone or directly to social media websites. It does lack some more premium features, but since it’s free there’s not much to complain about.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe’s foray into mobile editing comes in the form of Premiere Rush, and it’s quite good at what it does. It features an editing timeline similar to the full version of Premiere Pro, featuring multiple video and audio tracks to work with. The app has all of the basic editing tools including speed controls and zoom controls. But it also includes a royalty-free music library, animated graphics, stickers, and more. The free version includes plenty of tools, but the premium version will unlock additional libraries of free content. If you already have a Creative Cloud subscription, Rush is included so it’s an easy decision to pick up this app.


Filmora is a popular budget-oriented desktop video editor, and their mobile app is very powerful as well. In addition to normal trimming features, this app actually has keyframe animations, audio importing and recording, video effects and filters, and a library of memes and gifs. Most of these features come completely free as well, but you will need to upgrade to the paid version to remove watermarks from your exported videos.


InShot is a straightforward mobile video editor that gives you access to all of the trimming and other basic editing tools you’ll need. It also lets you add and edit music, add transitions between clips, add on custom filters, and put stickers or emoji in your project. It even has some greenscreen functionality! If you are looking for effects and filters over raw editing power and flexibility then InShot is the ideal choice.


Kinemaster is regarded as one of the most powerful video editing apps available for Android. It has a monthly subscription of $4.99 but is worth every penny if you’re the kind of person that will use its features. This app has all of your basic editing features that you would expect, as well as a timeline with multiple layers. The app comes with more than 2500 transitions, effects, stickers, fonts, and more. On top of basic audio and color editing, the app has extensive controls for color adjustment and audio editing including EQ and ducking. You could easily edit a full YouTube video in this app.


PowerDirector is a powerful video editor that has all of the trimming and combining tools you need. On top of that, you’ll get access to speed controls, video stabilization, chroma-key, blending modes, and animated titles. If you want access to all of the features and no ads, it only costs $5.99. The app also supports 4K editing and exporting, making it perfect for your high-resolution video.


For those who don’t need something complex and powerful such as PowerDirector or Kinemaster, Quik may be a great solution. With just one tap, Quik takes up to 50 images or videos from your device and combines them into an awesome highlight video. It can sync them to music, and also offers some editing features if you’re not happy with what was generated. It also comes with plenty of themes and filters. If you have a GoPro, this app gets even more powerful as it integrates with GoPro camera footage naturally.


Funimate doesn’t have too many advanced features but it does have what you need if you’re just making simple videos for social media. The app has transitions, animations, text effects, and filters. The kinds of tools and effects available are perfect for apps like Tik Tok. There are some more powerful effects such as keyframing and mixing effects, but overall using this app will result in a really fun and energetic edit.


VivaVideo is a simple mobile video editor that costs $3.99 for a monthly subscription if you want to remove watermarks. In terms of features, they boast their integration with music for making videos for apps like Tik Tok, as well as all of the cool transitions and filters that will make those videos pop. However, the editor does also include basic tools like cutting, cropping, and merging. One unique feature is the ability to blur your background. Overall the app is limited in its features but is useful for short social media videos.


VideoShow is a free app that makes video editing simple. They supply ready-made templates, fun effects, voice-changers, licensed music, and artistic fonts. This isn’t going to be your choice for making a highly professional video, but if you’re looking for something fun for creating videos full of cool effects for TikTok or Instagram, or just to share with your friends, VideoShow takes the cake. You can also buy the premium version for $29.99, which unlocks the full app with no watermarks or ads.

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