Best Buy Launches Photography Workshops Program

Best Buy Announces NEW Photography Workshop Tours - FilterGrade

For years Best Buy has been known as a major hub for all things tech, including photography and imaging. With the consumer focus shifting to eCommerce and mobile commerce, it is becoming increasingly harder for brick-and-mortar locations to remain relevant and helpful to customers.

In an effort to offer more for photographers, new and intermediate alike, Best Buy announced that they are introducing a series of photography workshops.

  • Intermediate Workshops are launching in 7 major cities: Atlanta, Houston, San Diego, Tampa, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York

  • They cost $50 and include a half-day workshop with lunch, transportation, and product giveaways

  • Workshops for ‘Travel & Exploring’ and ‘Social Sharing & Storytelling’ are scheduled for late 2018/early 2019 (Sign Up Here)

Classes - Best Buy Announces NEW Photography Workshop Tours - FilterGrade

Best Buy Camera Experience Shop

Training, workshops, photo galleries, and other helpful photography resources from Best Buy can be found in the Camera Experience Shop.

You’ll also notice that Best Buy offers FREE workshops for new photographers. These involve two-hour classes with basics on using your new camera, creative elements to experiment with, and more. Sign up for the free workshops here.

best buy photography workshops

Best Buy’s newly-launched campaign, the Camera Experience Shop, is a push from Best Buy to help bring consumers into their locations. This will allow users to try out new equipment, get advice from trained experts, and sign up for photography classes.

There will be two types of classes to choose from at Best Buy. The first will be a FREE class for beginners which will happen monthly at your local Best Buy – check here for dates and more information.

The second class option will be for intermediate photographers and will cost $50 with transportation, snacks, and lunch included. During the intermediate photography workshops you’ll be working first-hand with professional photographers and Best Buy experts to practice in real-time at one of these half-day workshops! Along your journey, you’ll be transported to a specific location and will be allowed to use a selection of camera/lenses to ensure you get the perfect shots. For more information on the intermediate photography workshops at Best Buy, check here.

What to Expect for the Intermediate Workshops

When you sign up for a Best Buy workshop tour, you’ll be selecting from a variety of cities including Atlanta, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Tampa, Minneapolis, and New York City. After selecting your city you’ll choose the specific event that you’re interested in, and then you’ll complete your registration!

After you’re registered for the workshop all you’ll need to do is show up to the event on time and ready to learn. :)

Each set-up is designed to teach key skills in portrait & action photography. You will learn how to maximize your camera’s settings, learn new techniques and how accessories can advance your photos to the next level, all with the hands-on help of our Experts.

– Best Buy

Gear & Equipment

Below is a look at the brand selection from Best Buy. You’ll be able to test and learn about all of these brands through the Camera Experience Shop.

Best Buy states that: ‘Canon, Nikon and Sony have partnered with Best Buy to provide you our best possible photography service. Our trained professionals are on hand to provide the advice you’re looking for, offer answers to all your questions, and help you find the right products.’

Equipment - Best Buy Announces NEW Photography Workshop Tours - FilterGrade

Be sure to look out for the next Best Buy photography workshop near you.

If you consider yourself a beginner, the free workshops give you a chance to learn more about a particular DSLR and how to get started. If you’re a bit more advanced, the intermediate classes give you an opportunity to work 1-on-1 with professional photographers to improve at key skills.

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  1. Dina says:

    Photography workshops at Best Buy are so much fun I want to make a suggestion for one of the classes. Can we do pet photography? I will even bring my dog. She is a small emotional support dog so she is very well behaved.

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