The BEST Capture One Styles for Fashion Photographers

The BEST Capture One Styles for Fashion Photographers - FilterGrade

Photo editing is a painstaking process that requires lots of practice and plenty of patience. However, even the most experienced photographer can run out of time and be forced to edit their photos in a pinch. Luckily, there are ways to speed up your photo editing without compromising the quality of the final product. Capture One styles are similar to presets, in that they were designed by professional photographers and help you improve the overall look for your photos. 

Mass-editing photos can be challenging for anyone, but particularly fashion photographers. You want to add aesthetic appeal to photos and boost the overall quality without obscuring any details on the clothes or heavily altering their coloring. Here, you’ll discover several different Capture One styles that will make editing your fashion photos a breeze. From studio effects to editorial portrait styles, every fashion photographer can find something to love here – these are the BEST capture one styles for fashion photographers.

Christopher Fragapane Capture One Styles

With a premier focus on lighting and tone, this pack of Capture One styles by successful portrait and fashion photographer, Christopher Fragapane, will transform your photos and give them one, uniform look. 

Editorial Series: Studio Light Capture One Styles by Mark Binks

These detailed editorial styles were created by fashion and style photographer, Mark Binks. Use them to summon intense studio effects and create moving editorials. Designed specifically for photographers looking for a unique style bundle to edit their fashion imagery, they’ll help communicate emotion and highlight unique tones.

Cape Town Boho Daze Capture One Styles

Particular well-suited for a tropical locale, these styles are made to make people look great on the beach. They work well with both RAW and jpg-files, to provide just the right amount of turquoise, sea-foam green, and sky blue. Think of a splash of sunny sea and fun for a swimsuit shoot. 

Max Libertine Editorial & Portrait Capture One Styles

Developed by swimwear and travel photographer MAX LIBERTINE, over the course of 10 individual editorial, commercial, and portrait shoots, this pack is perfect for a professional photographer on the go. They cover a wide range of surroundings and lighting conditions, so that you can spend less time fiddling with the particulars. Wherever you want to add timeless styles and elegance, these Capture One styles have you covered. 

Portrait Capture One Styles

These styles are perfect for your lifestyle and portrait photography work and will help you add clarity, detail, and color to your work.  Created by portrait and travel photographer Dan Robinson, these styles cover a variety of looks and moods from bright, vibrant effects to moodier themes.  

Editorial Series: Natural Light Capture One Styles 

Speed up your workflow with these detailed editorial styles, created by fashion and style photographer, Mark Binks. Use them to instill intense effects into your photos, or to create emotional editorials. Made specifically for photographers, like his other collections, these Capture One styles help portray unusual tones and vibrant emotions.  

Max Libertine Marrakech Capture One Styles

Yet another Max Libertine special, these posses a “Marrakech” style designed by the photographer himself, while he was visiting. Although the intention was for fashion photography, the lovely natural light and warm color palettes found here are also appreciated in travel and life-style photography as well. 

Fashion Styles for Capture One: Studio Pack

A highly esteemed collection of eleven professional editorial and high fashion Capture One Styles designed by fashion photographer Maksim Serikow, especially for photo studio sessions.  Use these to add dramatic details, sharpen features, and supplement your photo with fresh colors . Add dramatic details, sharpened features, and fresh colors to your very own images. 

Photo-editing is a valuable skill that allows you to completely transform any image, but the time it takes to do so is not always available. Fashion photographers who are editing large quantities of similar-looking photos, within a similar environment can save a huge amount of time, simply by using any one of these Capture One styles. And, even if you aren’t concerned about time, they allow you to present a professional image, even though you may not have quite mastered all the skills that it takes to create that particular look. For both beginners and experts, Capture One styles are helpful tools. 

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