7 Best Colorful Lighting Equipment for Music Videos

BEST Colorful Lighting for Music Videos - filtergrade

You don’t necessarily need a ton of lights to get a professional cinematic feel to your music videos. With the right set of lights, creative thought, and a few techniques you can accomplish more than you think. The right set of lights will help you establish the mood and tone of your music videos to help you accomplish the right mood. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best colorful lighting equipment for music videos that will take even the most simple sets and transform them into eye-catching light shows.

Colorful Music Video Lighting Equipment

1. Bescor LED70T Three-Point Studio Lighting Kit

This is a standard 3 point lighting kit that is ideal for those on a budget, It comes with everything you need to get started lighting your music videos. Having a go-to three-point lighting kit is the foundation you need to set up stunning lighting for music videos. This provides you with three LED-70 lights, stands, ball head mounts, and adapters. Each light is designed with a dimmable control that lets you adjust the brightness to better light your shots. You will also find a frosted filter and amber correction filter so you can balance your light for even lighting on your set. 

2. Flashpoint M1 RGB Creative Light (Godox M1)

This light may be small but it packs a powerful punch. This mini light lets you change color temperature, hue, saturation, and lets you add creative effects to your videos. It has 360 different colors to choose from so you can bring focus to one specific color. It even has a music mode that lets you set the light to the beat or tempo of the music playing. You can also change the colors to certain sounds or volume. This is one light you will want to grab for your upcoming music videos, learn more about it here

3. Rosco Photo Lighting Filter Kit, 12 x 12″ Sheets

Having an arrangement of filters allows you to quickly and easily change the color of your footage. This filter kit comes packed with 20 different colors and color correctors so you can add multiple lighting-effects to your shot. Each filter is a 12×12 sheet and can be used on many types of lights and in combination with strobe lights and fluorescent lights. Get this pack here

4. Kupo 24×36″ Cookie Wood Cucoloris Breakup 

Cookies allow you to add some great lighting and shadows to your footage. You can place them in front of your lights to cast dramatic shadows or to soften and break up the lights that fall on your main subject. This particular cookie is a 24×56 cutout from durable plywood. It does a fantastic job of breaking up the light and natural filtering it, so that you can create some unique lighting. Get it here.

5. Lume Cube 2.0 Professional Lighting Kit 

This portable light delivers astounding results. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is equipped with a variety of features that lets you transform your set into a magnificent light show. This LED light gives you the option to adjust brightness, color temperature, and more, This kit is packed with fun lighting options with an assortment of magnetic gels, diffusers, and modifiers. You can mount this to your camera or place it anywhere you need it. Check out more of the details here. 

6. Godox LC500R RGB LED Light

This light is ideal for smaller sets or whenever you need to add a burst of color to your video. You have plenty of creative modes like a laser, fire, lighting, and others. You can also change the color mode or set it to music mode to mimic the beat or tempo of the music you are shooting. This light is also versatile in how you can set it up. It features a handheld wand that lets you direct the light exactly where you need it to go, it can be mounted to a stand, or laid on the ground. See what else you can do with this light here

7. Flashpoint 3 Monolight Strobe Outfit with Stands, Umbrella, Soft Box, Barn Doors & Large Carrying Case

Flashpoint 3 LS: Picture 1 regular

If you are looking for more from your standard light kit this is a great option. Not only do you get the 3 mono-light strobes you also get stands, umbrellas, soft-box, and barn doors to better manipulate the light source. This has everything you need to get shooting in any location, get it here

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