The Best Deals Under $50 on FilterGrade

Best Deals Under $50 w design - FilterGrade

Need to expand your Lightroom, Photoshop, or Premiere Pro tools? Whether you’re a professional photographer, videographer, or looking to take your social media images to the next level you will find amazing packs and bundles that will help you transform your images and videos. We’ve gathered some of the best deals under $50 on FilterGrade that will save you time and money with your post processing.

15 of The Best Deals Under $50 on FilterGrade

1. 35mm Film Grain Loops + Scribble Animations

Real 35mm film grain loops to overlay on your footage for an old-school, film look. These film texture assets and grain loop overlays were created with real 35mm film scraps by Matt Moloney.

These grain textures were created using real Kodak, Fujifilm, and Ilford film stocks. Overlay these textures on your footage and you will have a retro, nostalgic feel instantly. In the bundle, you’ll get tons of different scribble animations that are perfect for adding to your music videos and old-school films. PLUS, you can overlay a few of them together to create your own unique effects.

Find the 35mm film grain loops here.

2. 3 in 1 SUPER Pack: 65 Travel, Nature, Vintage & Portrait Presets

This is an ultimate LightRoom Preset super pack! You will find over 65 LightRoom  Presets in three bundles (Travel and Adventure, Vintage and Portrait, and Dark and Sexy). Boost natural colors, add dark and moody tones, and enhance your images instantly. Get this deal here

3. All In One Lightroom Preset Bundle with over 90 Presets for Mobile & Desktop 

No matter what niche you photograph in you will find a preset to transform your images in this massive bundle. You get over 90 presets that can be used on your desktop or mobile phone. The best part? You begin using these today for under $20! Learn more about this super bundle here.

4. Retro Film Borders & Overlays

Next up, find tons of real 35mm film borders from Kodak Portra 400Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400Psych Blues filmIlford Delta 3200, and more! There are also loads of medium format film camera borders too, from square format to 6X7. Matt even included some Polaroid frames for you and film text overlays to bring all your photos that vintage feel.

These are perfect for adding quick drap-and-drop film border effects to your photos, check them out here.

5. FilmTone Natural Photoshop Actions

This pack of film tone presets will give your images a natural and professional look with a simple click. Add depth to your images, create a grainy natural look, and even stack presets to create unique images. With 25 presets to use you will have unlimited options. Get these Photoshop Actions here and save today. 

6. 30 Art & Magic Lightroom Presets by Artem Matiushenko (@_artemko)

Want to take your photographic art to the next level? Want an easier way to enhance your portrait, landscape, and lifestyle images? This bundle is perfect for you. With over 30 presets you can instantly transform your ordinary images into creative works of art. You will be amazed by what you can create. Don’t hesitate or you’ll miss out on this deal under $50, get it here

7. Vintage Camera Sound FX Pack

In this film camera sound FX pack, we’ve put together a unique bundle of various camera clicks, shutter claps, and more! These are perfect for adding to your slideshows and video projects for some real, old-school sound. Find the full sound fx pack here.

8. Pop Colors Lightroom Presets

If you are new to photo editing, want to transform your social posts, and need to enhance your images quickly from your mobile phone then this is the preset you want to invest in. With 6 files you will add color, vibrancy, and make your images stand out instantly. See what all you can do with this bundle here

9. 100 Professional Lens Flare Overlays

Instantly add cinematic light to your images with this huge pack of overlays. Easily adjust the files to fit any images for a high-quality finish! For under $50, you can get it here

10. Lifestyles Lightroom Presets

These preset will allow you to easily enhance your images with just one click. You have 15 files to choose from and each can be customized to suit your particular style. Get them half off while you can here

11. Super 8 Film Transitions Pack

These awesome super 8 film transitions were created by our co-founder, Matt, and are perfect for all types of video footage and editing styles! Super 8 film transitions are great for adding that old-school film look in your videos and will also act as great cut scenes for intros/outros.

Download the Super 8 Transitions pack here.

12. Sea Gradients Presets Pack by James Horizon

This pack of 12 presets will help you add color to your morning sunrises and vibrancy to your evening skies. You will also get each preset for mobile use also, you can instantly make adjustments to your images wherever you go!. Check them out here

13. BLACK FRIDAY!!! Lightroom PC presets & Mobile Presets

Want to easily add a modern feel to your images? Or maybe some retro effects? This bundle gives you the best of both. You will find easy to use Lightroom preset for both your desktop and mobile device. Download them here and get an additional perk with huge savings!. 

14. 1000+ Essential Transitions | Premiere Pro 2017-2020

We didn’t forget about all the videographers out there. This is one mega bundle you will want to have on hand to add in some unique, bold, and creative transition for your next video project. This Premier Pro pack gives you plenty to work with, with simple drag and drop effects. Check these transitions in action here

15. Wedcraft Wedding Photoshop Actions

Those who specialize in wedding and event photography will love the photoshop presets included in this bundle. You will find 40 photoshop actions as well as beautiful light leaks that will enhance your images to stunning lifelong memories. Get this set here and begin using them today! 

16. MOBILE + DESKTOP Lightroom Presets Bundle VOL. 2 by @guillepixl

This pack makes it easy to quickly edit your images wherever you are. Whether working from home or on the go you will be able to make colors more vibrant, adjust saturation, highlights, tones, and much more from your desktop or mobile phone. With 15 presets to choose from you will find that you can take your lifestyle or landscape photography to the next level. For a limited time get this bundle for nearly half off here


This pack of lookup tables (LUTS) will add rich colors to your footage. You will find 15 easy to use LUTS that are ideal for outdoor adventures and more. Get them for more than half off here while you can!

18. Nick Asphodel Moody Urban Lightroom Presets

Save yourself hours of post-processing with this super pack of LightRoom presets. With 99 customizable files, you can easily increase the mood, contrast, and tones while sharpening details in no time. See what all you can do with these presets here

19. 30 Travel Presets | Portraits Presets | Blogger Presets | Lifestyle Presets

This Photoshop and LIghtRoom bundle is a must-have. You will find plenty of ways to enhance all types of your photographers with easy to use files that can be added, stacked, and customized to highlight your own unique style. From cityscapes to portraits, there is a file that can take you images to the next level. See what all is included here.

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