27+ Best Distressed Fonts for Grungy Text

Rough, textured, and faded. Distressed fonts are all the craze for vintage and ancient style designs. Add life to your posters and graphics with some grungy type. In this roundup we’re gathering out favorite distressed fonts with various bundles and font families included!

These are the best distressed fonts around. Cover photo credit: Typefaith Fonts

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1. Sucrose Letterpress Font Family

sucrose font

Bold, rough, and textured letters for impactful titles and statements. The Sucrose Font Family is hand-crafted by Yellow Design Studio and features eight texture levels for all kinds of designs.

2. PressBox Font Combo

pressbox distressed font combo

Americana, metal-type, inspired font family consisting of 2 main fonts and a bonus ornamental font. Features catchwords and cool graphics for vintage designs. Created by the talented Sean Coady of Vintage Type Co. based out of Nova Scotia, Canada.

3. Bargers Distressed

bargers distressed

Bargers Distressed is a vintage, distressed typeface with old printing style elements. Created by the Artefak Project, this strong font features:

  • Uppercase
  • Small capitals
  • Numbers
  • Standard punctuation
  • Some accents
  • Standard ligatures
  • Discretionary ligatures
  • Swashes
  • Alternates
  • Contextual alternates

4. Handters Typeface

handters typeface

Display serif font with handrawn styles and handmade effects, created by Ilham Herry. This typeface also features an ornaments pack and is good for vintage designs, t-shirts, hoodies, logos, and more!

5. 1756 Dutch family PRO OTF

1700s dutch type

Created by the GLC Foundry: “This family is inspired from the set of two styles, Roman Normal and Italic, and the ornaments used by an unknown printer working around East Switzerland, circa 1750’s. It is a Dutch style font, slightly bolder than usual Fournier’s or Caslon’s Roman fonts, with some emphasized serifs and finals parts and special letters as capital “U” for example.”

6. Gist Rough Font Family

gist rough font family

Another lovely rough and gritty font family from Yellow Design Studio. Gist Rough features warm and weathered textures with a retro feel. This font also includes three distress levels!

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7. Dusty Circus™ 5 Layer Font System

dusty circus

Dusty Circus is a western style 5 layer font system with intricate flourishes and details on every letter. Great for vintage western and cowboy themes, this font system includes all the layers to create cool 3D layers for titles and poster designs!

8. Appareo All

appareo all typeface

Appareo All is a typeface by Kimmy Design that was inspired from the pages within vintage books. You can also find amazing extras for Appareo here, which includes frames, borders, banners, and arrows in the same style.

9. Castor Complete Family

castor font

Castor is a wood type and letterpress hybrid based on grotesque letterforms, created by Albatross. The handmade letterpress styles are ideal for menu design, posters, and other title formats. The complete family also includes really cool catchword dividers!

10. Pacifico Family

pacifico typeface

pacifico vintage

Pacifico is a fun and exciting block font with subtle distressed textures. It gives you that west-coast surfer feel and works well for posters and bold titles. Pacifico Family was created by Aerotype and includes shadow and alternate forms.

11. Panton Rust

panton rust font

Panton Rust is a western themed display font by Fontfabric that features headliner Panton Rust and its trusted partner Panton Script Rust. Wait until you see all the elements, shapes, and font combinations you can make with this!

12. The Complete RetroSupply Font Pack

retrosupply font pack

The complete collection of Retro Supply Co. fonts available in one bundle! This is one of the best font deals out there regardless, but when it comes to retro and distressed fonts, they make some of the best in the world. This bundle features a ton of distressed classics including Wildfire, Roaster, Authority, and more.

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13. Retjeh Vintage Font Family

retjeh font family

Uppercase vintage font with distressed textures, inspired by western lettering from the industrial age. Retjeh has a bold and lasting appearance, and the font family includes six styles total. Created by MuSan.

14. Burford Rustic Pro

burford rustic font

Burford Rustic is a weathered font with old, adventure feels. Ideal for vintage designs, posters, themes, and projects. Created by Kimmy Design.

15. Wood Type Font Bundle

wood type fonts bundle

The Wood Type Font Bundle by Wood Type Revival features display typefaces made from real wooden types throughout 1800-2016. The collection includes regular and distressed versions along with a set of borders and ornaments for design!

16. Charcuterie Block

charcuterie block

Created by Laura Worthington, Charcuterie Block is “a large and rare undertaking, Charcuterie is a family of ten distinct yet related typefaces, many of which have their own font families, and three decorative/ornamental typefaces.” This font family has some of the best subtle distressed fonts included if you’re looking for a more minimal distressed effect.

17. Vintage Fonts Collection

vintage fonts collection

vintage fonts bundle

The Vintage Fonts Collection is a set of 18 hand-drawn fonts inspired by vintage ads, old newspapers and retro sign painting by Leitmotif. The fonts contain varying levels of distressed, grungy textures and also work in a variety of themes, including art deco!

18. The Brewski – Textured Typeface

brewski typeface

The Brewski by NEWFLIX.bro is a heavily distressed and textured handmade typeface for vintage designs. Inspired by vintage Brewery packaging and Beer advertising from the early 20th century.

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19. Anchorage Script Typeface

anchorage typeface

Anchorage Script by Wandery Supply is a thin, handcrafted font with noisy distressing textures. Ideal for nautical themes and ocean/coastal inspired projects.

20. Cheddar Gothic Rough Font

cheddar rough font

A handmade rough textured font by Adam Ladd. Described as “Carefully drawn for quality and readability, but still rough enough to exhibit the handmade details. Cheddar Gothic Rough is great for display, branding, packaging, advertising, food, sports, titles, and more.”

21. Citrus Gothic Font Family

citrus gothic font family

A fresh and juicy solid headline font for titles and branding. Citrus Gothic from Adam Ladd is great for clear displays and packaging designs.

22. Deadwood Vintage Typeface w/Bonus

deadwood typeface

Deadwood by Once Blind Studios is a cool take on distressed fonts because they include three distinct textured versions of the font. Dust, Gravel, and Sawtooth styles included for any historic or western themed design!

23. Buinton Rough – One

buinton rough font

Buinton Rough is a script typeface with noble, vintage looks created by Mika Melvas. Featuring three distress levels for different design styles.

24. Western Grit hand made typeface

western grit font

Western Grit is a hand made font by Simon Stratford. Simon’s great description of the font: “It’s distressed, messed up, and has oodles of character. Like an old wanted poster or western sign. 100% handmade.”

25. Ricochet

ricochet font

Ricochet is a vintage, all caps font by Ben Harman. Featuring stark distressed textures, strong letters, and 273 total glyphs.

26. Jason Caps Distressed

jason distressed font

Jason Caps Distressed is an old woodblock font design from the early 20th century that was redesigned by Typefaith Fonts.

27. Gallagher – Vintage Serif Typeface

gallagher typeface

Gallagher is a roughened serif typeface with vintage themes for regal titles and elegant design. Created by Surplus Type Co, this font features four styles with a rough and stamp style featuring cool distressed looks.

28. Woodblock Collection – Sans & Slab

woodblock collection rough type

The Woodblock Collection by Hustle Supply Co. features clean, rough, and aged styles along with sans/slab versions for each style equaling a total of six fonts!

29. Mosley – a retro bold typeface

mosley type

Mosley is a bold, slightly distressed typeface with retro shapes. Created by Bart Wesolek, this typeface has rough and print styles aside from the regular style, to give you more control over your designs.

Which font above is the best distressed font? Leave a comment below with your favorites, and explore more font roundups below. We also recommend The Font Bot to browse thousands of fonts from designers and foundries all over the world. This article contains affiliate links to third-party sites, see our Privacy Policy to learn more.

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