Best Editing Apps for the Microsoft Surface

Best Editing Apps for the Microsoft Surface

A mobile photo editing app is something every photographer needs professional or not. We are far past the days where mobile editing apps only allow you to crop and resize photos. Today we have a plethora of powerful and easy to use mobile photo editing apps.

These apps for Microsoft Surface devices are not only powerful tools, but many are easy to use and require very little time to learn. Take a look at the list below to find the best photo editing apps for Microsoft Surface devices. Special thanks to Andrew Mantarro for the cover photo.

Top Photo Editing Apps for Microsoft

Adobe Lightroom

Credit to Microsoft

If you are familiar with the widely popular Adobe Lightroom then you will feel right at home with the Surface app version. Lightroom provides all the tools that you would find on the desktop version. This app allows you to take your photography work to a new level by providing easy to use and powerful photo editing tools.

If you have already subscribed to Adobe and their services then this app is free to use and your work will seamlessly transfer between devices. Included in this subscription is 1TB of cloud storage. If you are on the fence about paying for this they do offer a free seven day free trial.

Affinity Publisher

Credit to Microsoft

Affinity Publisher is one of the most revolutionary and in depth photo editing apps available for the Surface. It brings a whole new level of control and design options to your photo editing. To start if you use any other Affinity apps, Publisher will allow you to link to those to create a solid workflow.

This is a tool mainly designed for creating books, brochures, and posters. Some features include live master pages, creating text frames of any shape, image frames with intelligent scaling options, and many more. Give this app a chance if you want to take your photo editing to the next level.

HD Movie Maker – PRO

Credit to Microsoft

HD Movie Maker Pro allows you to turn your photos and video clips and even music into a movie. This app is very useful for creating quick videos by using their built in easy to use tools. Some features that are in this app are professional transition effects, background music, and a soundtrack editor. HD Movie Maker Pro also supports many different formats such as mp4, wmv, mov avi, mpg, and gif. If you are not looking for a movie creator it also doubles as a photo editor.

Light EQ by ACDSee

Credit to Microsoft

ACDSee brings us the photo editing app Light EQ. This app allows users to improve lighting and contrast dramatically. If you are looking to lighten dark photos and bring some pop to your work ACDSee has implemented their patented lighting and contrast technology. This is done through their leading and cutting edge design system. Light EQ calculates and edits the photos to make the look great automatically. This might be one of the quickest and easy photo editing apps around.

PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker and Pic Editor

Credit to Microsoft

From the name of this app you would think you are getting a collage creator and a basic picture editor. However, that is far from the truth. The level of control PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker and Pic Editor gives to users exceeds expectations.

Layers are available and can easily be moved and edited on the spot. This allows for seamless creation of multi-dimensional art. If you are more interested in the collage maker then you will be satisfied. This app offers many different templates for all occasions for you to create the perfect collage.

KVADPhoto+ PRO 2

Credit to Microsoft

KVADPhoto+ PRO 2 is a extremely powerful all-in-one photo editing app that is a must have for all photographers. This app allows users to retouch photos with many different unique tools. You can turn your photos into more detailed and thought out works of art through some of their features like filters, effects, frames, and enhancements tools. This app also allows you to resize and save images in different formats such as jpeg, png, bmp, and tiff.

Ultimate Photo Editor

Credit to Microsoft

Ultimate Photo Editor promises great things with the name “Ultimate” in its title and it certainly does deliver. For the low price of free you are getting a robust photo editing experience. Ultimate Photo Editor allows users to add effects to their photos such as vibrancy, oil paint, sketch, and sharpen to name a few.

This photo editor also has a useful enhance feature to bring out details in your work that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. The Ultimate Photo Editor app will provide usefulness to professional photo editors and those who are just toying around for fun.

What’s your favorite editing app for the Microsoft Surface?

Comment below with your favorite editing apps for photo, video, and design using the Microsoft Surface tablet. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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