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Finding a monopod that is perfect for you can be hard. You need to look at the weight capabilities, the height specifications, the durability qualities, and many other variables.

Not only do you need to know the specifics, but you also need to know the perfect one for the job that you’ll be using it for.

To help you narrow down your search and refine the wide range of monopods on the market we’ve put together a list of the best monopods for on-the-go producers! Continue below to find out the top monopods.

Opteka M900

Opteka M900 - Best Monopods for On-the-Go Photographers - FilterGrade

The Opteka M900 is a great starter monopod for anyone just looking to get into some single-leg stands and bases.

It is 71” tall in total with five individual bars that can extend and retract to make this monopod any height ranging from ~8 in. – 71 in. and is capable of supporting up to 30 pounds of equipment. With this great height and durability, you also have the ability to attach your camera with or without a baseplate directly to the head of the monopod allowing for a very easy-to-use mechanism that is also very easy to get set up in a pinch.

For more on the Opteka M900 be sure to check out their main page for all of the features and tech specs!

Manfrotto MM290

Manfrotto MM290 - Best Monopods for On-the-Go Photographers - FilterGrade

The Manfrotto MM290 is an incredible, Italian-designed monopod that is perfect for holding your camera in a stable place if space is limited.

This monopod is ideal because of its adjustable aluminum leg locks and also has rubber leg warmers and a built-on wrist strap to make sure your monopod is close and secure.

Be sure to review all of the tech specs and details before making your decision!

Sirui P-326

Pirui P-326 - Best Monopods for On-the-Go Photographers - FilterGrade

One of the most compact and sought after monopods on the market – the Sirui P-326.

This insane piece of equipment is easily one of the most precise and smallest monopods that is also able to handle heavy weight cameras and make sure your camera is secure and fully stable.

This monopod features an extremely lightweight build with 6 adjustable carbon fiber pieces building up the leg and a silicon twist lock mechanism to ensure 100% stability.

For more info, be sure to read up on some reviews and data.

Manfrotto XPRO

Manfrotto XPRO - Best Monopods for On-the-Go Photographers - FilterGrade

The next monopod on our list is the Manfrotto XPRO, which is an aluminum monopod made primarily for videography. It has a built on 500 Series Video Head which allows for amazing stability and configuration.

The Manfrotto XPRO also offers a quick power lock feature that reliably secures and and ensures a super quick set up/take down. With the built in video head you will be able to shoot not only incredible video footage, but you will also be able to capture intricate angles, especially when shooting overhead.

To learn more about the Manfrotto XPRO, check out these details.


Coman KX3232 - Best Monopods for On-the-Go Photographers - FilterGrade

The Coman KX3232 is a diverse monopod with a wide range of motion and mobility to allow for those hard to reach angles and you can maneuver your camera while remaining stable and in one spot.

This lightweight monopod shrinks down to just 26 ” and weighs just 3.9 pounds which makes it easy to carry or throw in a camera bag.

It also offers a three-foot stand at the bottom of the monopod’s single leg which allows the user to move the camera around the main axis point 15 degrees in any direction! This is perfect for photographers/videographers that need to have multiple angles and looks from one spot.

For more on the Coman KX3232, continue here.

Benro A38TD

Benro A38TD - Best Monopods for On-the-Go Photographers - FilterGrade

This Benro 4 Series monopod is incredibly durable and highly customizable to make it fit whatever the project you are working on is.

With twist lock and flip lock options, multiple photo and video monopod options, and many more variable components, the Benro A38TD is a great option for any experienced photographer/videographer looking for a single-leg stabilizer.

Be sure to read up on all the details and the add-ons/customizations to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the best models.

Feisol CM-1471

Feisol CM-1471 - Best Monopods for On-the-Go Photographers - FilterGrade

The next single-leg stand on our list for on-the-go photographers is the Feisol CM-1471. This rapid, carbon fiber monopod is great for any photographer or videographer who is rough with their gear, adventurous, or just always on the run!

With 4 separate pieces and a weight capacity of 24 pounds, this stand has the ability to carry a lot of heavy, high powered cameras and comes equipped with anti-leg rotation technology.

For more on the Feisol CM-1471, read all of the details and specs here.

Dolica WT-1003

Dolica WT-1003 - Best Monopods for On-the-Go Photographers - FilterGrade

The last monopod on our list for on-the-go photographers is the Dolica WT-1003. This monopod is for the beginner looking to learn how to use monopds and how creatives can benefit from them.

This model is incredibly lightweight and at just $16.95, who wouldn’t want to learn with this durable and capable one-leg stand.

For more on the Dolica WT-1003, check out these details and tech specs.

We hope that this list has helped you narrow your search for the best monopod specifically for you! For more to help inspire you creatively, feel free to check out these articles below:

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